Monday, October 09, 2006

Blame It On The Haze

Came across a news item in The Star a couple of days ago about a businessman who has to spend extra a few thousand ringgit each time the haze comes to town. You see, Mr Businessman suffers from severe sinusitis and the haze makes him very ill. So, whenever the haze appears, he will go grab some plane tickets, book some accommodation and fly away and only comes back when the sky is sunny and blue again.

This haze story has been recurring so often that people might just start to think that it’s the third season, besides the hot & dry season and the monsoon season. Other than the obvious issue of causing a host of health problems, it is also getting kind of convenient to blame everything else on the haze.

I was in a grouchy mood for a good part of last Friday. It was because of the haze. How come? Because I had to drive all the way down town and got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam for 1 1/2hrs. Why? Because I had to collect an important and urgent document. Why? Because the office boy called in sick due to the haze.


Another colleague was late for an important meeting because he overslept. He sheepishly confessed that he never used any alarm clock but all along depended on the sunlight to shine on his face to wake him up. **roll eyes** The thick haze blocked the bright sunlight and so he was late because he thought it was early. Go figure!


B noticed red welts and rashes on her teenage daughter’s arm and she suspected the girl of downing some forbidden booze. When questioned, the girl blamed it on the pollutants in the air. “Mom, it’s the haze la. My arms itch real bad”, cried the girl.


Had a banana leaf lunch with my 2 boys and we ordered a piece of fried tenggiri and one ikan senangin. That small miserable piece of tenggiri (half a slice, actually) costs RM4.00 and the senangin, just about 8 ins long (head to tail) costs RM9.00!

“The fish so small, why so mahal wan, boss?” I asked when presented with the bill.

“Aiyoh, achi. yini somua haze mia pasal. Laut tak boleh pigi, tarak ikan la” he explained.

?????? **slaps forehead**

(I remembered many moons ago when I also complained to this chap that the fried ikan kembong @RM4.00 per piece is expensive and he blamed it on the tsunami. tsk!...tsk!...tsk!)


And I just received a call from another colleague reminding me to submit my input on something. Arrghh….. I hate deadlines. Who loves it anyway?

“Errr…. Can give me a few more days ar? The haze la – my brain lack of oxygen. So cannot think properly, cannot talk coherently, cannot write sensibly, cannot count correctly, cannot bla, bla, bla.....”

Get what I mean?
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  At 12:32 AM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha! Yeah! Blame it on the hazeeee!

May you have a better week ahead, nyonya sayang! ;)
this the art of blameology. LOL
wishing you a productive and fulfilling week too.
**sayangs to you**
  At 1:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I am pretty worried about the haze too. Read in the Star. Hubby and I will be going back to Malaysia for holiday on Thursday and hopefully it will be better. Hope my angmoh huband can get used to our Malaysia haze season :)

  At 3:11 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
haze haze go away,
come again another year,
malaysian people want to raya lah wei,
blah la haza go away!

ahaha no tune wan!

*batuk, batuh* aiyo now mata sore, tekak sore, puasa summore..haiih..
  At 4:25 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
*SIGH* Haze makes sure makes everyone's life a "mess".

Have a great week, Kak. Hopefully without as much haze as the past week. :)

2nd line should be -
"never come again another year" ;)
  At 4:31 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
sighh..i just hate the haze. now when is it gonna stop coming, it's like getting worse every year but still they burning. They got so many forest one meh
  At 7:30 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Gives a totally new meaning to Nat King Cole's "Lazy, hazy days of summer!!!" Sing that song today and the tone will not be so lively and happy!!! Would need to sound like "Amazing Grave"...oops, I mean "Amazing Grace"!!! Ha ha ha!
  At 8:28 AM Blogger u-jean said:
yup lame it all on the haze.

our favourite scapegoat at the moment
  At 8:31 AM Blogger ah nel said:
lucky it a lot better at here ledi coz of raining if not sure dead cause by haze... ;)

*pssttt...Cocka...the airport clear ledi so u can some this thursday* :P
  At 8:55 AM Anonymous moongchacha said:
hope it's not going to be a yearly thingy..
"welcome to Msia, welcome to the haze"
  At 9:02 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Was late to work this morning...i think my month end kronos report will be --late due to haze! haha
  At 9:04 AM Blogger dreamie said:
Opss... that "moongchacha" was me.
Hahaha.. the haze so effective my comments also haywired !!
errr... here down south on the tiny island also got. THICK one somemore! even all the citylights of kiasuland fail to pierce through it.

aiyoh, even ikan size also got affected by haze ah?
  At 9:37 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
haze increases the sex drive. because all foggy and very romantic.
  At 9:56 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Ooi...ah nel! Don't speak so soon! A couple of days no rain...and the haze will be back!!! Yalah, ah one of those dark, smoky girlie bars!!!
  At 10:18 AM Blogger Bernard said:
nyonya.. i like that word, "blameology".
aiya...haze can skip work ah?
no need toworry la. bring your hubby and enjoy 'MARAYSIA, TRULY HAZE HERE!'

**batok, batok**
sing the tune as per my comment to Wan. LOL

the haze lagi teruk this morning.
i think must do rain dance already.

free smokes for all - that's neighbourliness.

"smmmmoooke.... in the forest, fire in the eyes....." latest re-mix by Deep Shit.

we were taught well - just blame it on someone/something else. easy peasy, ya?

ah nel,
it's thick la - must wear baju with kelip-kelip ledi or not, so that people can notice you?

new tagline - refer my comments to Wan.

las montanas,
i thot you're in penang ledi, no?
hope there is no haze when you're visiting. ;)

ah pek,
that's why i like you - you'll always RISE to the ocassion.

that's a minor subject everybody takes in the school of all-knocks.

no need toworry la. bring your hubby and enjoy 'MARAYSIA, TRULY HAZE HERE!"

Anyone from tourism office here?
  At 11:36 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Oh god, i hate the haze. Where is my mask?
tell your boss,"jerebu, semua pun tarak nampak" LOL

boss cakap kalau skip work hor, gaji pun skip wor????

go look for sengkor. LOL
  At 1:48 PM Blogger ah nel said:
i think i wana buy disco dust so can put onto my whole body... :P
  At 2:42 PM Blogger Vern said:
see? even ppl take ADVANTAGE of the haze already...

what's next? they're gonna start charging for clean air soon?
  At 2:43 PM Blogger sming said:
nyonya, I like your 'reason'. I m having irritated eyes.. Heavy head. I cannot think I cannot work. i want to sleep.....
  At 4:17 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
LOL... good excuses... i think i wanna try it on my job.
Yeah, last night my wife said, "Not tonight, darling. The haze has given me a sore throat."

I'm about ready to nuke Indonesia!
Ha ha I like! U just put ideas in my head :D
bcos of the haze whole family coughing..."ket ket ket"...& today's rain oso cannot take away the haze ler...
The rain only helps very momentarily. It's really bad, throat n eyes itching. Nyonya, you wear a mask when outdoors?


yay!...does that i mean i don hv to go to work 2moro??


omg!!...this is a classic!waking up when the sunlight shines on his face???WAHAHAHAH...its a lucky thing there's no winter here in malaysia,cos he might never wake up for the whole winter..hibernate ma..WAHAHAHAHHA
  At 9:23 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
nyonya penang, In Uk they always blame everything on the weather juga - wrong kind of snow, wrong kind of leaves on the track..etc. etc..macam-macam!
  At 10:20 PM Blogger **L-Y-N** said:
WOW this sure a 101 reasons to be away from work during HAZY day =P
ya...add a new climate for Malaysia lah...sunny, rainy and hazy.
Last year was really bad......this year...sigh....making everyone moody.
ah nel,
mau kena tangkap ke? adding more dust to the haze.

like those oxygen bars?

shhhhooo.....don't say sleep la.
it's haze, not laze. LOL

so if kena 'chow yau yuee' can also blame the haze. LOL

totally depleted,
i sympathize with you.
buden, i'm sure you'll be able to gently rub away all aches and pains with those expert hands of yours. ;)

hahaha.... so that you can handle your delinquent subordinates?

this wan cannot launder. needs God's help to wash it away.

king's wife,
masks? at the moment waiting in line for sengkor's approval to join his elite club. LOL

pink cotton,
tomolo Selangor holiday. maybe you can try to say the haze 'blurred' you so bad that you forgotten that your opis is in Wilayah.
pssst....don't say i say wan, ok?

kak teh,
hahahaha.....wrong kind of snow????
come to think of it, we have been having the wrong kind of rain and wrong kind of wind here too. that's why not able to wash and blow away the haze.

pssst....not so loud la.
dis wan more for people like me
ler, who laze in the haze.
  At 11:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
the fishermen also mong-mong-cha-cha so cannot see where are the fishes are so you have to pay a bomb for ikan bilis size fish...LOL
hahaha... so the weather man can now add this line, "jerebu di sana sini..."

must be the haze - the fishes are not feeding well, that's why so small.
btw, i wud prefer to address you with name. ;)
Haze mia pasal
other than getting sick for real others are just lame
But then it's our nature edi to be lame
honest mia, no bluff you mia. i feel kinda wozzy and pening-pening lidat becos not enuff oxygen. LOL