Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Kiasi Glutton

*Sighhhhh...* Never thought I'd come to this. I am feeling so guilty now. I just had bak kut teh for lunch.

I used to be one lucky woman. Coming from Penang, the land of yummy food, I never had any problems with my weight. (Until recently, that is!) Bring on the glorious food and I'll be happy wiping the platters clean. In fact, I was a very skinny pre-teen in spite of all the multiple meals I had per day. My papa got very worried and consulted one of his doctor friends who duly certified me healthy as a horse. Still not very convinced, he then brought me to a Chinese sinseh to have my pulse read. The sinseh confirmed nothing serious and that a couple of bowls of extra strength bodybuilding tonics should do the trick. Papa gladly paid for the packets of strange looking herbs, told mom to slaughter one of our free-range chickens and to prepare the special sinseh-brew. Despite it being sinister-looking, I remembered clearly that the sinseh-brew actually tasted good - soup, chicken and all. Oh my, when mom tried to wake me up for school the next morning, she was shocked to find me huddled under the thick blanket running a high temperature. Quickly, mom took me to the clinic and after a couple of days of medication, I was back on my feet. Mom suspected that it was the hyper-rich sinseh-brew that did me in.

Anyways, back to my story today lah. Now, no more so lucky already. Getting older and engine also slow down. Eat, eat and eat = round, plump, fat and God forbid, OBESE! Aiyooh, skirt cannot buckle, jeans cannot zip, dress cannot pull beyond the hips, tried to wear kebaya and might just turned out looking like papaya. Ya, a bit round, then can still console myself by saying 'you've got more of me to love'. But I'm not sure if hugging a life-size papaya sounds appealing to anyone. Jialat or not?

As if that's not enough, each time I want to open my mouth for the bak kut teh, pork/seafood noodles, porkcrips-laden black-sauce hokkien mee, nasi kandar, bananaleaf rice, cheese cakes, butter and kaya toast, etc..... and I will think of the loads of cholesterol that will choke me to death.

Sei moh? A glutton who loves food but a kiasi glutton at that.

**(OK, OK, chew on more greens, more greens, more greens, more greeennns....)**
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  At 4:15 PM Blogger savante said:
Life is short. Eat.

aiyoh, nasi kandar! then here in kiasuland we got chilli/pepper crabs, sweet char kuay teow with cockles, BBQ stingray..etc

but nevermind! there is always the consolating thought that one will work hard at the next aerobic session.
  At 5:02 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Eat like a king for breakfast, like a prince for lunch, and like a pauper for dinner. It works for me. :p

Besides, Madame Nyonya, moderation is the key-word. :)
  At 8:00 PM Blogger angel said:
*agrees with las montanas*

U know, last Friday, I had BKT for dinner with some friends in Cheras and dunno whether the soup is too keng or wat, right after that, I had some ache on my left temple! Wah lau... first time eat BKT until like dat... I had quite abit of the soup... :P
angel: you know that each BKT serving is 900 calories? and your aerobic session for 1 hour only burns 300 calories niah! So gain 900-300=500 calories. actually not much lah!
oops damn. i couldn't do my maths. out of school for so long already.
  At 11:30 PM Blogger AceOne said:
aiyo..wack first..forget about round or flat. can't resist those food you mentioned. Let the doctors take care of the waistline!!

if the good doctor say so. ;)

las montanas,
a confession - eat every day but don't exercise every day wor. :(

oh dear, i got it all wrong - i am doing the other way around!

talking about it, i had headache too yesterday evening. ya, must be the 'power soup' la, lidat.

you young bird can eat lah. better enjoy the food while you can hor? :O
  At 9:22 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
so is it safe to now call you.

'tua pui yeow siu'??
  At 9:59 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Kita Makan Dulu!!!pikir kemudian..
When faced with food, I also cannot resist most of the time. Of course there's always a voice saying "go easy", but normally I ignore it. :D
  At 11:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
dear nyonya,
you have the previledge of being tagged by the infamous Ah Pek at his old blog.
  At 11:11 AM Blogger sengkor said:
nothing guilty about bkt for lunch. i had it for supper sometimes.. then straight go home and sleep..
  At 2:13 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Gosh, NP... I'm facing the same problem like you too... Sigh!!!
  At 3:03 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Just wanna tell you that I'm not unique, I'm also a kiasi like you. ;)

Thanks for leaving me your kind words. HUGS!
ah pek,
that doesn't sound endearing to me. LOL

pssst... not so loud la.
kasi recommend bestbest mia restaurant.... LOL

king's wife,
i always come up with a 1001 reasons why the food must go into my mouth.

that's a privilege!
thx for the note.

you young bird mah. engine tip-top wor. but you go straight to sleep, you no nightmare wan ah, like maybe forever no more pork in Maraysia? LOL

noooo... i saw your pic. you're not in my league. :O

you're a real sweetie! ;)
agree with savante, actually that's my motto (eh..hem..excuse more like it) for life! Eat first la..life is short! kakakaka..but then again..go easy on port stuff leh,,,i know of pork seller who tells me don't eat so much! keng moh??!!
At least you can hold back when you think of the calories. When I travel, I eat like crazy coz scared my gastric will recur (it usually does) but when I'm back home, I try to refrain from too much eating.