Monday, August 14, 2006

A Happy Customer Makes A Loyal Customer

I like toasted brown bread with kaya and butter, mmmmmm... it's yummy..... smooth, fragrant kaya with sliced cold butter on top. Nevermind the expanding waistline (if, there is any semblance of a waist in the first place, LOL). This is one of my comfort foods besides nyonya kueh la. And down it with a steaming cup of Ipoh white coffee. Satisfaction guaranteed!

So whenever I get a case of 'toast attack', which is about a couple of times a week, I will head to my favourite kopitiam, sometimes with company but more often than not, single pax. It's OK really, because when I want to 'sin' I guess, it's better to 'sin' alone; no need to call up somebody and be accused of piling the pounds on her too.

Each time I step into the kopitiam, I'll be greeted by a few young and cheerful crew, "Good morning/afternoon/evening, Ma'am. How are you today? Like to have your regular or something else?" Just a simple greeting and they made me feel good already. Sometimes, when the place is not too crowded, a couple of them will pop by my table to do some small talk with me. And when it's time to pay the bill, they will automatically give me 10% discount (not that I ask for it) because they see that I am a regular patron. As the food is often not more than RM10, the discount amounts to RM1 or less but it's their kind gesture that makes my day.

A simple kopitiam serving simple fare can train their crew on appropriate level of customer service. That a happy customer makes a loyal customer. This makes you wonder how is it that at some other bigger and posh establishments where they charge you an arm or a leg, you encounter crew with sour-faces and 'kalah mahjong' (sek char woo, in Cantonese) attitudes.
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  At 1:29 AM Blogger angel said:
I also lurve toasted bread with butter & kaya, not forgetting the kopi! Yum yum! I can hv it anytime of the day!
  At 7:51 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Reminds me of story about Ah Beng who ordered a cup of "kopi"...and when the coffee came, he saw it was black and complained to the Malay waiter who said, "Aiya! Kacau lah!" Ah Beng got angry and demanded an apology for saying he "kacau" (a nuisance). The towkay intercepted and explained that the waiter meant "kacau" (stir). Incidentally, isn't this the cause of all the problems in our midst? Misunderstanings!
where is this kopitiam in penang!!?? I am thinking to come penang for a visit (after 6 years) in Oct/Nov
  At 9:41 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
couldn't agree more. make a customer fel like a vip, and you got a customer for life!
  At 10:36 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Ohhh...I just came from another blog that posted on fondue. Boy! Thinking about the toasted bread with butter & kaya makes me even more hungry. I missed my breakfast this morning. :(
Nyonya, I'm a little confused. Are you in PJ now? Or in Penang?

And Ipoh White Coffee is DA WAY TO GO!!!!!
  At 11:12 AM Blogger dreamie said:
Yalor! good customer service very important. Just a greeting, a smile, a simple hello can brightens yr day!... That's why some kopitiams always so packed early in the morning.
simple and tasty fare.
and the best part, like you said, can have it any time of the day. :D

this reminds me of an incident loooong ago at the 24hr coffee hse of a hotel. when the waiter was serving coffee, i asked if the coffee is bottomless and he replied, "No, Ma'am. It comes with a saucer!"

i choked on my coffee! kakakka.....

las montanas,
this kopitiam is in pj.
anyway, no worries about food if you're visiting penang. every other corner you turn, you'll see food, oh, glorious food...

ah pek,
ya lor, just like when you walk in to your regular watering hole, the folks there make you feel so welcomed.

nevermind, the toast is served throughout the day. sometimes when i'm extra greedy, i'll even have it as my dessert! LOL

am an immigrant in pj. LOL
mmmm... the aroma of Ipoh Pak Kopi. i only like it hot though.

it's true. who wants to have their meals at outlets where the crew forever got 'pau ching thian face' wan. hahaha..
  At 1:54 PM Anonymous MLNS said:
Wah, so good service, kopi tiam also got discount! Where where ah?
  At 6:00 PM Blogger See Fei said:
the shop owner must give you discount for this post!!
  At 11:29 PM Blogger AceOne said:
wah,sound nice..kopitiam kat mana tu?
  At 11:39 PM Blogger savante said:
YUM! Which kopitiam is that!

  At 11:01 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Ha ha ha! And there was this time when I was at a posh function, ballroom dancing and all, at Kuching Hilton no less. One of the ladies asked for a Screwdriver (a cocktail) and guess what the waiter brought...a toothpick!!! Gosh!
  At 11:03 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
And now that you've got me in the mood, here's another one...about the about-to-be-married CT - one of those jokes about her poor English. She was on an MAS flight when the stewardess asked, "How would u like ur coffee, Cik CT?" and she flashed her sweetest smile and replied, "In a cup, please!!!"
mlns, aceone & savante,
not too far from my work place - Tesco.

see fei,
malu la, gua ini.
didn't write about the food, only about how i feel comfortable there oni. ;)
you're from sabah or sarawak?
long, long time ago when i was in keningau, i used to hear patrons at the restaurant asking for kayu balak after their meal. rupanya, they wanted toothpicks. hahhaa......
  At 7:55 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
I'm from Sibu in the central region of Sarawak, right beside the murky teh-si-peng (tea with evaporated milk) Rejang River!!
  At 3:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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