Thursday, August 31, 2006

6 Random Facts Tag

This 'swee swee' Angel tag me one more time - she wants a list of 6 Random Facts About Myself and then I am to tag another 6 people.

Here goes:-

Fact #1 - Last been into a cinema more than 10 years ago.

Fact #2 - Hate having my photos taken - never once turn out nice.

Fact #3 - Lurve ice-cream

Fact #4 - Come from an island, but cannot swim. :(

Fact #5 - Find all creepy crawlies a big turn-off. **yucks**

Fact #6 - Sense of direction is totally hopeless.

Now, lemme see - I wish to tag the following six :-

las montanas
posted by nyonyapenang at 12:30 AM, |


long time didn't hear from u n i sort of knew that u went back to penang..come back saja kena tagged! anyway welcome back!
what is a tag? *blur*
  At 10:09 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
My good friend, Kyels tagged me on this, too. I'm not a tag/meme person but I will do it - just for you & her. :p
OH CHIEN!!!! WARRGGHHHHH.... 3 months and 22 days remaining... SOBBSS!!!
  At 12:54 PM Blogger Ah Pek said:
hah! I know there is one creepy crawly that definitely won't turn you off!
  At 5:54 PM Blogger ah nel said:
ace n pisang:i tag u both oso...

nyonya :wuahhhh...that a long time u nvr bin
you gimme faceee wor. thank you so much.

las montanas,
thank you to you too for being so efficient. orang selat, ya?

sori, didn't notify you fast enough. thanks for you support. ;)

3 months & 22 days === YAY! YAY!
**lorbak, hokkien mee, ngau lam meen, popiah, sup torpedooooo....**

ah pek,
apa itu? apa itu? cakap lah. LOL
  At 7:09 PM Blogger AceOne said:
nyonyapenang, your tag i done ledi!!
  At 7:43 PM Blogger dreamie said:
woi... you big still lup ice-cream ar?
  At 9:26 PM Blogger sengkor said:
10 years? no cinema? that's a long time...
ah nel & sengkor,
each time go cinema sure fell asleep wan. so now dowan to pay RM10 to sleep there lah. LOL

thank you.
gua sayang lu banyak banyak.

i thot ice cream ngam for old people; toothless oso can enjoy. LOL
  At 11:14 PM Blogger angel said:
nyonya sudah siapkan meme
terima kasih, daun keladi!

Fact 3, 4, 5 - ditto!!

*merdeka muaks*
time to go for a GOOD movie...
the pleasure is mine.
thanks to you too!

king's wife,
masuk cinema sure tertidur wan.
proly take a few bottles of Red Bull before masuk cinema hor? LOL
  At 11:40 PM Blogger JL said:
watch Xciting movie then you will not fall asleep loh... :P

dah buat C'mas shopping?