Monday, September 04, 2006

Ride At Your Own Risk

Flowsnow did the 6 Random Facts meme and she let out that her sense of direction sucks. Told her that she can't possibly be worse than me.

#Twice, I could not find my car in the mall's carpark. First time, many years ago at Subang Parade. Thought it was smart of me to note that the entrance I used was near a carwash. I did not know that there were 3 carwashes and to make it more difficult, the old banger I drove did not have those remote/alarm locks for me to click. So I just had to walk round and round to locate my car. The second time was at the dark and dingy carpark in Sg Wang when I could not remember/recognize which lift entrance I had used earlier.

#Many, many years ago after an appointment and trying to get out to the KL-Seremban Highway. Was told to follow a straight road and then to look for signboard for directions. As luck would have it, the signboard had been blown away during a storm. So, I followed my instincts, took the wrong turn and ended somewhere near Nilai.

#Wanted to send someone to KLIA. Was busy yakking away and without realising, I overshot and missed the turning. Managed to find another turning near Kajang.

#Had to visit someone at Selayang Hospital. Got directions before hitting the road but as usual, was lost as a lamb and as I was about to stop and ask for help, when an ambulance with wailing sirens shot pass. I accelerated and the ambulance led the way.

#Was in Chan Sow Lin area in KL and wanted to get back to PJ. There were roadworks and diversions and I found myself going round and round within the Salak South vicinity. Continued to drive blindly, got into a new highway and ended near Sunway Pyramid.

There are more but these are the few that I can clearly recall. Damn shy only to tell you that I am in the sales line and still so terribly blur where directions are concerned. That is why I will always top up the tank eventhough the gauge still show a quarter remaining. Just don't want to be caught standing helplessly at some God forsaken place.

So those who want to take a ride with me, ride at your own risk!
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  At 9:01 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
i wanted to visit a friend in IJM but ended up on the highway which took me right back to PD.
  At 10:06 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Am very good at directions. Every time in KL, going out with my West Malaysian friends, I'll be the one telling them where to where all the action is!!! Ha ha ha! Not Jalan Alor or Chow Kit lah! I go for good clean fun, good entertainment...have a drink or two & listen to some nice music!
  At 10:33 AM Blogger sming said:
hehe.. I used to study in Cyberjaya. My brother was also studying there. Once I decided to fetch him n his frens back. Took a wrong turn to Putrajaya. N I was low on gas. Casually informed the kids. The look on their stricken face was just ...erm.. Priceless... hahaha
I m used to getting lost. So cool only. :P
Until i dropped them off and got lost again. Still low on gas..
alamak..our road signs cannot harap la..get the KL & Klang Valley Street Directory's very helpful! Can get in places like MPH, Popular etc..For shopping centres I try and remember the first shop I see once I come out from the carpark..that helps..if cannot remember I suggest better record in H/P..hehehe..
Yah, have to agree with laundrymah. Road signs will make or break you. A few years ago, there was a photo of a road sign showing 'KL' and it was pointing south towards JB.

Lost in carpark? Try parking at Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya) or Suntec City in Singapore. I was walking around on many levels for a good 1/2 hour before I found my car.
  At 12:09 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Did you made a wrong turn when you're on your way back home?? wakakaka..Lu lucu la.!!
  At 1:16 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
I've no problem with directions - locally or abroad. Guess that's another random fact you know about me now..hehe :D
  At 3:31 PM Blogger ah nel said:
i was once got lost when on the way to Sunway
  At 4:03 PM Blogger dreamie said:
nowadays, so many flyovers here and there... sometimes rather confusing dun know which route to follow
  At 7:22 PM Blogger Helen said:
I think my sense of direction only rise to the occasion when someone else is not around. I do get dependent of people when I know I'm not

Need to be more independent hor?
ah pek,
all roads lead to PD!

i heard Jalan Alor & Chow Kit very happening wan leh.

i thot young uns like you very sharp wan one. hahaha

yalor, blardy signboards most of them blocked by trees and the words so small; by the time you can read, you cannot change lane liao. :(

las montanas,
ya, ya our local councils very good at putting up signboards with arrows shooting in all directions.
hehehe... you pun lost in carpark ar?

shoooosh ...**whisper** got
jialat leh. u dare to employ me or not?

wow! maybe you can even find your way blindfolded. ;)

ah nel,
blame it all on the rotten signboards. ;)

that's why la. when the highway forks out, 8 out of 10 i took the wrong one. :(

whenever i'm the passenger, i never pay attention to the roads to take. so whenever i have to drive to some unfamiliar territory, i'll ask around first. and shy to tell you hor, if i din go to a place for a few months, i'll be lost on the next visit. cukup lou moong toong!
so are you a map reader? No, I prefer to be a asker. Lost in bolehland, just do what some locals do. get down and ask ask lah! logical?
  At 9:38 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
hahaha... 1st time here. U always get lost in KL ah? Tell u wat, my 1st day ride my bike to work in KL even worst, from sri petaling morning 7am ride my bike until 9.30am only reach my office near parliament there. I dunno I ride till Ampang then Hulu Klang area somemore... wakakakaka
LOL..I've had my fair share of getting lost too. But roads in KL are hopeless. Just as soon as you think you know a route, when you go back there a month later, everything looks different with roadworks and construction!!
  At 10:31 PM Blogger Chen said:
Hard to drive in KL lah. The "route" there changed every now and then. It's much much easier to drive in Penang :P
  At 10:49 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
the road signs in KL are terrible and not accurate. Once i tried to visit my uncle in Salak South, overdrive and ended in Taman Connaught, did Uee and ended in Taman Desa. Luckily my cousins lived in Taman Desa for a while and I managed to get back to Cheras.
On time, got lost in Subang and recognized the massive onion by the road, took Kesas Highway home.
las montanas,
you are of the limited specie - i thot men prefer to drive in circles rather than suffer the humiliation of ASKING?

welcome! kenny,
hahaha. you damn funny! so, so, you told your boss you went sightseeing before come to work ah? kakakaka...

king's wife,
yalor, there was once i attended a seminar in hulu kelang. go in the morning that time ok wor; but was lost on the way home in the evening because of road diversions. LOL

dr chen,
penang town area i'm ok bcos not much changes; but just as lost in the newer suburbs. LOL
not only the road signs; the arrows and lane lines on the road are equally bad. follow the lane and arrow and you might just find yourself heading towards a retianing wall. :O
  At 11:48 PM Blogger savante said:
But ladies can ask for direction mah :P
  At 11:49 PM Blogger Flowsnow said:
I cannot tahan la....I am falling off my also get lost in the carpark?..muhahahhaha.....ME TOO!!! All the time. I try to memorised the number and level I parked..still can get lost. Yup like car don't have alarm.....aikes** and makes it worse I drive a bloody kanchil which is everywhere and the same colour! Ooh........ we must laugh over this one day having tea together....
have to be careful though, bcos alot of perverts running around la. LOL

just don't get me started - once i jumped into the LRT while talking on the handphone hor, and you know what? i took the one that was heading for the opposite direction. kakakaka.....