Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cowgirl Dance

My dear Sis is very into line dancing. She has been at it, I think, for 7 years or so and is truly passionate about it.

Before she was introduced to line dancing, I believed her main exercise routine was ‘dry-swimming’ – as in playing mahjong la – which she maintains that it helps in strengthening grey matter and at the same time tone up arm and finger muscles. **roll eyes** Then some of her friends coaxed her to join their class and she has not stopped since. Now Sis is an instructor of sorts and she leads a few classes throughout the week in between her mahjong sessions. Good for her - at least it gets the heart pumping better.

So whenever we meet and should I let out a squeak about my ‘plumness’, Sis would suggest that I take up line dancing too. And I’d go something like , “Nahhhhh…….Nooooo……..Takkkkk Maaauuuu…..Gua don’t like line dancing. Jangan cakap lagiiiiii.....Gua tak mau dengarrrrr...”

Then Sis would go, “Wei, sei sor cheow! What is it that you dislike so much, huh?”

OK, OK, I told her. I don’t like cowboys and cowgirls – not that I’ve met any in person. Must be those ‘High Noon’ and ‘High Chapparal’ kind of movies and I remembered them as dirty and scruffy. And somehow, I associate line dancing with cowboy/cowgirl dance. The first time I saw a line dancing performance years ago, those country & western ala cowboy music was blaring away and on the dance floor were 20 or so ladies dressed in cowgirl attire – checked shirts, big hats, big-buckled belts, tassles and leather boots – stomping, kicking, hopping, turning, swinging and bouncing away. And it is a ‘partnerless’ dance.

I just do not know how to appreciate this type of dance. Period. I’d prefer those more sensual ‘lamsing’ kinds but then, how to find a partner when I have 2 left foot?
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  At 1:03 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Then do break dance want or not? LOL
  At 1:03 AM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha! I love lansing!! I mean dancing :P

Yr sis instructor? In gym ka? Or community service? Or dance studio? Mana? Mana??


nyonya, sure can find 'lamsing' partna wannn... ;)
  At 2:05 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Nyonya:" to find a partner when I have 2 left foot?"

Jemima:"Find a partner with 2 right foot." ;)

  At 7:27 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Wah! I haven't heard that word "lamsing" since the 60's or 70's! And if 1 partner is very tall, the other very short, we called that "Climbing coconut tree"! Ah...! So nostalgic!!! My younger days! BTW, somebody asked me to join her 4 BELLY-dancing! I told her I just stand there...all my blubber will be vibrating already!!! No need to dance!
Try Salsa :) I'd love to take that up when my kids have grown up but then again by then, I'll be old & grey and no hot blooded hunk with biceps will wanna partner me no more *sob sob* And doncha tell me to go join line dancing *pout*
  At 9:30 AM Anonymous mott said:
LOL! If you can master aerobics...ini line dancing sure boleh one!!!!!!!!
  At 9:48 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Maybe you will love the Salsa!! Hot and sweaty and sexy! Sure can one! Nyonya boleh!
  At 9:49 AM Blogger Sasha said:
hehe i also dun understand the dance but my aunties and older frens go and they say its nice.Maybe u're not that "aunty" to join kua..
Argentina Tango!

But I quite like traditional stuff, like ronggeng. :)
aiya line dance doesn't mean must wear like cowboy cowgirl's actually quite fun one but me..hehe..too lazy grow bigger first la
  At 11:34 AM Anonymous ian said:
go take ballroom dancing with mr nyonyapenang lah... Nicer!
  At 1:15 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Line dancing certainly is not for everyone
Or may be you should take up waltz?
  At 1:20 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
hey i used to learn that as well with my MIL, not that cowgirl lah, quite fun actually..but i give up lah after a while, too many steps, legs oso *tah kek oredi*
  At 2:17 PM Blogger sming said:
My company was arranging some classes earlier this year and I joined. Dun have cowgirl feel woorr. is it becoz free one ?? :P

nyonya, belly dancing !!
hhhhooottt !!!!
  At 2:33 PM Blogger savante said:
From dry-swimming to cowboy humping. Hmm...

hey, maybe you could try pole dancing!

  At 3:41 PM Blogger sengkor said:
mention line dancing, i will have a visual of a few aunties stepping up and down with hands open wide. thanks to Star Metro which always feature such picture when talk about line dancing..

(my sincere apologies to all line dancers)
  At 5:33 PM Blogger Winn said:
sengkor wats wrong with line dancing? i m sure u did that when u were in kindergarden too! lol
adoi, nanti tulang 'sarn sai' ler. LOL

dance studio? hahahaha.......not so glamour wan la. it's at her church in ipoh.

a 2 right foot & a 2 left foot - lidat proly will end up kicking each other la. LOL
can you dance well? tell ler, don't be shy. ;)

'climbing coconut tree'? not 'smell armpit dance' meh? kakakaka.....
hey, you may want to start a 'belly-shake' class. something new mah. LOL

si pendek like me do salsa ah? hahahahaha....afturds people take foto and blog about one 'sar sar' and 'sot sot' woman ler.

i've never done aerobics ler. ;)

you do salsa? kasi demonstrate sikit, pleeze.

untiiiill.... one fine day when i learn to suka the dance first.

las montanas,
you do the tango and ronggeng? want to accept me as a student or not?

but it'll look odd if the line dancers wear stiletto, rite?

sigh. i think he prefers holding the tv remotes.

waltz???? 'step-on-toes' waltz got or not? maybe i can start with that. LOL

line dancing and 'bonding' wif MIL summore. 'geng' leh.

so, how many steps wan you do now?
32 or 64 or is there a 128?
you mean 'pork-belly dance' izzit?
kakakaka....siew sei yan lor.

i dowan to hold a pole. i wanna hold a man. LOL

hands wide open???? i thot hands akimbo, macam wanna scold people lidat, no? LOL
maybe, sengkor prefers those stick together 'lambada' styles. LOL
  At 8:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Cannot dance with legs then sit down and do the dikir barat! :P
dikir barat? i got no rhythm oso. :-(
Last time my boss told me he is into line dancing, I thought to myself why the f this old man wants to do Lion dancing at that age. LOL
  At 9:44 PM Blogger angel said:
*piak sengkor*
Oi! Line dancing is actually fun, you know. And, DYK that if your mama did line-dancing, it'd help her memory ok... becos hv to memorise the steps! Liuliuliu sengkor!

Hehe... soli nyonya... saja ai keik ee nia... :D
  At 11:24 PM Blogger JoMel said:
me salsa? in my dreams lah. the truth is I also have two left foot. Sama like you :( But Angel, she's a good dancer! I saw her dance before. wah seh.. don't play play
cocka doodle,
hahahaha....same here.
ist time when my Sis told me that she's into it, i thot LION DANCE too.
i summore asked why din go and do performances for offices and houses during CNY.

it's true you need good memory to do the dance.
i got poor memory wan, so tak ngam lor.
  At 1:41 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Once we had a party organised by ICU staff. All the nurses can line dance, man. Gua pun terkejut that day.

On another occasion, at a doctors' annual dinner, a whole group of ladies of the "appropriate age" gave a line dance performance. Again terkejut.

I dunno what happens at these line dance classes... auntie-bonding kah?