Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Instant Invite

Many months ago, I got a call from one of my clients, Mr D requesting to meet me in the evening because he wanted to hand me some outstanding documents.

So, at the appointed time, I arrived at the small cafe and found him and his wife tucking into their dinner. Thought I'd just collect the documents and go off but he casually asked if I was rushing off to another appointment. When I answered no, he insisted that I join them. OK lah, I then ordered a drink and chatted with them. Very quickly he finished his dinner and then dropped the bombshell - he and his wife 'cordially invite' me to join them for a talk to be held in 10 minutes time at an office one floor above the cafe. Aiyah, me and my big mouth - just too late to cook up an excuse to run off. I had fallen into a 'trap'.

The wife literally held my hand and led me up the narrow stairway to the small office where we found close to 20 people already crammed inside. There were a few rows of chairs and on the table in front was a projector. On two other bigger tables were displayed the products that the 'talk' was all about - water filters!

Shortly the lights dimmed and the moderator/host presented a short video clip showing how dirty the water source is and also some gwailos doing some tests and extolling the virtues of that special brand of water filter.....blah, blah, blah. Five minutes into it, and my mind was already somewhere else working on overdrive. I was all fidgety and had the urge to just walk out but as I did not want to appear rude or offensive, I sat it out for the next hour or so, miserable to the bone. Yippee, finally the lights came on again and I just jumped off my seat and quickly bade Mr D and wife goodnight. But Mr D said it was not over yet; they would do a product demonstration and then show a business plan to help make us millionaires! I had to spin a new tale before I finally managed to wriggle free. Phew!

That was the second time I was led and cornered to attend a talk where I had not been given prior notice or invitation - the first time was many, many years ago and if I remember right, it was about selling some kind of expensive mattress. Is this the normal modus operandi?

Really, I have nothing against the hosts or the business and the business model they present. There is nothing wrong in doing business, right? Maybe some of the business plans are truly brilliant and can help make you into a millionaire. It is just that I can't handle surprises too well and am not comfortable with the way they 'invite' their unsuspecting friends.
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I don't go for hard-sell tactics. I will get up and leave when the going gets boring (don't waste time).
  At 1:49 AM Blogger angel said:
i damn-9 hate these kinda ppl... dun kai siao them to me, aitelyu!

if me hor, i'll straight away say i not interested, client or no client. the last time, got one schoolmate whom i've not seen for some time invited me to this "function" and he didn't wanna tell me wat it was...

sampai sana, cis! amway talk... waaa, i so damn angry... after that, donwanna see him liao... *LOL*
  At 2:05 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Nyonyapenang, if Mr D and wife 'cordially invite' you to this talk before hand, would you attend?
  At 8:46 AM Blogger dreamie said:
These kind of tactics i wouldnt like it too. Taking advantage of my good nature? more so if that person is someone I know!
  At 9:29 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
used to be like you, curteous and all when caught in these situations. But now, no more. just tell them point blank i am not interested.
  At 10:12 AM Blogger savante said:
My God, I hate people who accost me with sales in the middle of functions! Menyampah betul!

  At 12:18 PM Blogger See Fei said:
maybe we can start a business coaching ppl how to say NONONONO to salesmen, MLM agents, ppl that we dont like ....

any takers?
savante: you mean you don't like the drug companies? They have fat wallets wor!

seefei: "Do you like MLM?" No. "Do you like door2door salesmen?" NO. "Do you like to have RM1,000,000.00 with no strings attached?" ...
las montanas,
don't want to appear rude lor. ;)

angel, aceone, dreamie, ah pek
i just dislike being caught unawares.
sometimes the mind works a bit slow - kenot come up fast enough with credible excuses. LOL

warm welcome!
the 'function' is about sales la. mana mau lari lagi? LOL

see fei,
warm welcome to you too.
you mean online coaching?
as i said, there is nothing wrong in doing their business. it's just that i'm quite sure that the 'guests' do not appreciate sneaky moves
sometimes we just have to be blunt and direct. Otherwise, have to sit through the whole thing. Suffer...
king's wife,
not nice of them to 'corner' people lidat lor.
  At 8:33 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
That is why I am eager to learn how to decline politely without revealing my apathy...
i think it's an art.
am still learning. LOL
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