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Dear Son.......

Nov 9 2006

Dear Son,

Today Mama has decided to write you a letter and this is Mama’s first letter to you. All those short written notes and messages on post-it pads and sometimes scraps of paper certainly do not qualify as letters – they were actually reminders to you for chores that needed to be done.

Why Mama has never ever written any letter to you? Perhaps, it’s because you have been by Mama’s side all this while and Mama never saw the need to write. If there is anything that Mama wants to tell or share with you, it’s just as easy as walking into your room and talk as much and as long as Mama wishes. Of course, Mama knew that many a time you were bored to your eyeballs with those boring stuffs that Mama was telling, but you nonetheless showed some measure of ‘interest’. Or at times, when Mama had not too good a day and Mama just came to you and ranted and whine for hours. You being you, who is by nature, a quiet person, just sat there and listened. That’s all Mama needed. Of course, during Mama’s moments of happiness, your kid brother and you were always there to share and son, it means a lot, a lot to Mama. Thank you, son.

Mama has finally put fingers to keyboard and attempt to type out this letter. Today is a significant day. Today, you finished the last paper of your final exams – unofficially, you have completed your first degree eventhough the convocation won’t be until next year. Congratulations, son! Mama is very proud of you. Looking back, Mama is very blessed to have you as my son. You are a good son. So far, you have never given Mama any BIG, MAJOR PROBLEMS. Oh, those times that you hid all your unfinished homework, or those times that you tried to tell some silly childish lies or the one time that you tried playing with the lighter? Nahhh…, no worries, Mama caught you before it turned into anything big and I’m sure you remember the punishment - sore bottoms from the fat rotans and sore knees from kneeling in front of the altar and sore hands from writing lines and on one occasion, burning tongue caused by chilli padi. Hahahaha…. in your child’s mind, you must have believed you had an utterly wicked mother. No apologies here from Mama, though – Mama was and still is, not in any popularity poll. Mama just had to do what Mama set out to do, that is to bring your kid brother and you up the best I could, in ways I believed I should. And today, as I see the fine young men in you both, Mama is very thankful for God’s blessings. Eventhough Mama may not be someone who is very strong spiritually as in ‘kuat sembahyang’, nonetheless, Mama believes in divine help. I’m sure both of you do too.

Tomorrow is a new chapter in your life waiting to unfold. Mama could sense the excitement in your voice the other day when you told of your first upcoming job interview. Ahhh….....Mama was just as excited if not more. Hahahaha….Mama was bursting to tell everybody that Mama came across the other day. Congrats! once again and Mama wishes you all the very best. A word of advice here son, no worries and don’t be too uptight; just relax and be natural and let the gem in you shine through. Seek for the best and the best will seek you in return. Best of luck and may all the best come your way today and everyday.

Loads of Love
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  At 12:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
awww... so sweet post... my congratulations to your son. no worries nyonya, your son has grown up. :) cheers

  At 12:29 AM Anonymous mashimaro said:
nice post. congratulations to your son!
  At 12:38 AM Blogger angel said:
awwww.. awww.. awwww...

Mama Nyonya so sayang the boy-boys... but not Lokter's AhBoy, hor. :P

i wish my Mama will write me letter one day... but she got write me sms lo... :D

but my Papa writes me letters... sometimes.. :)

Note to Nyonya's Boy-Boys... see your Mama so sayangz you all... nxt time she comes and rant to you all, you all pay more attention, okays?? :P

*sayang nyonya*
  At 5:06 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak, your whole letter glows with sayang for your son. You're such a great Mama. :D

I hope he replies to you in a letter. If he does, please post, k? ;)

Hi Son No 1, you'll do fine in the next chapter of your life. All the best with your interview. :)

  At 7:31 AM Blogger Lisas-rLh said:
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  At 9:32 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
Dear Mama,

Once I get this job, I am moving out to avoid your naggings.

Your beloved son.
awwwwwww......... Mama nonya....
twas so sweet....
  At 10:40 AM Anonymous suituapui said: touching!!! BTW, maybe ur son very quiet cos u talk too much!!! Or maybe got psychological scars from the child abuse!! Aduh!!! Kneeling...chilli padi...Gosh!!! Must ask my anak to read this post so she'll know how lucky she is to have a father like me! Ha ha ha ha!
  At 11:03 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wah Nyonya, so touching la!!! ut all those chilli padi, rotans and keenlings remind me of my mom too!! Guess all moms are da same after all!1 They wan the best for us!! U r a great mom!!!
Nyonya, next time don post like thatlah!!! You brought tears to my eyes I gotta go toilet & wash my mascara stained eyes :P

Congrates to one proud Mama & one grown up son :)
There.. a proud mama! having brought up a good son. You'll not have to shelter him anymore now. Let him go free, his way.
  At 12:02 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
sound like my mama too... only thing my mama dunno how to write... dunno how to blog. But I know she mean it. So touched...
mama always the best
oh btw, added your site to my links
  At 12:36 PM Blogger sengkor said:
another unemployed graduate.. haha.. kidding la..

all the best to nyonya mia son in the real world!
  At 1:57 PM Blogger JoMel said:
Dear Mama Nyonya, your letter touches me, even though I am not that Dear Son whom you were addressing, what more that Dear Son himself who will be reading it. *sniff* Good mama, good boy. *sayang both mama and boy*
  At 2:08 PM Anonymous Vern said:
*sniff* grabs some Kleenex

nice post. very nice. i'm sure you're son will find joy in reading this and will remember it for a long long time to come. :)
Well done, mama!
I'm sure your son will be so touched. And all the best to him for his first interview.
  At 4:23 PM Blogger sming said:
oooo.. so sweet and touching... :)
Can feel how proud nyonya is... ooo.... :)
Congratulations and all the best to your son ya !! :)
  At 4:57 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
all the best to anak mama! my sayang mamas all getthis treatment too. Today one sayangmama got all dressed up and looking smart because he had to read to old war veterans at his school assembly! I shed a tear. Mamas are famous for doing that.
  At 8:39 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
What you've elaborated, I believe my mom would have felt the same last Dec. I'm not sure how your son will react, but as one who had just received similar words like yours from his/her mother, I would have been a grateful child for having a parent as you (or my mom)...

  At 11:14 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Dear Mama,

You're the coolest mama anyone could ask for. I know that when you were upset it was for my own good. Sorry for giving you a scare sometimes. Thanks for being there for me all the time.

I'm excited about my new challenges and i'm glad you share my excitement. It's great to know the confidence you have in me.

  At 11:42 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Mama..I'm moving out to stay with my girlfriend. You take care yourself ya!

Your beloved son too.
  At 11:50 PM Blogger FireHorse said:
First of all congrats to your son, you must be so proud. Came over via immomsdaughter's blog. The word "nyonya" caught my eye as I am one too grew up believing things like "teem kam tan swee ang" - throw orange get handsome husband.
I like your blog and can relate because I have a son too. Will definitely come back. Keep blogging.
  At 1:28 PM Anonymous mott said:
wah..son of nyonya very lucky leh..!!! Now..i must learn from your Mama!!!
hi frens,
my son and i thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all the kind thoughts and wishes.
have a great and pleasant weekend! :)

son grown up, mama grown old.

thank you.

maybe you can start by writing to your Mom and also keep it going wif your Papa. i'm sure they'll love it.

my sayangz to all; Ahboy & Liucas included. :)

paiseh, paiseh. **face turned tomato-coloured liao**

ah pek,
dat time hor, he not only missed home-cooked food but also home-styled naggings. LOL

what a lulu,
my err..tagline is "JUST SAY IT"

sure la - i talk so much, son quiet lor. if not, everyday fight la.

hi wennnn,
i come from 'old school' mia - no sparing the rotan wan. LOL

immomsdaughter,'re funny. how come your mascara not water/tear resistant wan? you made your own izzit?

las montanas,
a momma will always be proud of their brood. am sure your momma is equally proud of you. :)

remember to ALWAYS give your momma big, big HUGS! ;)

"syurga di telapak kaki ibu" - did i get this right?
also, thanks for the links. OK, for me to do the same?

just thinking about the interviews round after round is enought to freak me out ledi. well, just have to keep going.

nothing much to give but some words from the heart. ;)

i hope he will.
and i'm sure you hold dear those words which your Mum recently wrote in your comments box. ;)

king's wife,
i hope he keeps it close to his heart. ;)

am sure your mom is just as proud of you and all your siblings. moms are made to be like this. ;)

kak teh,
a tear shed, a thousand blessings to be thankful for.

your parents are truly blessed to have 3 wonderful children. ;)

hahaha... i really don't mind having another son who can write this type of letter to me.
a letter from joseph to you will reach you soon. ;)

oh, i was also thinking of moving over to Pakcik XX's condo.

hi firehorse,
so you got your returns-on- investments (all the teem kam thingy); a hensem 'ang'(lou kong) and also an 'en tou ba' for a son.
thanks for dropping by.

dis wan old-school style - rotans and all. now not very suitable; nanti kena convicted for child abuse. ;)
  At 12:15 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
we all love nyonya/mama =)

i'm touched with this one.. *tears with smile*
  At 12:43 AM Blogger savante said:
That was the sweetest post ever. God, you are almost like my own mom writing all this... and I can imagine.
  At 7:47 AM Blogger carcar said:
hi, always want to drop by at your site....finally... i am here.

wah...greeted me is this long long heart-touching mama letter to a son.

all the best to your baobei er zi oh!

remember to share us good news ya :)
  At 12:52 PM Blogger Kah Wee said:
i have moved my blog d....
  At 1:00 PM Blogger Winn said:
nyonya son, you mama is so cool!:)
my mom never wrote me a letter before, she certain doesnt blog. she only loves to nag,like nyonyak! HAHA joking.

Cheers....all the best to you ok. if bored come tok to jie jie i ll bring u see japanese koi this time:p
  At 1:00 PM Blogger Winn said:
ok ;( i know i no longer belongs to jie jie category.

-auntie winn
Kongkek-chiu-la-syen to your son!

Come Unker Cocka take you go 'feng tau' at Zouk or go 'kiu kai' as part of your manhood celebration. LOL

NP...just commented on your ice cream conference post. Sorry for the delay.
  At 5:03 PM Blogger Bernard said:
haha nyonya, letter from joseph will come next year when i send him to standard one in 2008.. mebbe i'll feel like this too. hehe.
  At 10:47 PM Blogger dreamie said:
Nyonya, parenting not an easy task hor?
... sore bottoms and kneeling in front of the altar i kena far too many times alredi ! ... and i used to label my mum as 'mami monster'
i lurve you all too.

thank you.
you may call me god-mom. ;)

huan ying, huan ying.
and also sieh-sieh for your kind words and taking time to pop by.
errrr...that's about as much i can manage with my limited putonghua. ;)

liucas got blog, winn momma wanna have blog too. ;)

i wanna follow and yiew see futt and also go 'thorng arp' can or not? LOL

perhaps you can write him one now; don't be like me baru nak tulis.

honestly, i play by the ear oni la and PRAY for the best.
am sure you'll be a super duper parent as well.