Monday, September 11, 2006

Rappin' & Naggin'

The 2 boys will sleep in on weekends, public holidays and during their breaks and the earliest that they will lift their sleepy heads off the pillows will be way past noon. When they do get up early as like at 7.30am or so on a Saturday, it's usually that they have arranged to shoot some hoops with their buddies at some nearby courts or at a clubhouse.

So if and when they do wake up unusually early or they wake up in the middle of the night, more often than not, something ails them. The younger one had a slight fever a few days back and some paracetamol took care of that. Then an irritating cough came on. The next day, as we were walking past a stall selling Chinese herbal drinks, he asked for a bowl of 'wong lou kat' with extra ground-herbs which managed to give relief to the throat. Two nights later, I bought home another packet of 'wong lou kat' and poured out half a cupful for the elder boy. Then on Friday morning, it was the elder boy's turn with a slight temperature; took 2 paracetamol before he went for classes. The next morning, he was up at 10.00am and that's not normal. I looked at him and he croaked, "Arrgghhhh...Got verrryy ...baaddd... thrroooat. Got anymore Dequadin lozenges ah?"

Any sympathy from me? Nah! In fact I went ballastic, "Everytime eat all the heaty foods - banana leaf rice la, nasi kandar la, nasi lemak la, roti banana la, nasi goreng....and summore lazy to drink plain water. Tehpeng, pak kopipeng, nescafepeng and what-have-you pengs. Padan muka la now, bla...bla...bla..."

Then he answered, "It's not that la, Mama. It must be the 'wong lou kat'. I only got the fever after drinking that poison."

I countered, "Don't blame that drink. Look at your lips; red like cherry only. Your body very heaty now la. Wanna go see doctor or not?"

"No need lah. No fever liao. I'll just gargle with salt water and drink some warm honey can ledi." he shot back and he quickly scooted back to his den before I can start my Rappin' & Naggin'.

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  At 1:13 AM Anonymous Erika said:
what's 'wong lou kat'? Got any pics or not? Trying to find something for hubby and his sore throat as well.. :( I've been giving him luo han guo.. but doesn't seem to work well..
  At 2:31 AM Anonymous angel said:
nyonya, mai keik khi hor... *sayangz from London Eye*
i also had a bad throat 3 days ago and now cough cough... damn teruk la...
  At 3:13 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
nyonya makan semua! padan muka =P

how to tahan la? all food so nice nice wan. wah nyonya no need see doctor can wan ah, got own home made medicine ah?
  At 8:55 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
What's 'wong lou kat'? It's always good to know all these herbal things - sometimes western medicine just won't work - besides too much anti-biotics is no good for us.

*Runs off before Dr Paul reads this*
wong lou kat sounds cantonese.. probably means 'old yellow lime/citrus'.

yah, too much of those lemak/bakar things will cause heatinesss.

go on a detox plain watery porridge for the next few days.
  At 10:14 AM Blogger ah nel said:
when i had sore throat i hentam all those fried thingy or chili oso as for me after 1 o 2 weeks it will automatically recover so no need go see docter.... ;)
ppl around me i saw them when had sore throat don dared eat tis n tat but for me,i hentam
  At 10:24 AM Blogger sengkor said:
when i hv sorethroat, i gargle with Bactidol.. works for me..
  At 10:54 AM Blogger See Fei said:
wong lou kat and bactidol is good. sometimes it is the virus in the throat that givig the problem...
that's a bitter herbal tea for cooling the body. dunno you can get sachets from the herbalist in chinatown but i'm sure you can get the milder version 'hor yan hor'. hope your hubby get well soon. ;)

too much partying gives you bad throat ah? kor ka khi ho ho.
**loads of sayangs**

go doctor they kasi antibiotic banyak banyak tak bagui la ;)

it's a bitter herbal drink from the stall selling 'leong cha'.
i down it once a while to cool down the body. ;)

las montanas,
some call it 'foo cha'.

whenever they take porridge hor, 2 times 'shee shee' and 1hr later, scavenging for more food ledi. ;)

ah nel,
wuuah, lu mia style is using toxins to fight toxins. can oso hor? LOL

ya, forgot about good ole bactidol. thks alot. ;)

see fei,
ya, must be the virus la. now got cough ledi. haiyaa... :(
  At 12:42 PM Blogger AceOne said:
I take 'wong lou kat' every week cough or no cough. Nyonya, dun rappin & naggin too much or else your boys will hide in his den longer than you thought. Wakaka.
  At 1:43 PM Anonymous ian said:
did you draw that pic yourself? Hehehe!
  At 4:11 PM Blogger Flowsnow said:
Kekeke...sounds so familiar.....I like the rapin Good for sore throat - ice cream....otherwise honey with lemon is a good soothing drink.
  At 5:03 PM Blogger ah nel said:
for me is liddat lar but to other ppl duno its a cure for them onot... LOL
I have sore throat quite often too. Nyonya don rap ah...drink Hor Yan Hor Tea, gargle with this & thatlah, try everything loh until ok. Then, start makan pedas pedas again. Lol
  At 5:50 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Wong Lou Kat makes him more worst? What is this theory ah? Then try Hor Yan Ho herbal tea... I used to drink that when I'm sick.
  At 8:19 PM Blogger dreamie said:
i dun like the chinese herbs very bitter lah... prefer the western meds.
dun rap too much..nanti pulak you kena sore throat ..hahhaa
used to be my regular cuppa when i was in Penang bcos easy to find the stalls.
the boys will have to leave the den to hunt for food. hahaha...

curi mia. LOL

honey with lemon sounds good. tks.

ah nel,
no worries la. if follow your method & die oso won't sue 9 you la.

nasib baik, the family is not into durian and rambutans which i believe make the throat worse. ;)

dat wan called theory of blamelogy. LOL
aiyoh.. now kenny has mentioned the unmentionable! hor yan hor cha! horrid gut twisting brew!
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las montanas,
hor yan hor very, very mild only. not enough oommphh oso.
  At 10:49 PM Blogger ah nel said:
wont die mia don wory as throat will kam out
western med sometimes very strong leh.
and i don't always rap; sometimes do joget oso. LOL

ah nel,
you farny fler. LOL
  At 12:36 AM Blogger Chen said:
LOLOL at "Everytime eat all the heaty foods - banana leaf rice la, nasi kandar la, nasi lemak la, roti banana la, nasi goreng....and summore lazy to drink plain water. Tehpeng, pak kopipeng, nescafepeng and what-have-you pengs. Padan muka la now, bla...bla...bla..."

Very realistic hoh your rapping & nagging.. action-packed ;)
wah ur kids actually drink that chinese herb thingy ah...i oso dun drink leh..hehehe..hmm cud be those chinese herbs too "poh" ledi..
dr chen,
can do 'dikir barat' jugak. LOL

the foo cha suppose to counter the heatiness.. it's bitter no doubt, but kasi bottoms-up aje. ;)