Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't Blog, Then Do What?

Read an article yesterday in The Star Two about the Perils of Blogging whereby they interviewed a few bloggers (one of them, Michael Ooi) and made references to some others. If you don’t wanna to be fried or land in hot soup, don’t blog about your boss, your work and workmates, your MIL, your neighbour’s wife, religion, race, all the politikus, bla, bla, bla.. and the list can only get longer.

What can I blog about then? Nyonya and nyonya and more nyonya? Nah! Can’t just bore to death those who pop by with some absurd rants day-in and day-out, right? So I consulted my younger boy who incidentally was engrossed in his on-line game, on what he thought is safe for me to blog about. The conversation went like this :-

Me : Aiyoh, you saw this article ah? Sei ler, dis kenot, that kenot. What to blog then?

Son : **whistling a tune and nodding/bobbing his head to the beat of some music**

Me : Eh... saw this or not?

Son : **continued with his whistling….. ****

Me : Wei, you listening to what I’m saying or not?

Son : Ya. **continued with the annoying whisssstle…**

Me : Say something la. Tell me ler, gimme a topic to blog la.

Son : Aiyaaah…., no topic then don’t blog la.

Me : Kenot, that wan my favourite past-time. Don’t blog then do what?

Son : Play DOTA. (on-line game)

Me : !!!!!!!!!.....

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  At 5:57 AM Anonymous angel said:
Haha... Don't blog then watch Wah Lai Toi lor... :D

ps: Thanks for the babydoll suggestion! I did try at one Ann Summer's shop but hor, aiyo, very liuliu wan... :P
  At 7:27 AM Anonymous Erika said:
How about blogging about your son and his online game! :P
  At 7:34 AM Blogger savante said:
GASP I have friends who play DOTA too! How old exactly are your kids again? You sound so young!
  At 8:31 AM Blogger ah nel said:
Bolihland...everything 'rakyat" speak oso wrong...

since kenot blog then we all help gabanment wash cars lor as they had a lot of cars...
  At 9:09 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Well, I guess we have to blog in moderation, too.
someone once said "blogging is evil"
Don carelah, I still blog wor...
  At 9:44 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
don't blog go cook some curry. hahahaa
ya once started bloggin kenot stop! eventho make so many mistakes here n there..kekekeke..
that channel very addictive wan...:)

as for the undergarments and bedclothes, those middle-eastern tourists buy by the cart-loads. ;)

btw, have you tried those doughnuts from Harrods?

**have fun, sayangs**

must get him to teach me first. ;)

they are in college.
wow, paul says i sound young. what is your defination of 'old' and 'young'?

ah nel,
maybe they wash my car first. ;)

sei lar, want to think oso must think in moderation. then how to be be 1st class thinkers lidat?

las montanas,
there are 2 sides to a coin. ;)

ya lor. blog about safer topics, eg. about the birds and the bees shud be ok, kua?
  At 9:59 AM Blogger Sasha said:
nothing to blog..then u blog about bloggers block. Tell why u have nothing to say lor...hehe
  At 10:18 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Watch WLT like those boring housewives with nothing much to do (and probably nothing up there...can't imagine what's so nice about those sob-sob serials)! Not our nyonyapenang! Blog on everyday things, social issues (not political),songs, movies... Maybe u can check the lyrics for the song "Hate Me" by Blue Ocotber and blog on that. I requested for it on the air, the DJ got put off...and a listener said it's a "scary" song!
  At 11:30 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Lai Lai Lai... i pinjam u my guitar, dun blog then just goreng the guitar... kekekeke.
I wonder where is the freedom n democracy ah? Blog also cannot? What the hell la.
  At 1:07 PM Blogger See Fei said:
the blog is like wild fire. stupid of those who try to control it. in lil dot, gamen supports a few prominent bloggers and give them an allowance to write what the gahmen want them to write. they gwai2 write as they are paid and ppl actually read their official blog. you can read them in www.stomp.com.sg
  At 1:10 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
LOL..blog bout playing games hahaha...snap his pics and post it up :P
never enjoyed those serials.
as for that song, i'll check it out first. you into song requests and dedications? remember to dedicate to us all, OK? ;)

i prefer to make real noise with senduk kha bok-keng (ladle banging on pots). hahaha.....
seefei: that stomp thing is ok lah, I think they just do it to catch some news. but hor, i think an official body that maintains a blog is very different from an individual/group who blogs.
  At 2:58 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
aiyo if this that kenot i die lah. i complaint everything on my blog wan especially about fren, skool and politikus(sounds like pulau tikus!!) DOTA not nice la..everyone play wan.. im not gamer oso..huahuahua.. better start play SimCity4 ade..haha

nyonya you start share recipe lah if kenot blog. dont tell me amy beh will go mad if nyonya becomes the next big thing in Kuali!
  At 6:27 PM Blogger Chen said:
if cannot blog, then I will go & snap photo loh.. Photography is my passion :D
pssst...actually got plenty to say but when you in a position such as 'suin tau geng charrk, suin mei geng kwai', cukup potong stim leh.

see fei,
ooh, kasi photoshop & window-dressing, guarantee all nice, nice ledi. ;)

hi jazzmint,
yalor, p'haps shud do that and blog about him hogging the PC. LOL

lidat u better go check back on your posts - nanti itu gahmen 'invite' you to limkopi with them.
the boy plays many types of games. DOTA is the only i heard of. hehehe.....
cooking??? eating boleh lah. LOL

dr chen
i envy you.
gua cukup suakoo mia. just bought a beginner's digital camera to try out. and aitelyu, it MUST have anti-shake feature. kakakaka.....
but, but, i don't take chicken legs also......
ah pek,
cooking tak pandai, makan very pandai. LOL

you got passion mah. good for you. ;)
  At 12:20 AM Blogger JoMel said:
see? You blog something out of this 'pointless' convo with your son too what? there's always something to blog about one. :)
  At 7:42 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
OK...u can listen to traxxfm 1 - 4 pm. Will send 2 u! U like old songs or the latest?
  At 6:10 PM Blogger Chen said:
after u play-play with your camera, u will pick up this hobby :D Very fulfilling past time activities :)

anti-shake feature is good. Too bad my digicams don't have that feature, cos I bought them prior to the introduction of anti-shake feature in the market :)
  At 12:19 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wah...I like to suan the garberment one leh... how ah???
maybe say indirectly lar...
since u can't blog, can come help me babysit my Darrius??? I need someone to relieve me so I can blog! :P
  At 9:37 AM Anonymous ian said:
Aiyoo... like that die lah... Coz I've been blogging about my work lah... How????
hi angeleyes, welcome!
suan and puji sikit la. LOL
babysitting ah? i use tin-nah wan wor?

nah, you referred to yr bosses as no. 1 and no.2 only mah. so, mm sai geng. LOL