Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No Money, Use Plastic Lor

Have been postponing to do it for the past few months. Somehow, something more urgent always pops up and thus this particular task gets pushed further down the 'to do' list, until two days ago. I reached home, came down to open the gate and a sharp glint from the front left tyre caught my eye. Bent closer and there it was, the offending screw stuck to the tyre. No wonder lah, it's been like I have to inflate this tyre every week or so. As it was already late evening, I wasted no time and headed for the nearest tyre shop to get it patched up.

Told the mechanic what I needed done and he went on to give me a sales pitch, "Aiyooh, Your tyres all no 'flower' liao. Cannot drive like that, very dangerous and you will easily skid and bla, bla, bla......Change all lah and I give you very special price."

"What tyre you recommend ah?" I asked.

"Michellin, Bridgestone, Falken, Yokohama, all also good one. Imported wan lah" he answered.

"Very expensive ah?" I asked.

"My boss is there. He give you good price wan lah." the mechanic said

Walked over to consult the boss and was told that he does not carry the size I wanted. But nevermind, the boss said, can change size.

"Huh? Can wan meh?" I asked again.

The boss assured that it will be alright but I told him that I will check it out first. So, yesterday afternoon, I was like going around tyre shopping lah. Did not get any wiser but ended up with a throbbing headache instead.

So this morning, I went straight to the car showroom to confirm the recommended tyre size and they then directed me to a shop in SS3 which they said the owner is an honest-Joe type. No need to think further. No money, use plastic lor. Made a turn, found the shop, got all the tyres fixed and graciously signed the credit card charge slip.

Now, I just wait for the credit card statement lah. Booohooo.....
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how many you changed? should be 5 tyres right? including spare. especially impt to consider the spare if you changed tyre size.
  At 7:10 PM Blogger savante said:
I know! And tyres are freakishly expensive! Sigh.

  At 8:47 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Everything is so expensive these days. :((
Mum was just telling me that she bought 6 pcs of "bak pau" for RM5.50, while 10 years ago - they cost RM2.00 for 7 pcs. :(
las montanas,
4 pcs. the original spare comes slightly smaller. i check and inflate it once a while.

the old set lasted 3 years. the towkay said hor, with my 'auntie-style' of driving, this new set should last 4 years. ;)
btw, do you prefer me to address you as Paul or Savante?

can eat, cannot eat all also naik harga. and the politikus ask us to change our lifestyle.... sheesh!
  At 11:29 PM Blogger AceOne said:
nyonya, at least you ada 'plastic' to use ler. Gua oni can afford to change 2 by 2 saja. Itu pun bayar installment bcoz i know the tyre shop owner.
  At 11:45 PM Blogger See Fei said:
busybody estimate... rm200x4 about rm800 shelf life about two years if city driving. take it as safety for you & your family
  At 12:35 AM Blogger angel said:
so, did u use the imported tyres? like michellin lah, yokohama lah? izit better than dunlop/good year?
change 2 safe or not? safety first you know? btw, best la, you enjoy esay-payment scheme. ;)

see fei,
RM960 - told that can last 4 years wor (my 'auntie' style of driving la) LOL

old set was yokohama which i find a bit noisy. that fler now recommend michellin - suppose to be more quiet. all this i very blur wan la. hope not kena conned. LOL
btw price of goodyear only about RM30 cheaper per piece.
Eh I know this place in Kota Damansara where they are also not the cincai charge type cos due to industry recommendation so should be reliable la..i'm due to change my tyres too,,boo hoo hoo hoo..