Monday, October 02, 2006

Lose Weight Now?

Was having lunch at a coffeeshop when a tall and scrawny man walked in with a young buxom woman (his wife, I guess) together with a tiny wisp of a much older lady (the man’s mother, I presume) and they took the table next to mine.

Two huge buttons, one each pinned to the man’s shirt and the younger woman’s sling-bag caught my eyes – it screamed “LOSE WEIGHT NOW, ASK ME HOW”. **Coughhhh....Coughhh...** I almost choked on my chee cheong fun. Hmmmmm..must be a sales representative for some weight loss products or some exercise programme or whatever else la. Aiyoh… if he thinks he is a walking advertisement, hahahahaha…..(ok, ok, I’m eviiill….I'm wicked.....), hahahaha……**wipes tears from eyes** One look at him and I already don’t want to know more. Fair enough, he is NOT FAT but, but for goodness sakes, he looked like a starving refugee to me la. I definitely don't wanna know how to look like I’m a victim of famine or what.

Oftentimes, I have come across sales consultants whom I should say, gave bad representation of the products they are offering. Examples:- selling skin care when they themselves have bad, spotty skin; selling health supplements/health food when they do not appear to be in the pink of health; pushing haircare products when their own hair looked like the witches’ broom, etc……etc…. Know what I mean?

If I believe I am fat and I need to lose weight, seriously, I would not want to be reed-thin like that man at the coffeeshop. I don’t want to ASK HIM HOW. No thank you, I think I prefer my deliciously rounded self, anytime.

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  At 12:27 AM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha! It's Herbalife mya button, I think, a relatively new MLM company.

Ya, u evil nyonya!
  At 12:32 AM Blogger Chen said:
nyonya jahat..
laugh at people,
kekekkee.... :P
  At 4:44 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
wahh like that kinda gimmick huh...first time i hear
  At 7:31 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Yalah,nyonya...what's this obsession about being slim?? I travel a lot...and in the Fokker (Correct spelling!), no one wants to sit beside me! So much the better! Have two seats for the price of one! In a Boeing, I'd sit in the aisle seat...and nobody wants the hassles of getting thru' me, so they just choose another row!! So much the better!!! As long as healthy, good lah! After all, fat people are jovial, lovable, pleasant etc...etc...etc...!
  At 8:25 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
That is Herbalife mia badge la, I join that too but for my own consume. I started get annoyed by my friend who is my supervisor too. I told him I just join for my own consume but he always force me to get more customers, I TIU him no free la. I hate MLM thing.

U shud laugh at those people who wearing the badge.
  At 9:36 AM Blogger Athena said:
hehehe...annoying folks....

but at least they are honest abt their product!!
I need to go on some counselling sessions.

Fat is good, fat is nice, fat is sexy.

I still want my 29 inch waist back!
  At 10:27 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i hate MLM too...those ppl too annoying...

Fat is "Fook"
  At 11:18 AM Blogger Winn said:
so weight-gain products must put button something like ' gain weight now , ask me how ' on a fat man? hahaha

my relatives semua amway like!! ....they can talk abt amway nonstop everyday . like worship to god liddat!
  At 2:36 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Wah quite happening ah the way they advertise..
  At 2:44 PM Blogger AceOne said:
wuahahaha..fat pppl are cute too!!
  At 2:46 PM Blogger JoMel said:
I actually like deliciously round people. Maybe I am stereotyping but I find them warmer and more fun to be with because they tend to have a more carefree attitude. Many thin people are kinda fussy. Kelly is fussy. Shelly is the opposite. See? Living proof. :)
  At 3:25 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
No good laugh at people
But then how to resist sometimes
I believe if you want to lose also moderately la... and of coz you must feel good and not bad after losing
The most important is we must be happy
Will the real slim shady please stand up? Please stand up? LOL
  At 4:41 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
i used to put those nice button badge on my slingbag until one day i've lost one in GSC Gurney. my buttons are those with sarcasm and very cynical. lol. and i'm skinny. some keep-azhan-fat campaign would be great. lol
  At 5:21 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Nyonya, wah.. like that then good-looking people got better sales potential lah, horr?
Shiaks! This herbalife memang bukan main ah! they r everywhere la! aiya just eat healthy and in moderation is short man!

i agree!

speaking of UNconvincing marketing..tsk tsk tsk
  At 8:43 PM Blogger Helen said:
hahaaha skinny men are definitely a big TURNOFF. Call me old fashion.. I prefer my man to be tall and strong. I hate scrawny men... heck I want to be a wife, not his mother!
wuuaah, you very in the know leh. you tell me i baru tau, apa itu Herbalife.
ok, ok,.....kakakaka....minta maaf....gua evil.....kakakaka....
i hafta LOL bcos 'kook chi, very san foo mah'.

dr chen,
ok, ok, gua jahat. suruh angel pigi ambik tin nah kasi soot-soot dua-tiga kali.

but i must say that man is very committed to his products lor. i for one, wouldn't want to wear that hideous badge. ;)

no wonder la MAS suffered losses - you pay for one seat but take up two instead. kakakaka.....
btw, cikgu, got another spelling for that plane ah?? izzit forkher?? LOL

seriously, i betul betul suakoo. never heard that name before.
you so ship-shape, you wear that badge, i plomise i won't laugh wan.
i plomissss......

the tagline is actually catchy and i think that it could have been better placed - not a good idea as a badge to be pinned on all shapes & sizes.

las montanas,
29" waist???? when you were in high school izzit? nevermind about the waist; let's hear you talk about pecs. ;)

ah nel,
fat or thin, itu sendiri mia pasal - i'm ok with that. but when the advertisement & model don't quite match, i beh tahan liao la. ;)

ya la, lidat only can say it's a living and walking testimony. ;)

sasha super lenglui sitauphor,
maybe you can consider some badges for your restaurant too. ;)

so are you cute or not?

i kinda see your point. carefree - eat and sleep better = bulat;
worrywart - tdiur tak lena, makan tak kenyang = agak kering sikit :)

i know, i know, i'm guilty as charged. come to think of it, that MLM very lucky to have someone as committed as him. ;)

cocka doodle,
wuuah, still cannot stop singing since that bloggers'-meet karaoke session ah?

'plump me up' sounds good, no?

ya kah? no wonder la, my sales not very good leh. ;)

you oso very in the know.
ngia tiew hem ni mai herbalife ah?

pink cotton,
all said, i just wouldn't want to wear that badge la. ;)

not that it bothers me that the chap is sooo thin and scrawny - it's just that he wears that damn badge "...ASK ME HOW".
(rolls eyes)
  At 11:26 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Fat people got more place to love. Can banyak banyak sayang. ;)
  At 11:53 PM Blogger savante said:
Damned cute buxom girl with the ice cream. Not really into scrawny guys.. I like them built. :)
  At 11:56 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
neh... i never wear it, i dunno where i throw it oledi. their products are good but their business strategy too annoyed n scary la... imagine i terus no contact with my old best friend coz he oledi kena poisoned kaw kaw with the business plan. Herbalife? my life more than herbalife la...
  At 4:24 AM Blogger Erika said:
I know what you mean.. my mom used to open a shop that sells perfume and skin products.. and she always tell me not to be around the shop too much (since my skin isn't that good). Sigh. :(
betul, betul. ;)

same here. ;)

i suppose in business, you gotta be aggresive. if not how to earn millions, ya?

at that time while you were in your teens with all those pimple woes? hahaha.... made me feel better liao :)
  At 6:03 PM Blogger sming said:
heheh.. i always tell my bf.. got bak bak abit then only nice to hug marr.. ( actually just lazy to exercise.. :P)
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