Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Think I Have To Moonlight La!

OK, the Mega Sales Carnival is officially over now and my credit card statements just arrived. Looking at it, I dunno whether to cry because of so much damage or to laugh it off and blame it on my occasional 'off-centredness' when I simply signed all those charge-slips. Gila or no gila, mad or no mad, reality bites when I saw those figures staring back at me.

Let me see properly. Hmmmm....
**puts on reading glasses**

Car Insurance Renewal RM1,163.75
Road Tax (Cash) 376.00
New Tyres 960.00
Camera (for sons & myself la) 699.00
Handphone(for myself, but now son using first) 1,099.00
Nichii Fashion 109.00
Adidas shoes (for son) 215.00

Total RM4,621.75

Harrrr....! Ai Si Si Boh! (Wanna die izzit!) Spend so much. Head not so big, wear so big hat! Earn RM1 but Spend RM3!

I think I have to moonlight la!
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  At 1:05 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Aiyoyo..that's a bit too high for last month. Anyway, can pay by instalments ma. slow slow ler nebermine wan they charge little interest oni nia.
  At 1:30 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
whoah your son very lucky ah! get to use your new phone and get new adidas shoe.. hua...
  At 3:32 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Suggestions for moonlighting according to your purchases:

Best dressed private cab driver & photographer.

As for your son, he can wash your car - so you save on car wash bills for the next few months.


#Gosh! I'm bad#

As long as you can still breathe and the heart beats.. whats the problem!?

Spend first lah! enjoy life and worry later. but I must say the tyres look abit expensive! For continental 3Liter car ah?
  At 10:04 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Yup! Make ur son do all the hores, all the cooking...! Nothing comes easy in this world, so drum that into his head!! U wanna go moonlighting where??? Bukit Bintang?? Old already, nobody wants lah!!! I cruised Bukit Bintang all day...also no offers (Not even from the pimps loitering around! So depressing!)Ha ha ha!!!
  At 10:05 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Oops...typing error! I meant "Chores"...not "Whores" or whatever!
  At 10:47 AM Blogger ah nel said:
wuahhh...roadtax rm376...now i noe nyonya veli lich driving a marsili,filali or porshe...lol
  At 10:51 AM Blogger dreamie said:
nyonya- simple !!!
just bagi bill to hubby lorr
... see no worries... *grins*
  At 11:33 AM Anonymous ianliew said:
Hahahaha.. suituapui... I was at first taken aback by what you wrote. Ask NP's son to DO ALL THE WHORES???!!! Hahahahaha...

But seriously, we have to control. I am facing similar problems like u. Once I spend, all hell breaks loose...
  At 1:33 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Big CC car ah? I also just renew my car insurance n roadtax, not that much as u la, but really killing me. Luckily wa talak shopping in this mega sale, I not I wanna go hell... not moonlight, wakakakaka.
  At 3:32 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Opss my puisi betul betul menjadi

Hati-Hati Bila Beli,
Guna Kad berulang kali,
Bila Statement sudah mali,
Matilah you pokai nanti.

nyonya where got pokai one! she just need to pick up the phone and call her good fren datuk! :P
  At 4:10 PM Anonymous ah pek said:
hahahaa!!! suituapui, who say nobody want? if old ahpek see means sure sapu wan!
nyonya, you wan ah long's number ah? i got a few. if i recommend can get cheap rates.
  At 5:42 PM Blogger See Fei said:
scary! beside the nichi fashion the rest are like necessities!

life liddat and you are not alone!
  At 6:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
ayoyoyo,,liddat i need to "si" first! cos my statementS lagi "gau lat!" and dat mega sale must be like 3 times a year! die or not??

eh that aceone ask u to pay slow slow..dun ah...interest is almost as high as "big ear hole" ah!
ayoyoyo,,liddat i need to "si" first! cos my statementS lagi "gau lat!" and dat mega sale must be like 3 times a year! die or not??

eh that aceone ask u to pay slow slow..dun ah...interest is almost as high as "big ear hole" ah!
eh y the comment come out 2 kali one? solly ah..
interest veli jialat juga.

he said testing the phone for me wor. as for the shoe, he said all fit for garbage bin liao. LOL

i lost my way all the time. dunno who dare to ride in my cab leh?
the son mops the floor & fold laundry.

las montanas,
**test, test with mirror**
OK, OK, still breathing! LOL
expensive ar, the tyres? aisehman, kena potong liao.

kakakaka... nasib baik son. if you said "doters do the whores", i'll kena public flogging la for pimping.

serious or not, cruising all day? proly the pimps see you as their competitor la. psssst...if too much for you to handle, can sub out to some of us juga. kakakaka....

ah nel,
itu old petrol guzzler oso have to pay same road tax as new cars ler.

hahahaha......he doesn't pass his to me, i gotta bersyukur liao!

bad planning on my part. :(

kenny ng,
must change to below 1 lit car liao. road tax RM30 nia.

bila beli, rasa veli happi
bila statement sampai, sakit gigi
***adoi, adoooiiii....**

las montanas,
you oso never give me your private line mia number. how to call you leh?

ah pek,
you wanna sapu cikgu ah? hahaha...

dowan ler ah long. afturds they come and throw human shit la - cat shit gua pun kenot handle liao.

see fei,
that nichii thingy, is for some threads lor. all the old sarongs pun reput liao. LOL

yay, can komen ledi!

yalor, see the word 'SALES' oni, all hell break loose. as for the cr card hor, i use them like charge card oni. kenot afford the interest. ;)
  At 8:02 PM Blogger Chen said:
road tax 376?
wah.. must be driving kereta besar.
Mine small car oni, so road tax very cheap :D
dr chen,
an old petrol guzzler. ;)
  At 12:45 AM Blogger **L-Y-N** said:
kakkaka nyoya...woi u sounds like me eh ...but i found solution wor...to clear the debt ...tu Along bukit beruntung....heheheh =)
welcome! **l-y-n**,
apa itu Along bukit beruntung?
hear the word 'Along' oso scared ledi.
never mind lor, the first 3 items are "once-a-year" only mah...
  At 7:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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