Thursday, July 20, 2006

A White Lie

This morning, as I was walking in the car park towards the lift lobby, I bumped into an ex-colleague, Ms Kutuk. We managed to exhange some pleasantries and she let out that she was going for an interview nearby. And then she said she would like to drop by my office and then do lunch with me. "Ah erm, erm, I'm sorry, Ms Kutuk. I already got a lunch appointment today. See you some other time lah. Also wish you all the best of luck for the interview. Bye, Bye", I lied. And am I glad!

This woman carries a very beautiful name but the nickname Ms Kutuk was bestowed upon her because of her not too pleasant habits. Ms Kutuk was actually a very, very friendly lady in the old office and she was always the first to make friends with new recruits. She was like the official 'kaypo'(busybody) and she took it upon herself to show the new recruits around and would stick to them like a motherhen and during breakfast, lunch and tea, she'd be with them. But after a couple of weeks later, you'd notice that she had become a motherhen without the chicks.

You see, Ms Kutuk apparently was quite an absentminded lady. It was not uncommon for her to forget to bring her purse or she had the purse but forget to fill it up the previous day or she had only big notes and no small change. So when it came to paying for the meals it would be something like this, "Hey, Nancy ah, pay for me first, I'll settle with you later." And of course, she would conveniently forget. For those who sincerely thought that she had forgotten and would attempt to give a friendly reminder, her response would vary:-

Respond #1 When In Good Mood (in 'manja' voice and tone)
"Aiyoo, sori dahling. I forgot to bring extra today. OK, OK, I'll pay you tomorrow"
(Of course, lah, the tomorrow never comes)

Respond #2 When Mood Not Very Good (in a harrassed voice)
"Eh, I very busy now. Talk to you later."
(the 'later' also never comes lah)

Respond #3 When in Foul Mood (in loud voice)
"Hello, how many thousands I owe you ah? Chase until like that. As if I gonna run away meh. Told you already, let me break the RM100 note first lah. You got change for RM94.85 sen now ah? @*&%$..."

When faced with Respond #1 and #2, the person would normally give a weak smile and gently back-off. But when hit with the occasional Respond #3, the person's face would turn beetroot-red in shock, embarassment and anger all at once. I was one of her victims too and had seen her disgusting antics once too many. So as the colleagues smarten up to her ploy, they would stay away from her and then she would just look out for some new blood, so to speak.

I do not know whether she has changed for the better now but I'm not ready to find out. So when she offered herself for lunch today, I just had to tell a white lie. That's so sad.
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  At 9:53 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
you know, long long ago, when i went debt collecting, i always put on a curteous smile and 9 out of 10 times these bargers will treat me as a fool.

yu know what i do now? whenever i see them in a public area like a coffeeshop i shout at them from one corner to the other.
"oi! hutang bila mau bayar?!"
and it works.

so ask your friends to try this. Shout at her and let the whole office know she owe you money. she will pay you and won't be borrowing from you ever again.
ah pek,
i hate collecting debts too. oftentimes the debtor will behave macam i owe him pulak.
shall try your tactic.
  At 1:08 PM Blogger dreamie said:
a white lie?..tis is a common opis practice liao
  At 2:13 PM Blogger sotongking said:


I learn new things today..tankiew ahpek.
  At 3:01 PM Blogger Helen said:
Wise to avoid her.

BTW, anyone need me to send out invoices and statements?? LOL
  At 4:49 PM Blogger Kah Wee said:
ya lo... like helen said.. avoid her kau kau la...

if i got the third response from a guy then he sure jialat let me blast him kao kao...

hehe... btw, i am a short tempered person..
i do enjoy having lunch wif frens, buden not wif the Ms Kutuk types.

u debt collector oso ah?

dis wan betul betul parasite.

kah wee,
it's an unexpected outburst, and for an instant you become duhhh lidat.
anyway, it's best to ignore dis type of mad cows.
  At 9:44 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
I guess I'll learn Ah Pek's tactic too. Sounds very promising...
wow, very interesting post! So next time she ask you for lunch, just say "You treat? cos I didn't bring monee today."
las montanas,
i think it's gonna be quite stressful la, having lunch with this kind. LOL
  At 12:13 PM Blogger See Fei said:
i come from LM.
it would be interesting to try ah pek mehtod and see her response.
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