Friday, September 01, 2006

What's That Line Again?

The queue at the ATM was quite long and of the 3 cash dispensing machines, only 1 was in working order. I was the third in the line and behind me were 6 more - all wore grouchy, impatient looks. Suddenly, one bored ‘lalachai’ thought of using his time more fruitfully and decided to make a call and it went something like this:-

Lalachai : Hallo, Lalamui ah?
Hallo, hallo, Lalamui,…. can hear or not?

**voice went up a couple of decibels**

Hallo, hallo, Lalamui…Can hear ledi?
I am Lalachai la. Still remember me or not?
Neh, that night leh, at Kowchai’s place got
Bar-b-q for Ah Far’s birthday

Lalamui : (said sumthing, sumthing)

Lalachai : Ya, ya, hailor. I wore the purple fishnet top wan.
Hehehe, you remember hor.
Wonder you got time for a movie this evening?

(everyone in the queue was already giving Lalachai dagger stares but he nonchalantly continued with his dating pitch. in fact, he pitched harder, perhaps motivated by his perception of fellow ATM users' support)

Lalamui : (said sumthing, sumthing)

Lalachai : Oh, in that case, we go countdown at Bintang Walk la.

Lalamui : (she probably said Bintang Walk got a lot of rapists;
or that her parents’ hobby is to castrate any lalachai
who tries to take her more than 5 km out of PJ)

Lalachai : Huh, yau moh? So garang wan meh?
Lidat, we go Curve only la. Got concert, got
nice, nice fireworks, bla, bla, bla….

As I walked out of the bank, I cannot help but reminisce those dating games we played long, loonnng time ago. But I just cannot recall the exact opening line though.

Care to share, anyone?
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  At 2:30 AM Blogger Erika said:
Wah.. I also cannot remember that line.. so long ago.. but if I am a guy, mebbe I'll start with..

"Hey gorgeous, what's up? Whatcha doin' tonight? Care to join me for a drink?"...

I wonder if I'll get a date with those lines..
  At 8:37 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
My first crush rejected me even before I confessed to her, thanks to my kaypo kawans... LOLz!
  At 9:14 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:

This opening line i mean.
"Have I seen you from somewhere?...."
  At 10:41 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Dating line?? Don't remember any lah! All the time, it was the girls wantin gto date me one! Ha ha ha! (Perasan!)
  At 10:43 AM Blogger See Fei said:
hahaha... good post. cant remember mine. back then ppl didnt have hp, msn, yahoo, email... mostly i would ask the lady out. if she agreed, meant got chance lah.


i yahoo-ed my wife (then gf) for 3 months b4 meeting up face to face for the first time... she was intro by a fren and we yahoo as we were 700 km apart then.
  At 11:56 AM Blogger sengkor said:
mine is 'Hallo, Lalamui ah?
Hallo, hallo, Lalamui,…. can hear or not?'..

shit! i m that lalachai!
  At 12:46 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
"Hello, Nyonya. Please come to my blog. I've done your tag." LOL
psssst.. try asking your hubby and see whether he can remember or not.
btw, now very open wan ledi, gals oso can initiate 1st move. buden, what should the line be?
**scratches head**

why? you mean you so 'lou thou' you send intermediaries ah? LOL
ah pek,
salute you la! you are a real risk-taker.
for community service sakes hor, can you share with all the other horny guys what is the next line when that 'gal' buka sarong and you saw a big fat lizard.
**clap, clap, clap for ah pek**

las montanas,
"i'm from venus"

wuaah, ini must be more hansem than tom cruise liao.
pssst... still issuing queue numbers? LOL

see fei,
nasib baik ada yahoo; if not by the time your snail mail sampai, might not remember you liao. :O

i think that chap stole your line. macam tu la kalau tak buat copyright.
thanks for the support. have a great weekend. ;)
Ayo..u can remember the conversation..must b careful not to talk so loud on hp ledi..sked lines hubby was very direct one..just went straight to the point one..beh pai seh one!
  At 7:01 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Dating lines ka? I don't remember I have one ler!!
all honest man lidat wan; no nid go beating about the bush. just say loud, loud, 'gua cinta lu'. you're one lucky gal. ;)

come on! it's either you got plenty up your sleeves and not telling us OR,
you only use BODY LINGO, no nid to say a word wan.
**nudge, nudge** don't be shy leh.
  At 1:59 AM Blogger angel said:
OMG! This reminds me of the time me and a few other gfs called up this one guy (another gf had this crush on him) from a public phone booth and serenaded to him! *LOL* Damn! That was so hiao!

Ahhh yes... those were the liuliu days... :) thanks for bringing us back down memory lane ;)
  At 4:41 AM Anonymous stress said:
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LOL, too long ago to remember! But then, I don't think I have to do the pick up. 'Cos girl mah, mama said not proper wor.
LOL, just read CIKGU Suituapui's comment. Perasannnnnyaaaaaa Cikgu ni.
wuuah, you terror wor - serenading over the phone. did he do a duet? LOL

so, so, so.. mama must have been kept busy with the fly swatter la. LOL

proly at that time itu cikgu hor, must be 'the best in Sibu' la. kakaka....
  At 11:48 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i hate those type of person that owes wana attract ppl attention by doing so when queing up...
ah nel,
lalachai was too busy pitching to notice that he attracted attention. LOL
  At 7:26 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Sigh! Unfortunately time has been unkind...! Think people like John Travolta...or Marlon Brando!!! 5XMOM! U take a number too! Don't potong queue, Malaysian style! nyonyapenang already waiting long time in line...!! Ha ha ha! Perasan some more!
  At 8:41 AM Blogger dreamie said:
My cho luen (first lup) said to me:
" Dreamie, i got this free makan vou at XYZ restaurant, lets go and try it oii mou? "
don't let me wait too long until i grow beard, OK? LOL

wuaah, free voucher summore. very ku hon choong leh. kakakaka...