Saturday, October 28, 2006

Free Tests for Heart, Stroke & Cancer??????

I was in the midst of washing the bathroom when a Ms Suria from a medical centre in town called. It went something like this:-

Suria : Hello, Ms Ng ah?

Me : Huh?

Suria : Hello, hello, can you hear me?

Me : Ya.

Suria : Hello, Ms Ng. Your husband said to speak to you regarding the 8-point medical test.

Me : Huh?

Suria : I'm calling from XXX Medical Centre and we are offering selected Celcom customers FREE 8-point Medical Check-up in conjunction with our 3rd anniversary.

Me : Huh? (my hands full of soap, body full of sweat and mind a bit blank)

Suria : Hello, Mrs Ng ah? (she alternates in addressing me as Ms Ng and Mrs Ng) You understand English or not?

Me : Yes.

Suria : Ms Ng, we do FREEEE check-up for you. No need to take blood or urine wan. chee toh moh?(she added in Cantonese)

Suria : Also no need to fast wan. Our special machines do body checks only for HEART, STROKE & CANCER and can detect 1st stage of the sickness.

Me : Orrrh.

Suria : You understand what I say ah? tuck moh?

Me : Can, can. I can speaking Engrish little bit nia la.

Suria : So you come tomorrow with your husband Mr Chin **aikkss! his name become Mr Chin pulak**. All free wan. Only pay RM3 for parking.

Suria : Then spend 1 hour with us and we do the tests for you and then the doctors will explain the results and also show you all our high-tech machines.

Me : Accurate meh, lidat?

Suria : Don't worry. Very accurate wan. Stage 1 cancer also can detect.

Me : ?????

I was annoyed. Firstly, this Suria girl has bad telephone manners and poor speaking skills. She should be thankful that I was not in my nasty mood this afternoon, if not I would have %#@&*+@ her kaw-kaw. Secondly, I am no doctor but I thought blood and urine always give a good picture of overall health of an individual. And is it right that a supposedly high-tech medical centre canvass for potential customers this way?
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  At 1:23 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Sounds a bit the fishy...
But the conversation...
She sounds a bit the funny
  At 2:37 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Very funny conversation... the way u act dunno really funny... LOL
  At 3:16 AM Blogger Winn said:
got such thing meh! haha

eh they u shld go look see look see!
  At 3:16 AM Blogger Winn said:
ask if bring pets can or not.....:P
  At 3:17 AM Blogger angel said:
Haha! I also think you should go see how it is and then blog abt it! ;)

Welcum bek! And where are the makan-makan pikchers???
How come your husband is Mr Chin and you are Mrs Ng?

About the test ... *$%@

seems like a prank leh..!hahaha

eee i think shes ruuuuuuuuuuude..chin chai assume people cannot speak english!

you tell her ...I HAVE A BLOG AH! U HAVE OR NOT AH????

  At 12:42 PM Blogger Chen said:
mmm... what is this 8 point medical check up? summore no need to take blood & urine? do imaging or scanning sort of things ah? :P

mmm... That suria...
Ms Ng, Mrs Ng, and then Mr Chin..
what a crappy conversation ..
u didnt #$%^&&* her back? :P
  At 3:32 PM Blogger AceOne said:
After the test sure they recommend something for you wan!!
  At 5:32 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
aiyer macam mana Ms Ng boleh kahwin sama Mr Chin? dummy Suria and dummy medical center. surely running out of cash want extra money from Celcom. this is scam lah!
  At 6:39 PM Blogger JoMel said:
of course not right lah. how can canvass like that one? sounds so fishy.
go for it!
and blog about it!
lulu wants to know apani no need blood test tak payah fast one.
  At 11:58 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
If you had told her to address you as Puan Nyonya, she might end up referring to your hubby as Encik Baba. LOL
there must be catch to it ler.

i sounded very blur bcos i was really blur at that time.

i never asked about pets wor.

hahaha....dunno got anything to see or not jek.

she veli konpius wan ler.

pink cotton,
i'll check it out first.

dr chen,
i oso suspicious ler.

you been there before? pls tell.

that suria fella is a poor rep.

sounds like MLM lidat hor?

what a lulu,
hi, welcome!
maybe, i'll just go & see ler.
if that sohai suria read this she must mad like hell wan
she might just address him as mr nyonya. LOL

pisang goreng,
she sohai wan la. no nid to bother about her.
  At 6:54 PM Blogger just me said:
Are you really Ms Ng or s it just your stage name for this act?