Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Rich 'TANs'

Read in The Star today that a businessman with the surname TAN has offered RM80,000 for the yet-to-be issued vehicle registration number TAN 1 and many offers are also pouring in for these numbers TAN 1 to TAN 9 from the state of Terengganu.

I guess the offers come from rich towkays with surname same as mine. To these towkays, maybe the special numbers give special meanings and identity. If I am this filthy rich to be able to afford it, perhaps I'll interpret it like this:-

TAN 1 - the numero uno
TAN 2 - a pair
TAN 3 - properity
TAN 4 - aikksss...'wait to die' ah? i dowan ler
TAN 5 - maybe for anak towkay no. 5
TAN 6 - aikssss.. sounds like 'wait to eat'
TAN 7 - hmmmm....'tang chat'?????
TAN 8 - 'fatt, fatt......' very good!
TAN 9 - means longevity .....very good!

This sets me thinking. So when the Penang registration plate gets to 'PUK 1", how much do you think it will command?

Anyways, I no money. I don't bother too much about my car registration number as long as it does not read '967', I'm okay already.
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  At 1:06 AM Blogger pisang said:
TAN 6 inhokkien means wait to drop ..

and about my dreams number plate
i wan the number 8481....
ant wan know what its means?
  At 1:41 AM Blogger angel said:
Tan 9 can oso sound like Tan koo... wait long long... hehe...

Ohhh, nyonya tan arr... ;)

What's 967?
  At 2:06 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Maybe someone can confirm this for me - I think "tan" if pronounced in Mandarin means "egg". LOL

A penangnite's name starting with alphabet "e" might end up with a plate PUKe. LOL
  At 2:14 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wahahaha...those with the number 4967?? LOLOLOL

PUK 1 <--- puki-ma? *hiakz*
  At 8:24 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
TAN 1 sound like Thani in Tamil. PUK 1? LOL... that one really a crassic!
  At 8:45 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
kekeke..i saw in papers that day the most exp plate was JJJ 1. Jinjang Joe Number 1 LOL
  At 8:53 AM Anonymous Erika said:
Why pick number plate also so ma fan one? tsk tsk tsk.. people really got a lot of $ to waste... I sound like those sour grapes :P
  At 9:09 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
Mat 1 will oso fetch a high price I think! Favoured bt the Mat Rempits!
  At 9:30 AM Anonymous ian said:
Hahahaha! I didn't know you're so well-versed in cantonese... 967 summore ahaha!
too bad there isn't a state with vehicle plates starting with S
  At 10:22 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
LM, I think Sabah plates start with "S". Sarawak's starts with Q...and Sibu is QS. I think at one time, the plate in one town was QCB (Qui ch...b...)...and sale of cars was particularly slow and many people got plates from other towns in the state.
  At 10:32 AM Blogger ah nel said:
in hokkien all means

TAN 1 - Waiting for him/her

TAN 2 - Waiting for number

TAN 3 - Waiting for shirt

TAN 4 - Waiting to marinated

TAN 5 - Waiting to starved

TAN 6 - Waiting for 'LUCK'

TAN 7 - Waiting to wipe

TAN 8 - Waiting to peel

TAN 9 - Waiting for doggy

all waiting nia ler...LOL

btw...3278 means wat in foochow hah??? :P

1386 a nice for malay name Isabela... :D
  At 10:39 AM Blogger Chen said:
Tan 99 even better, tan koo koo :P
suitapui: then got SEX555 or not?
  At 11:53 AM Blogger sming said:
My surname also Tan. But I wouldn't want any of the numbers ler.. :P
If I could, I would sell the number TAN 4 at at least RM 100K. Can mean
TAN SRI maaa.. then other than chinese, no one bothers much about the number '4'.. right?

I have my own dream number too.. it is 8878.... I go crazy when I see a car with this number on the road. :P
Really a case of too much $$$, dunno what to do with it!
  At 1:01 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Want TAN 584?
  At 1:27 PM Blogger savante said:
How about 584?
Tan 4 Wingz of Rojak Blog Books olidi

Tan 4 means = Tan Sri Wingz

Good number to choose for Car Plate:

1159(for ladies)day day not enough

1197(for budakx2)day day fly kites
  At 2:17 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
i've seen 4 and 6 combo but never seen any 8 combo. is still remember when PFS came out, many of the old boys rush to buy it but was not so crazy when WKL came out. any idea what's with 9872?
  At 2:25 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I don't really believe in number plate, but then older folks do
What in the number... but what we think
Nyek nyek nyek
I like th PUK 1 but then hor... I heard it will not be issued... don't know how true it is
Wuah...wait until PUK somemore very long lor. Now only PGsomething only I think. That time dunno Penang still Penang or not thimmm. Maybe we use Arabic liao lor.
  At 2:32 PM Blogger Sasha said:
So much money on car plate number...1197 seems like a good number also..
hahaha..i nearly ended with the licence plate WPK (Po Kai leh), thank God the salesman warned me so I changed to Selangor plates..
  At 6:18 PM Blogger See Fei said:
aiyoh got $$ money no where to spend issit? let me help you... tan wa hor!!
tell lar, how to interpret your spesel nombor 8481.

ya, wa chin chia gau Tan. LOL
errr.... was told 967 sounds like playing with kkc wor.

'TAN' - intonation different for Mandarin 'egg'.

one of my fren (single lady) has this number - 5967 on her Wira. LOL

Thani means what in Tamil?

those people really got loads of money to spend on their nombor plates. it might actually attract the wrong kind of attention. you know what i mean? ;)

the chinese very pantang the nombor 4 - sounds like 'mati' (in dialects)

ah pek,
MAT1 - choi, gimme i oso dowan.
thot normally #1 is reserved for state ministers mia.

las montanas,
kiasuland got these special numbers or not?

by any chance your car plate is
STP88? very sui leh this number. ;)

ah nel,
i'm very impatient wan.
so, gua bay TAN mia. ;)

dr chen,
hahaha.... that number very suitable for someone who's forever late.

i was told that Malays like the number 4.
go reserve that 8878 for your new car la.

king's wife,
if only they can just pass the dough here. LOL

if really 584, oso must be a bit discreet, rite? LOL

errr... if i'm not wrong, 584 in the 4-nombor ekor pictionary is a swine. and a swine in hokkien is equivalent to a humsap lou.
hi nine3nine3, welcome!
i see, i see, Tan Sli Wingz sudah book liao.
woei, pantang la, 1159 - hari-hari tarak cukup.
1197 ah? lidat kena jumpa loktor otak liao lor. LOL

9872? gua pun tak tau ler.
what's with this WKL, anyway?

hahaha.... serious, you like the
PUK 1 number ah?

i think PUK will come first la bcos it will take a while for everyone to be able to read & write arabic. now that you mentioned, i noticed that some car park attendants write my car no. in writing which look suspiciously like arabic to me. LOL

you got an eye for numbers. maybe can consider to be part-time consultant. ;)

i oso dowan ler. pantang la

see fei,
if only i got that RM80K in my pocket now.......i'll buy many, many things.....gua mm sai TAN liao!
  At 12:13 AM Blogger **L-Y-N** said:
HAHHAHAHA i just dun like 9394,(cont), 584, 4444, 844, 3838,(hokkien), errr some more ....eh seems like here all got 4 digit can bit toto, magnum n kudah eh hahahha
  At 12:17 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Thani mean minum, drink, lim
  At 1:19 AM Blogger pisang said:
well nyonyapenang
here it is...


just imagen number '8' is 'B' and '4'
is 'A'

more over when KELANTAN out the plate
DAP the whole DAP member book that number woh....
some got and some dun got
  At 4:44 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
WKL Wilayah Kuala Lumpur mah
To add to the long list, 5354 oso bad wah
Wait wait...
Is there a meaning behind it???
  At 3:54 PM Anonymous Vern said:
nyonya... you 9394 ar....LOL!