Thursday, July 06, 2006

Make Some Noise & Save Some Money

I have a few more instalments to go for my car so I thought would save some money if I fully settle the loan now. I gave a call to the finance company to ask for the full settlement figure to be faxed to me. Strange, the figure they gave is about RM185 more than the balance of instalments when I thought that it should be less. One more phone call and I was told that I have to pay 'early settlement' charges of RM120 plus another RM65 loan disbursement fee. The RM120 is the penalty for settling your loan early and the RM65 is for stamping of agreement, phone calls & other miscellaneous charges. Wah! Like 'buaya' only this finance company - I think stamping charges is about RM10; I have never got any phone call from them since the day I sign the papers and they are billing me RM65! The officer said these charges are standard in the industry. Checks with a few knowledgeable friends and found that it is not true. I made hell alot of noise and the officer then agreed to waive the RM120 (yippee!!!) but not the RM65. Nevermind, I will try to make some more noise when I go to the finance company before month end.
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  At 3:14 AM Blogger Kah Wee said:
nyonya, finance companies are all legal ahlong go there, sit down and make a blardy hell of noise lo. mana tahu u get all waive leh... wakakaa
  At 9:41 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
finance co or bank all big buaya. you one week late never go and pay your installment oni, they charge you. somemore don pay and they call you they charge you for the phone money.
Barger pay early thattime, they never deduct interest. so what for pay them early and let them make more money? pay slowly lar.
  At 10:02 AM Blogger dreamie said:
This is a common public complaint.
All financial institutions charges differ from one to another. They have a basic charge as per the BNM guidelines but THEY always marked up and have additional disbursements thrown in here and there. Normally when you do a "hoo har" then oni they do a waiver.
  At 1:43 PM Blogger AceOne said:
nyonyapenang, gua caya sama lu. Cum cum lets bring all kawan kawan go to finance co and make noise. Teh tarik gua sponsor oso nebermine.
  At 4:39 PM Blogger sotongking said:
Betul kar,Ace? I wanna join oso. Riots wor,mana tau masuk TV leh.Fames la aku...
kah wee,
i'll do just that

ah pek,
betul big buaya. charge my friend RM12 for 1 phone call.

plan to do 'war dance'

aceone118 & sotongking,
if my 'war dance' kenot work, i call for back-up, ok? then i sponsor milo-kar-tan. LOL
  At 3:35 PM Blogger sotongking said:
can la,sure we suppot u
  At 7:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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