Friday, September 15, 2006

Sheer Insensitivity

You know those letters sent out by Customer Service Depts to the Company's clients that end with this standard line - 'This is a computer-generated document. No signature is required.' ?

A relative of mind received one such letter addressed to his deceased wife a couple of days back. The Company sent that letter to update the customer (the deceased) on the status of her account and the customer was told to 'feel free to contact us at our hotline no. 03-xxxxxxxx'.

Of course, my relative felt terribly upset. I helped him give a call to that Company and gave to them properly lah.

Me : Harlo?

Co. : **please press 1 for ...., 2 for...., 3 for...**

Me : (press and press and press summore)

Co : (finally a human voice came on) Good afternoon, bla....bla....

Me : Customer Service Manager, please.

Co : Please hold on.

(after 30 seconds or so)

CS Mgr : Hello, ZZ speaking.

Me : This is Nyonya. I'm calling with regards to that letter addressed to Mdm G. She passed away quite a while ledi.

CS Mgr : Oh! Let me check our records.

Me : No need to check la. Already informed your Company after she passed away and account already closed and you still send letters. Yau moh kau chor. How can you all be so insensitive? bla...bla...bla....

CS Mgr : Sorry, sorry Madam. We will sent apology letter immediately.

Me : Please address the letter to Mr P, the husband, OK?

CS Mgr : OK, OK.

Two days later, my relative got this letter and the contents read something like "We would like to to apologize for sending the letter to your late beloved mother, Mdm G."

(slaps forehead)

Aiyooh, these @#%&*!# screwed-up executive morons! Can't they just get things done right?
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  At 3:19 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
*slaps forehead* as well when see nyonya write (slaps forehead)

kebodohan terbukti. got ZZ's number? i want to call now. kesian Mr P.. can't help myself for laughing a bit at ZZ's stupidity
  At 9:13 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
waahhaa... reminded me of the time when I went to the police station to make a death report when my mum passed away. The constable was very helpful in helping me filling up the form. After filling up, i checked and found that he wrote my name under the "Name of the Deceased"

*slaps forehead 3 times*
  At 9:14 AM Blogger Sasha said:
ADUH!!!!! my grandpa died about 6 years already. He still receives many many letter...including income tax letters.
  At 9:30 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
This kinda service ah... if to me I'll long piak (hit wall) with my forehead.
This CS not properly trainedlah, lousy listening skills. Pinch the ears till blue & black!
  At 9:54 AM Anonymous ian said:

NP: Perhaps your relative can reply them with a letter going:

"Dear ZZ,

I am writing to inform you that I have relocated and would like to update you with my new address: Unit XX [tomb number] at Jalan XXX [address of the cemetery]. Thank you!

Madam G."

I think the postmen will do the complaint on your behalf after failing to find a postbox at a tomb.
OK, I'm in this CS line also, here's my personal views:

The problem usually isn't with the CSO, it is the internal systems and procedures that are not being followed or are downright lousy. And many times it is the eat snake executive/clerk that has forgotten to update the particulars.

The poor CSO gets the shit for nothing.
  At 10:00 AM Blogger ah nel said:
next time called back then tell them ki si
  At 11:11 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
We still receive Christmas & CNY greeting cards every year for my late grandpa from companies which he was a board member/director. :(
  At 11:12 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Maybe hear ur voice so confused, think ur relative's wife was the mother??? Or maybe u sound so can relative wife already passed away, so must be some mistake - heard wrongly, must be mother lah!!!
  At 11:36 AM Blogger savante said:
I know it's not meant to be funny... but ... bwahahahahah...
  At 11:52 AM Blogger Vern said:
*buries face in hands* aduh... some ppl..

maybe Mr P might get a chuckle out of it one day.
Gosh! How can they make such a mistake?? reminds me of this bank who kept chasing for RM4+ for interest due on late payment for my late dad's credit card. I was so mad, I asked him to go to Nilai Memorial Park to collect it la!
i don't think they are stoooopid. it's just irresponsibility on thier part.

ah pek,
they are supposed to be very familiar with all their forms, ok, and yet they make blunders like this.
typical 'tua khor thai'.

itu tax dept hor, you can inform them many times wan.

makes you geram aje, kan?

hahaha...and also poke and poke the finger to their forehead.
btw, i'm still having problems loading yr site, so unable to leave komens. will try again and again. ;)

i guess employees like these are just not interested in their job. :(

las montanas,
i believe you. but you will never get to speak to the 'monkeys' who did the systems as all calls are channeled straight to the CSO.
The poor CSO are paid to receive sh**.

ah nel,
i very polite wan. hahahaha....

hmmmm... somebody did not do their job lor. :(

i speak OK mia engrish; i was specific and clear; and still he tak faham. conclusion - he's dumb. ;)

i'm feeling better already! :O

up to this day, Mr P sometimes still shed a tear or two whenever the wife's name is brought up. :(

they are such big corporations and yet their systems sucks bigtime.
  At 12:08 AM Blogger AceOne said:
These are computer generated reports, that means they are not updating it regularly or perhaps not at all!! lols
  At 9:20 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
I was in the CS line b4 as well... and to tell you the truth, sometimes some situpid CSOs are soo buzy day dreaming or smsing away, they don't bother to key in info and the poor CSO who picked up the follow-on calls will be clueless... I used to have a creditcard from the CeeeTiiBang and have cancelled it like 4 years ago... but they still send me emails telling me the current promotions???
Let me spill the beans on these culprits. So far, i kena something similar from Hong Leong and Public Bank.

LOL @ Ah Pek's.
and they are suppose to give good service, rite? **roll eyes**

it boils down to bad work attitude!

cocka doodle,
they wrote to the deceased to asked her 'to revert soonest'. LOL
real stooooopid, kan?
  At 7:16 PM Blogger Helen said:
At least you get to speak to a human voice finally. THere are so many times I only managed to speak to the blardy recordings.... most of the time, I just give up. I remembered once pressing the numbers (choices) and the service I required was not on the menu and there is no button to go back. Dang, hung up the phone and start all over again... *roll eyes*
i had that experience oso with one 'shittybang'. by the time i heard 'Press 5 for....' i kenot remember 'Press 1' was for what liao. LOL
  At 10:36 PM Blogger Vern said:
it hurts to lose someone close to us. when he's able to let a chuckle out of it - it's a positive sign. we'll all wait for that day.
  At 2:30 PM Blogger sming said:
I read something similiar to this on a forwarded mail. Tot it was some jokes... Cant believe it is REAL !! :O
  At 3:36 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
ahaha...and I thought they did it right!!