Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Helping To Make Telcos Richer

While I was driving to work this morning, there were 4 consecutive beeps from my handphone indicating incoming messages. Wah, I'm already so 'laku' sooo early in the morning, I thought. Hands very itchy already, just cannot wait to find out who the senders were but then, I could see policemen along certain parts of the road so just had to control the urge to touch the handphone. I don't want to 'kena saman' because I don't believe in and also cannot afford to contribute anymore to the gomen.

Finally, stopped at traffic lights and I quickly pressed some buttons to see who sent those messages - two of them my clients and the other two, a colleague and a friend. Did not get to read the messages at that moment because light turned green and gotta step on the gas. 'Pippip, Pippip, Pippip' the phone sounded again and 3 more messages followed. Nevermind, just wait till I reach the office first - just don't fancy driving into someone else's behind.

After I stepped into the office, I did not retrieve the messages as yet because I had to rush off for a meeting at another floor of the building. Just put the phone on 'silent/vibra' mode and shaft it into my pocket. Aisehman, the phone was like vibrating every few minutes indicating incoming messages again. This is quite out of the norm. Today is not Christmas Day, not New Year's Day and not my birthday and yet there are so many incoming messages.

So, when the meeting was over, I quickly retrieved those messages, about 20 in all. You know what they were all about? Ya, it's about the two love birds, Siti Nurhaliza & Dato' K and OMG, those messages were really crude, sick and vile jokes, I should say. A few of the texts were the same, so I guess it was like being forwarded round and round and round. Action to take - press the 'DELETE' button.

Can you believe it? People willing to spend their hard-earned money sending and forwarding loads of nonsensical sms! I just cannot understand what they get out of it other than helping to make those telcos very rich. And then they will rant that their handphone bill very high lah and how sad case it is when every other month their budget always out of balance. Jeez!
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  At 7:41 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
I guess I missed something here. So Siti's getting married with Dato' K? Who's that? Some royalty? Why the crude and vile jokes? Coz the senders disagree and decided to make a mockery?
a divorcee who's in his late forties with 4 sons(i think) but i dunno royalty or not lah.
i guess her diehard fans felt that she should have chosen someone more compatible and not just a rich bloke old enough to be her father.
  At 8:40 PM Blogger Kah Wee said:
adoi..~ I seen this msg been circulating around lo...even thru email.

I have been monitoring all the mail for my company email system.. all those junks are coming in to the company..

Basically that is the world of celebrities la..
kah wee,
they got nothing better to do wan. kasi 'DELETE' saja lah
  At 2:21 PM Blogger sotongking said:
Wei wei...dun delete yet. Send to me 1st,i gotta get myself updated mash..

Siti n Dato'K-just another beauty and the beast story.
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  At 10:07 PM Blogger William said:
Chain SMS. I want to strangle the people who send me those.