Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who Said Beggars Can't Be Choosers?

Whenever I am in Penang, I hardly eat at home and I don’t do rice I’d rather binge on the yummy hawker food and New Lane is one of my favourite place to pig-out because of variety, convenient location and easy parking.

Talking about parking, the local council officially collects parking charges up to about 10.00pm or so but unofficially you have those jaga-kereta fellas who collect 24 hours. These jaga-keretas are everywhere and come in all shapes and colours and I’ve seen some young kids looking no more than 10 years old to other old, grey and hunched species. They are normally friendly and polite when they approach you to collect their fees upfront but should you ignore or shoo them away, they can turn pretty nasty. So, the car owners usually will put some coins into their grubby hands and they’ll be on their way. So much for their jaga services! And during the couple of days I was in the island, I observed that these fellas now demand to be paid something like RM1 to RM2. I commented that it’s expensive and they just coolly told me off that everything also increase price already, so if they were to just chance upon our generosity with the loose coins, it would be untenable. Hmmmmp..**roll eyes**

Ya, going back to the New Lane story la. I'm not going blog about the food but about the hazards of eating at this place which is infested with beggars especially on weekends and public holidays. Spend an hour or so there and there’ll be no less than 4 approaches. They will be standing with a filthy outstretched hand next to your cramped table and also using the same line, “Ah Chek/Ah Ee, hor chit nor khor lai” (Uncle/Auntie, pass over 1 or 2 ringgit) Aisehman, this is outright demand. Real brazen. And aitelyu, most of these beggars are youngish-looking, able-bodied with all limbs still intact.. Tsk, tsk, useless bums all, so lazy to find proper work. Once, my brother was there with me. He put on his most fearsome-looking face and blasted out the most original and colourful Penang @#*&^%?$@&* and that bugger immediately back-off. No pitying them la – most of them beg to feed their drug-addiction.

Wuuaah...Beggars also demand for payrise. Who said beggars' can't be choosers?
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  At 12:57 AM Blogger angel said:
hullo nyonya :D
new lane last time i always go to this one coffee shop and eat wantan mee...

*sayangz nyonya*
take care! :)
  At 2:23 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
wah nyonya ah

last time chit puat then noh puat then goh puat some place charge chit khor ade.. haiyah now all gila lah! the jaga tak jaga pun kereta!

now i feel like eating some char kuey teow ade.. haha!
  At 2:41 AM Blogger AceOne said:
I encountered these problem too whenever i'm in penang. Normally, i just ignored them.
hello angel,
wuaah, komen dari overseas ah? have a good break.
sayangs to you. **muaks**

mana ada jaga? minta and cabut aje.

be careful lor. when they are dying for their fix, they can be dangerous.
  At 8:07 AM Blogger Erika said:
quite frankly, I also cannot stand beggars... so many of them in Indo .. but also cannot NOT give them lah.. later they scratch your car how?
  At 8:21 AM Blogger Vern said:
Hello Nyonya,

Yeah, the beggars in Penang are probably the most picky ones...there was once I saw with my own two eyes one of them just getting up and drove his Honda City away! Bugger...
I miss Penang food lar...

  At 8:24 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Beggars! Some of them are real crooks! Got a woman, perfectly strong and healthy (Can't go Bukit Bintang lah! Very ugly, cant whore but can do Chores, no problem!), buy vege RM1 in market, sell to victims at RM2. She'll tell all the sob-sob stories about the dying husband, little children in school. I also got cheated...and then they told me her children all studying overseas! Gee! Now I know what I can do when I retire next year! (But must slim down lah...too fat to go around begging!)
  At 9:58 AM Blogger Sasha said:
eh beggars nowadays dun like small change okay..i gave them small change i kena scold "pukimak..apa ini? kasi la dua linggit". Now, i dudn even give them cos they have syndicate wan...
Taken note of this place New Lane!

aiyah, beggars also got the professional type. They're called charities! come dressed in suit and ties one.
  At 1:27 PM Blogger savante said:
Hey I was in New lane too!
last time i only see beggars sitting outside temples. now, walk around and harass. :(

hi vern,
penang got yummy food hor?
also, thanks for popping by.

don't you even dare to think about following that woman's footsteps.
then it will be a sad case of 'tai choy, siew yoong'. you're made for BIGGER things, you know what i mean?

aiyer, they're that %$$#@ rude!
buden, i won't wanna dirty my hands walloping them. tsk.tsk...

las montanas,
from your place wan ah? that wan celebrity la. LOL
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  At 2:32 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
These days, they demand. They look at you as if you owe it to them. They should no longer be classified as beggars. :(
  At 2:43 PM Blogger See Fei said:
hei new twist for an old cliche'?
will check out new lane when in penang...and will brush up on my penang $#%@%@%!
  At 3:34 PM Blogger ah nel said:
those jaga motor mia reli irritating n smts felt like whack them...they reli think tat parking space blong to his fader...

wuahhh...those beggar now so demanding...i wonder they do the same at those ah long onot???
  At 5:05 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Beggers are everywhere la, now all no more chit puat, nor puat, goh puat... all in ringgit. I really hate the jaga kereta 1. I remember last time I went back hometown to park my car outside Penang Megamall, those jaga kereta threatening me if not pay my car will in trouble. really KNN!!!
when? when? you cannot be that guy who was sitting at the table next to mine, slurping on the chee cheong chook, rite? LOL

they have nothing to lose mah.
'demand and you shall be given' ;(

see fei,
hahaha...make sure you learn to cuss in the 'sing-song' way, OK?

i think hor, next trip back better go stick all those dragon & phoenix and skull tattoos on both arms before walking the streets. LOL
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normally I will just pretend I can't see or hear anything. And continue eating quietly.
king's wife,
yalor, you'll never know what they'll do next. :(
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  At 12:00 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
aiyah nyonya.. i night owl lah. that's why im up until 4am. wake up at 5 and end up snoring in class! *giggles*
  At 6:32 PM Blogger Chen said:
Those jaga kereta are indeed very annoying. Some of them even demand for 2 ringgit.
dr chen,
that's what they asked, "chit nor khor".
i dunno i hv a theory about the jaga kereta, i will tell them nicely to watch the car properly and then reward them when i come back. if they argue, i will say if i pay u and u go off, who's going to jaga my car??