Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Emotional and All Worked Up

Supposed to go out for lunch with ZZ yesterday but she called at the last minute to cancel. ZZ sounded very harassed and stressed out and when I asked if anything was wrong, she literally shot back, "Can you believe it? 3 of my staff didn't turn up for work today - they called in for emergency leave! Why? I found out that they wanted to stay home and tune in to the live telecast on Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K! So, I'm left holding the small fort lah. And summore, the office is so freaking busy today!"

Then this afternoon while I was doing some small talk with my client's secretary AA, she let out that she is very, very upset with Siti Nurhaliza. AA said she and her whole family are very loyal fans of the singer until yesterday but not anymore now. She ranted and ranted and I only gave the occasional nod of the head - not that I fully understood what she was talking about but merely to be polite and appear interested in what she had to say. (You see, secretaries are those people in an organization that you wouldn't want to offend. You know what I mean?) So, AA told me that her whole family tore up all the posters in the house, packed up all the tapes, CDs, magazines and memorabilia and had chucked them out unceremoniously at the neigbourhood dumpster.

Wah, these fans can get really, really emotional and all worked up. So much so, that some took emergency leave from work just to hear breaking news of their idol's wedding announcements and others throwing away every shred of momento they had paid good money and collected and cherished all this while. Something like a bad breakup!

I saw some of the newspapers carry the wedding announcements as front-page news today. Soooo glamour!
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  At 9:29 AM Blogger Helen said:
Psst, I was also abit disappointed Siti chose that Datuk too. LOL

No lar, I'm happy for her but deep down inside, I wish it would have been someone more 'padan'. But, I'm not the one getting married hor? lol
  At 12:17 PM Anonymous Lil' Joy said:
So the drama....
Yeah, you are right, don't ever ruffles we secretaries' feathers. LOL. We are merciless. *evil grins*

I was about to write about Siti's choice. Must go back and phrase properly, dunwan her fans to mob me.
  At 4:44 PM Blogger Ah Pek said:
what on earth is so glamorous about a young pretty successful lady marrying a man old enough to be her father?
  At 8:39 PM Blogger dreamie said:
femes Celebrity Kahwin -
kisah Maraysia Boleh !!!
old man's darling, young man's slave??

mau kahwin pun in the news; mau putus tunang pun in the news...(ROLL EYES)

gua tak berani play play sama itu whatucallit, 'sexy turkey' mia bulu. gua kasi penuh respect mia. LOL
tks for taking time to drop by. Gua tau 5xmom the very very busy one.

ah pek,
kalau ingin tau, maybe ah pek cuba lah. HAHAHA

kahwin ler, cerai ler, tangkap basah ler, main kayu tiga ler, khalwat ler - itu semua pun kisah. LOL
  At 12:55 AM Blogger Wingz said:
erm .. soli to ask but .. who is this Siti again???
you dunno siti ah? dat one sweet, sweet-looking singer leh. ah! gua ingat, dia itu JUSCO mia Ambassador.
wingz baru balik dari Thaikok, semua Maraysia news tak ikut hor?
  At 2:27 PM Blogger sotongking said:
It's just something new in Malaysia,i guess.That's lotsa ppl started to heboh la.Western there,it's like normal stuff edi
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