Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cheaper Mah!

This phone conversation took place many, many years ago when my son was about 6 years old. The caller spoke in Cantonese, which my son barely understands and the boy answered in English.

The caller : Hallo, can I speak to Nyonya ah?

My son : Sorry, she is not at home.

The caller : Where did she go?

My son : She's at work. Who's that calling?

The caller : I'm Auntie XX. What time will she be back?

My son : Dunno. You call her handphone lah.

The caller : Dowan lah. Call handphone very expensive you know?
Will she be coming back for lunch?

My son : Dunno.

The caller : Your mama not coming to fetch you to school ah?

My son : Dunno.

The caller : What time she usually come back wan?

My son : Dunno.

The caller : I'm staying in Puchong wan. Will she be in this area today?

My son : Dunno.

The caller : Hey, how old are you ah? Everything also dunno, dunno?

My son : Dunno.

**toot, toot, toot, toot** the caller hung up.

I then had a missed call on my handphone and I called back.

Me : Hello, nyonya here. Who was that looking for me?

Auntie XX : Hallo, Auntie XX lah.

Me : Oooh! Yau meh yeh si?
(hello, what is the matter?)

Auntie XX : I need you to check this and this and also do this and this for me.
I called your house just now lah and your son said you are out

Me : Of course lah. What time already now? Call my handphone lah.

Auntie XX : Call handphone very expensive lah.
Your son ah, not very smart I think. I asked him so many questions
and everything also dunno, dunno.

Me : Nooooo ....! He is a very clever boy lah. I gave him specific
instructions never to give info over the phone. He was quite
polite that he did not hang up on you immediately.

I do not give my housephone number to my clients but there are these few clients whom I got to know through some relatives. They got my housephone number from my relatives and despite I telling them to contact me only through my mobile, they continue to dial my house number. Cheaper mah.
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  At 10:12 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Your son is not only smart but obedient 'cos he listens to your advice & thus he knows not to reveal any info to strangers. :p

Auntie XX is so longwinded in the way she talks - makes no difference whether she calls handphone, office phone or house phone. haha
well, on the contrary, now we have become so glued to handphones.. the house telephone hardly rings and will soon go the way of the dinosaur.
  At 11:03 AM Blogger savante said:
Smart son. And he shouldn't give out info to just about anyone on the phone.

That's a good tactic, gonna teach my son. Heh heh thanks for the idea
  At 1:07 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Yeah... Smart!
  At 7:08 PM Blogger See Fei said:
ok ok ok give me your house phone since it is cheaper to call line phone. ....better give mobile, sms is cheaper hahahah....
jemima, las montanas
up this day, Auntie XX still call me at my house phone. ;)

tks. at that time, i just have to remind him again and again. ;)

can't be too cautious, ya?

tks. the boy at that time was quite a chatterbox, so have to restraint him a bit, in case he let out too much to the wrong people.

see fei,
email free wan la. LOL
  At 11:25 PM Blogger angel said:
ask that auntie hor, jimat all the marnie and then bring along with her 6ft underground izit? sheesh... kesian yr son yuin wong...

feikor, aitelyu, use Yahoo! Messenger or Skype, pc to pc call, free oso... ;)
  At 12:08 AM Blogger dreamie said:
aiyoo this Auntie XX so mah quai fan and damn fussy pot. Sumore "count dead grass" !!

"dunno, DUNNO" HAHAHA....
your son clever boy, his innocent reply, "kek toh" her. Serve her rite!!
aiyah, ini dunia macam macam orang ada. LOL

she thought something seriously wrong with the boy lah; asked how old also dunno how to answer. LOL
aiyoh.... your auntie hor if wan talk long long hour tell her stay over nite in your house lor then talk till sunrise.. lols
  At 10:10 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Reminds me of people calling and asking, "Is this someone's house?" Standard answer: No, this is a ghost house!) or "Kopi tiam (coffee shop)?" Standard answer: No, kuacha tiam (coffin shop)! How many u want?" or say "yes" and take their orders and let them wait! BTW, el cheapos...can use some blogger's comment box! Cheaper than sms!!!
  At 11:34 AM Blogger sengkor said:
i have a fren who always miss call me so that i will call him back. as if i will.. haha
pisang goreng,
tak mau. need the time to read blogs lah. LOL

ya lor, until now still got those clowns who call and then ask you whose number is that. ;)

now call charges are so much lower ledi. still there are plenty of these type of cheapskates.
  At 4:54 PM Blogger Sasha said:'ll be much cheaper if she can just go straight to the point instead of yak yak yak so much about other things la. If i'm yr son.. i will say "nombor yang anda dial telah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya...tooooooooot".
sasha: LOL! you love those recorded messages don ya?