Tuesday, October 31, 2006


When you have 2 boys in 2 different colleges with different semester breaks, it is difficult to plan for holidays and time-off together.

I had wanted to bring my younger boy for the Vietnam trip but unfortunately his new semester started 2 weeks before and the elder one is in the midst of his final semester. So, when I learned that both of them would have the whole week off during Hari Raya, I thought that would be just great for some family-bonding time. So I decided at the last minute to take a drive to Penang on Tuesday and then planned to stop by Taiping and Ipoh on the way back a couple of days later. Their last visit to Penang was during Chinese New Year and to Taiping and Ipoh was like 3 years ago. I always believe that relationships with kith and kin need to be nurtured and what better way than to meet up and see each other in person and thus, I would grab every opportunity to do so. However, the elder boy could not come along this time because the first paper for his finals was on the Thursday immediately after Raya and other papers will follow until mid-November or so.

You see, as it is now, it’s already getting difficult to spend family time together. We all have differing schedules – the boys have classes to attend, assignments to finish, exams to prepare for and also need time of their own to socialize and hang-out with their circle of friends. And I have my own work to contend with. I suppose when they start work in the near future, I may need to fix an appointment just to have a meal with them. That would be sad, huh?

I enjoy time with my boys. It’s for us to bond and to connect and I guard it jealously. Whether it’s a simple meal or just a drink, or having ice-creams, or just browsing the shops, it is always great....and I can never have enough of it. That’s why whenever either one or both of them are available for lunch, I would happily drive home to pick them up and we would then go pig-out together. It does not matter whether it’s rice, noodles or breads; Chinese, Malay, Indian or Western, we enjoy food and have no qualms in driving for kilometers to have a hearty meal. Believe me, food somehow tastes better with good company, what more with your loved ones.

And now you know why I can’t seem to be able to shed the pounds?
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  At 9:18 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
hehehe.. give them a few more years and you beg them also they dowan to join you oredi.
  At 9:21 AM Blogger JoMel said:
ya... i agree, that food tastes especially good when you are with good company and likewise, the best tasting food will not give you that extra oomphh if you have to eat it on your own. Which is why you need to enjoy ice cream, the best tasting food, with Angel and Me!!! Muaahahahahahaha!!
At least your boys still wanna bond with you. I've some kins who have kids that age and forget about outing with parentslah, they would rather hang out with their friends. That's why I always remind myself must ensure my kids have a good relationship with me & the hubs.*Keeping fingers & toes crossed*
How old are your kids now?
  At 10:35 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Sigh! Very meaningful post! That's parenthood for you! All the time, there's no time for this, no time for that cos everyone's too busy.....then, all too soon, you find you have time but no one to do anything with!! I'm lucky cos teaching half day...and the rest of the day, got time 4 bonding so I believe I'm pretty close with my daughter. But soon.....! Sigh!
  At 10:48 AM Blogger AceOne said:
By the time your boys have gf their gf will be in 1st place. Kakakaka
  At 12:35 PM Blogger angel said:
well, i can tryyyy to be a son ^.^

okaylah, i can try to be the daughter, how? eh sai bo?

yes yes yessss!!! ice cream with Lil' Joy & nyonyaaa!!!
  At 12:53 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
I have not had a family holiday for such a long time. Itused to be so easy to pack up and just go. Now, the fares are killing us, it is so expensive as we have to pay adult fares for everyone, then of course holidays does not co incide - AND if we all go together - who will look after the cats??? Anyway, daughter number one going back to malaysia in december and son number one going bcak enroute australia in January and daughter number two hopefully during easter break. And hooray - theyare buying their own tickets!
If that is the case, I'm afraid the greater challenge lies in when both your boys have girlfriends or are in the process of getting one. You might find it even harder to spend time with them, especially if their girls are the possessive or needy kind...

And they fear being labelled as mommy's boy. It's pretty damaging to the male's ego.
  At 1:16 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
"A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest."

Ntw, even when the time comes when your boys don't want to do things with you, you can be sure that their love for you will be a love that lasts.

  At 1:20 PM Blogger Sasha said:
wait till they bring back thier GFs and bond with u ..
  At 1:45 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I guess those pounds are well gained
Think less of the pounds and more of the company of loved ones...
I know I'd like it anytime to spend time with loved ones
  At 2:22 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Sounds like a good time with the family :-). I hope in 12 years' time my boy will still look forward to hanging out with papa.
  At 2:28 PM Blogger sming said:
Ya. I do agree. I find after working it is even hard for me to spend quality time with my family. Luckily my bros are working in Penang now, at least I go back I can see all of them.. But the fat bro is always out... I guess, how u feel is how my mom feels... :(
  At 2:28 PM Blogger sming said:
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ah pek,
they dowan to join me, then i join them lor.

i'll take you up on the offer if you're game to have ice-cream treats with an orang tua.

wuuaahh, toes crossed for good measure. ;)

college-going age lor. ;)

everyone has the same number of hours per day. it's just a matter of how we chose to use it.
so, so, when your daughter leave the nest, you're gonna cry buckets?

i was someone's gf once too.

if lu boh hiam wa poket kosong mia. gotta save for my ice cream treats mah. ;)

kak teh,
ya, the fares cost a bomb. nebermind, soon the kids will get a pair of extra tickets for their mama & abah and that time bond sama all the cucu ledi.

hmmmm....care to share your own experiences? ;)

you're such a sweetie.

errrr....lidat ah? never thought about it wor?

i subscribe to the believe that can eat now, hentam saja la. later, wan to eat also no gigi liao. LOL

am sure you are doing just fine. 12 years is just a blink or an eye away. ;)

your mom visits you often?
  At 6:31 PM Blogger savante said:
Still amazed that you have two kids that big already! :O
  At 6:58 PM Anonymous Vern said:
agreed! have company will enjoy food! can ask you something-ah? how young are you? you can skip that question if you want. just curious.
you just hit 30. i'm 40+++++ la.

i'm young enough to be your mom. ;)
I didnt realised that you were so old. I guess, you are just young at heart....
Oh yeah, can i just ask you ONE QUESTION. As a mother, what do you think of a rainbowlander as a son?

I'm curious, because I had a TOUGH time convincing my mum....
  At 10:50 PM Blogger angel said:
beh hiam, beh hiam... u can save the for your treats with the boys... i treat u, ok? ;) aiyaaa!!! today is 31st, Baskin Robbins got 31% diskaun... missed it pulak... i remembered it this morning, just got home and lupa liao :(

pssst... i oredi 'scold' the searcher for saying u "so old"... :D
so sweet =)

hey...if you have boys in college...does that mean you r almost old enuf to be my mama???? GASP 'x'

hee just a curious thought...do they know you have a blog?it would b so cool to have a mom who blogs :P
  At 4:30 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
i guess when they grow up we will miss those days when they were still young...now is that time for an additional lil one in the family kekeke
the searcher,
what you read is what you get.

a rainbowlander son? so far, never thought about that. can read that you have a close relationship with your mom. that's great.

i would be my pleasure to treat you too, sayangz.
aiyooh, mai meh ee lar. ;)

pink cotton,
wanna call me mama nyonya? ;)
ya, the boys help me set up this blog but they don't have blogs of their own. hahaha...their frens think i'm cooool too.

aiyer, mm ho kau siew. just imagine if i go to school & pick the tots up and their frens will call out something like, "your grandma is here!" kakakaka.......
  At 9:12 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Angel, you mean we will only get to meet Nyonya for ice cleam on 31st Nov or 31st Dec ah?

Wa tu ai kong hokkien weh!!!

Tapi wa beh hiao kong lah!! Cheh!!

Nyonya, what tua?? Who who?
  At 10:17 AM Anonymous mott said:
cough..nxt time must share ur sons with DILs. cough cough!
how come i kenot find 31st Nov on my calendar wan? kakakaka......

hi mott,
share, share also nevermind, as long as everybody is happy. ;)
  At 1:08 AM Blogger angel said:
pssst pssst nyonya! lu ci leh pai lak oo eng bo? ah si oo eng, lang eh sai khi chiak ais keyleng... heh heh...

lu eh email si ha mik? lu email wa ti angelsoo at gmail dotkom, ok bo?

liao lang ka ah joy khi chiak ais keyleng ;)
  At 9:51 AM Blogger JoMel said:
wa ci leh pai lak bo eng leh... wa eh cha bor kiang wu kindy year-end concert. next leh pai lak eh sai boh?
  At 2:27 PM Blogger sming said:
No la nyonya. i m the one who go home... me good girl. :P
  At 6:50 PM Blogger just me said:
You have such sweet boys who STILL want to spend time with you..cherish it while you can and be prepared to let go when the time is right
  At 6:51 PM Blogger just me said:
So you have relatives in Taiping? I might know them...