Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Cannot Talk, But I Can Blog

Didn’t sleep well last night – it was fitful as the sore throat, coupled with the dry and irritating cough kept me from going into deep slumber. Instead, I was tossing and turning on the bed, getting up numerous times to have a drink of water and to do some gargling with salt water before jumping back to bed, willing for sleep to come.

Sunlight was already peeking through the curtains when I was about to doze off and damn it, the gasman with his incessant “peeet, peeee…t, peee….t , peee…” of the horns alternating with the Sau Kau Pohchi man’s loudspeakers blaring “Paper lamaaa…, olddd newspapeeerrr…” put paid my trip to snoozeland.

Might as well, I have quite a fair bit to cover today. Arrrghhh…. the throat is killing me. Had a quick shower, downed a mug of Milo and went straight to the GP’s clinic. Diagnosis – Pharyngitis. Errmmm…. never had it before. Anyway, I swallowed those prescribed antibiotics and cough mixture and went about my chores for the day. In the morning, the voice was still there but by late afternoon it was almost gone – could only managed a ‘coarse whisper’; more like a hiss actually. Later, when my phone rang, OMG, all I could muster was a barely audible ‘Hellllluuuuu….”. I quickly hung up and send an SMS to explain my curt and ‘abnormal’ phone etiquette.

For someone who can bla, bla, bla and blaa……, whose bread and butter depends very much on her ability to bla, bla and bla somemore and who pervertly enjoys her own voice, to be in this predicament is really horrible. To add salt to the wound, one idiotic colleague opened his gap, “Nyonya ah, kita puasa pun tak sakit kerongkong. You pulak yang kena teruk macam ni. Issshh…” And not being able to fire a salvo only makes me madder. Grrrrr……Just felt like stuffing my shoe into his trap but then, gua ini orang bersopan kan?

Nevermind la. I cannot talk, but I can blog. Happy already, like that.

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  At 12:29 AM Blogger angel said:
Oh dear! Didn't the doc give you some medicine to gargle?
I'm always prone to sore throat! And after 2 days, sure koff koff wan... like the one i'm having, i think oredi more than 3 mths! B4 i left for london, i was nearly fine. On the 3rd or 4th day in london, guess what, sorethroat!!! Arrrghhh!!! After that, the cough came back... cilakak aitelyu...

Anyways, get well SOON!!! Lotsa water is what u need, kan?
belum tidur?
never had this before wor. mana tau satu kali kena, sampai suara pun tak ada. **laughs, but no sound mia**
thanks for the sayangz.
  At 12:52 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
drink more herbs and water. wish u get well soon.
  At 1:52 AM Blogger Bernard said:
So the voice gone the "Ella" way, eh? Pharyngitis become laryngitis oredi...

Don't talk. That's the cure. Get well soon.
  At 2:04 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Nyonyapenang, i can figures out how you felt right now because i have this illness last week. Me beside sore throat, kena fever and running nose somemore!! sigh.
  At 2:09 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
aiyoo..get well sooon huh..i hate sore throats
  At 2:15 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
your colleague very kurang ajar harh?! mau kena penampar kot! nasib baik now puasa! poor nyonya kenot talk.. get well soon ah! i know when people get sore throat, they go drink air asam jawa.. tried that ade or not?
  At 5:07 AM Anonymous burn out said:
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  At 7:29 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Soak Assamboi in hot water until they kembang and drink the water! It works...but may cause ceret! Otherwise, try Ibu & Anak! Good for karaoke singers too!!!
  At 8:16 AM Anonymous ian said:
Aisey, same here... I've been coughing and recovering and coughing every two three days lately. I guess I haven't been taking care of myself. Times like this I miss my ma the most. Hahaha!
  At 8:40 AM Blogger Sasha said:
oooo get well soon lucky still can blog. hehe :)
  At 8:58 AM Anonymous Prometeuz said:
Get well soon, nyonya. But I think u write better when u can't talk. kekeke
  At 9:17 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak Nyonya, I hope you'll feel better soon.

Luckily we don't have a talking blog. hehe

Plenty of HUGS & Sayangs for you. :)
aiyoh, poor nyonya! get well soon!

wana learn some excessive cleaniness habits?

a. Wash hands often with soap and water.
b. sterilise phones (esp shared phones) with Isopropyl alcohol or similar like dettol
c. avoid heaty food like those bakar sotong, fish..etc
d. drink chrysanthemum tea. lots of it. Sweetened with honey if like.
e. eat proper meals with easy digestible proteins like egg whites, chicken..

and last but not least...


ikanbilis: air asam jawa... mmmm.. long time never drink.
  At 9:47 AM Blogger ah nel said:
minumlah obat batok chap ibu dan anak...

try boil coke then add some salt and drink fren recipe when his son in deep cough... ;)
  At 12:09 PM Blogger pisang said:
i have a cheap method wan.
do you know herb plant called 'hempedu bumi'?

that wan can cure your shore troat
but that herb is damn bitter....
but it work.. in less than 2hr...
  At 12:30 PM Blogger sming said:
Nyonya.. bad week for Tans ? Me also not feeling well.. Anyway, let;s drink more water and we get well soon by this weekend to party.. ? :P
  At 2:26 PM Blogger See Fei said:
hei get well soon! but sore throat ppl sometime sound sexy ...
  At 3:35 PM Blogger savante said:
Ooh. I hate getting sick too. And laryngitis is the worst. Sigh. Get a notepad and write down your words till you recover.
  At 4:27 PM Blogger u-jean said:
i don't know any remedy for sore throat cuz i still hentam fried chicken when sore throat. Anyway get well soon and then we hentam more food together.
  At 4:57 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Hope you get well soon
Then you can bla back at them LOL
Take care
eee..i think it's the ulcer on the throat thingy! i hate it and i'm allergic to the antibiotic that can cure it faster summore! drink more water! Get well soon..
hehe...maybe its the haze..
err...gargle with some salt water?
get well soon!
Nyonya...give your throat a rest lah....if you know what i mean. Muahahaha!!! *wink*
  At 7:35 PM Blogger Chen said:
hope u get well soon.
drink more water, okie? ;)
Hope u get well soon, nyonya.
thanks alot, frens. i truly appreciate your care and concerns. am downing buckets of water and also trying out those drinks that was recommended.
ya, as cocka said, my throat needs some downtime.
**hissing out loud**
(kenot LOL, mah)

how to prepare the hempedu bumi? eat the leaves raw or how?
  At 1:41 AM Blogger angel said:
LOLOL @ cocka! aisayyy!!! liuliu lohhh... :P
hope u are feelin' betta today!
  At 10:57 AM Blogger pisang said:
eat raw or soak in water....
if you can stand the bitter taste..
Hi, hope you're on the road to recovery :)