Friday, September 08, 2006

You Don't Drive?

Talking about driving a car, I just can count only 2 of my friends, both ladies who can’t drive and all the males that I know can drive, except for one.

This chap is one lucky sod. Never needed to learn to drive at all. When he was dating a girl, he applied for a motorcycle L licence. Rode his kapchai to the girl’s place, parked the bike there and the girl will then drive him in her Mom’s car. Got married, and the wife will drive him to and from school (he was a teacher). If the wife could not send or pick him up for the day, his mom-in-law would be the alternate driver for the day. Fast forward 3 decades later, and now he has his two sons, a daughter and a daughter-in-law who occasionally drive him around; most times he prefers his 2 other relatives. Don’t even suggest taking a cab – he is so paranoid of being mugged.

I always thought that driving is something you just gotta learn when you fulfill the age requirement; health reasons and physical limitations aside. So when one of my lady friends told me that she choose not to learn and insists that hubby fetches her around everywhere, I seriously thought she came from a different planet. This is the way to keep hubby in tow, she said. Alamak, lidat oso got ah? **roll eyes**

As for the other friend, she has a valid driving licence which I used to tease her about framing it up and hanging it next to her many certificates that adorn her office wall. This funny woman has not driven since the day she passed the driving test more than 10 years ago but she faithfully renews the licence She has this irrational fear of driving to her death in a nasty road accident. When she told me the reason, I thought it funny and laughed my head off but she was not amused. I dunno, perhaps a shrink or a hypnotist may be of help to her.

I am one impatient nyonya. I just cannot wait and be dependent on another person to fetch me around. Big or small, old or new, it does not matter. As long as I have my own wheels, I can just zoom anywhere, anytime I like.
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  At 1:15 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
wah takut sama taxi driver ka? the second case i think want to jaga the hubby la..mana tau wrong day hubby lari with the car and another leng lui! =P

the other one semangat pay the renewal fees ah. wah JPJ surely shiok la she sponsor free cash every year wan.. haiyah too bad my mum give birth in november so i can only start to drive this december..if only i had the chance, i'd zoom evverywhere i want too! haha
  At 5:41 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
My friend & her sister are also annual donors to JPJ. The main reason is their mother always pour "cold water" on them when they wanted to drive. Hence, they never did & their poor brother is their permanent "Ahmad" on-call 24 jam sehari. :(
  At 6:59 AM Anonymous Erika said:
wah.. your friend is so lucky.. got drivers to drive him around throughout his life.. quite frankly, I am not that fond of driving.. very tiring.. but I guess you are right.. it gives you the independence indeed!

The independence that comes with a high price: car price, insurance, maintenance etc.. :P
nyonya: There is no need to be impatient. Just hire a driver!

How blessed r those that do not drive or does not know how to drive. They save a few years of their lives just by not being on the roads suffering the jams, fumes and fella motorists.
jemima: how can call others by that tag! hehehe. see I resisted also. =)
honestly, cabs are pretty unreliable.

your mum good planning, so that you go for driving lessons only after your SPM. ;)

at that time, i just felt uncomfortable when my son drives. now OK ledi. ;)

ya, you win some, you lose some. ;)

las montanas,
if only money is not a problem for me. unfortunately, i still gotta slave on to pay my many bills. :(

with the good public transport you have there, i would not need to drive too.
  At 11:52 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Some people like that, pretend dunno...and then others will have to do everything!! Dunno how to drive? Ask them to take a bus or walk! In the end, also no choice...have to learn!
  At 12:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
when you come to li'l promise to be your drebar, ok?

  At 12:43 PM Blogger ah nel said:
my aunty also after came back from driving test...she don dared drive ledi n til now she stil renew her license every years i think...LOL

nyonya same wit me as i like to hv my own transport and unpatient to wait other ppl fetch me... ;)
  At 1:15 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
ture ah.. who knows the taxi driver go kidnap you.. haiyah stupid la dont want to use neter and charge damn expensive. imagine from prangin to gurney cost 8 bucks! and from gurney to my house is 25 bucks. not worth it.

talk about the public bus.. heh all so lousy oso!
  At 4:07 PM Blogger Flowsnow said:
Ditto...I must drive. Be it lady or man..must can one not drive unless you are of course colour blind...:D
  At 5:45 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
ei color blind oso can drive lah. my best friend is color blind! he said he see which light position then ok ade. but he dunno the different between blue and purple. but he likes the color purple
that fler i was talking about is always scared of being mugged. not that he kena before. satu macam mia.

see fei,
don't talk saja ok? i might just take you up on your offer. ;)

ah nel,
hehehe.... these people really sapot gahmen leh.
oso not nice to kacau ppl to fetch la. even when my car go for servicing hhor, i take cab oni la. ;)

penang got plenty of taxi sapu summore. buden very dangerous wan lah.

so many places to run around, a thousand and one things to do, kalau kenot drive mana boleh.
buden, another of my fren's logic is - if you can't drive, then proly there won't be that many things for you to do. LOL
  At 6:30 PM Blogger Chen said:
I share the same opinion as u. I prefer to drive my own car. Hate to wait for other to come & fetch me.. Dowan to depend on others to fetch me around too.. No freedom, just like every steps is being controlled ;) So driving my own vehicle is the best :)
  At 6:52 PM Blogger AceOne said:
I like to drive. How want a driver?? I'm available.
dr chen,
yalor, just step on the gas and go aje. ;)

i suppose when we are in the sales line hor, like or don't like still need to drive.

you perli gua izzit? how dare i ask towkay aceone to drive me around.
  At 11:57 PM Blogger dreamie said:
driving gives me the advantage to change route and diversion away from
heavy traffic roads....
the public transport sucks !
yalor. once was at Westin, KL and wanna come back to PJ - aiyoh, take monorail from Bkt Bintang to Brickfields, then walk across to KL Sentral to take Putra to Tmn Bahagia then stood like 40 mins waiting for cab. aitelyu, reach home hor, kena tampal tohtonku plaster. LOL
  At 2:40 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
I got a boss from other division also never drive, his wife fetch him to work n back home everyday. Another my ex technician who just retired also never drive, only renew the lisence. I wonder why some people don't drive at all, to me... I enjoy driving.
  At 4:44 PM Blogger JoMel said:
If I do not drive, I would feel very handicapped in this large concrete jungle.

Doncha think so?
not to say that i like driving soooo...much, but mau cari makan hor, kena drive la. ;)

if only the public transport is more integrated and reliable. :(
  At 12:08 PM Blogger **L-Y-N** said:
driving is good and syiok...most of all can go anywhere I lurp no need to wait wait...THE MOST me the traffic..

So ended up heheheh me oso like to be drived around....kakakakaka but no choice oni...tarak hubby to do so kakakkaka
penang drivers all very skilfull wan. ;)
  At 8:29 PM Blogger savante said:
I am shocked. I shouldn't have learnt driving. Should have had a rich sugar daddy buy me a hunky hot driver instead!
not too late, not too late. ;)
  At 9:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
You're an independent lady..just like me. No need to depend on other ppl. Cheers to us!
  At 1:40 PM Anonymous ian said:
hahaha... Not being able to drive might not be a blessing. But not needing to drive IS!!! I love driving, but I love being fetched around even more! muahahaha!
ya, we know what it's like to hear the words 'wait la', 'later la', 'see first la' . hang them aje. ;)

refer to dr paul. :)
Yes people like that do exist based on your story about your friend fetching her then bf now husband around. I can tell you there is another person like that. That is me. :)