Friday, November 03, 2006

Post No. 100

As I had to meet someone in Bangsar about noonish today, I thought I’d pop by early at my doctor’s office in the vicinity before going for my appointment. Yippee, I managed to secure a good parking spot shaded by trees. Fed some coins into the parking meter and then took a short walk down the slope to the clinic.

The doctor’s assistant was not too happy to see me walk in without a confirmed appointment but I pleaded with her to slot me in as I was willing to wait. I then settled into the sofa in the corner with some old copies of Reader’s Digest. I was quite engrossed reading when I overheard another lady informing the clinic assistant that she had to go down to put in more coins. OMG, how much did I feed the meter just now and how long was that supposed to be for? Sei ler, now only I realized I did not read the meter earlier. I also quickly got to my feet and scampered to my car. Phew! Just in time to see a Bandaraya chap busy issuing summons just 3 parking lots away from mine. Ahhhhh……very lucky and very happy indeed. Fed in a few more coins and sauntered back to the clinic.

After the consultation, I walked back to get my car. Arrrrghhhhh…….my car, my car is splattered with blotches of dried bird poooooo…..on the bonnet, on the roof, on the wing mirror, on the windows, arrghhh…..and she just had her bath yesterday. Quickly took out my water bottle and grabbed a few clumps of tissues to wipe away the poo. Yucks! Yucks! Yucks!

Almost noon already and I was about to head to my next appointment when a call came in to cancel it. OK, I then headed home. Aisehman, that big boy was not up yet. Woke him up and while waiting for him to shower, I brought in the laundry to fold. Suddenly I remembered - today is the younger boy’s birthday and this old mama has forgotten!! What kind of a mama is this???? I wanna kick myself. I immediately gave him a call.

Me : Happy Birthday! So sorry, I forgot to wish you this morning before you left for class.

Son : Thank you, Mama. It’s OK.

Me : Sorry, sorry. Love you. **muuuaaks**

Me : I’d go get you a cake.

Son : Thanks, Mama. A small one will do. See you later.

After lunch with the big boy, we went straight to the confectionery. Aiyah, birthday boy’s favorite cake sold out already but the shop assistant said a new batch would be ready after 4pm, so I placed an order for a small cake.

Now to drop off the big boy before I go for my hair cut. @$#%&*!* I had unknowingly stepped on chewing gum and got it smeared onto my car carpet as well. Whoever the monkey is, I pray he/she chew on his/her own tongue there and then. I drove straight home and after like 2 buckets of sweat, I managed to clear the mess on the carpet and my shoe.

Next stop, the hair salon Dunno what went wrong and I ended up with an ‘overcut’ fringe that made me look very lulu. :( Sei ler, I tentatively got a very important ‘date’ this weekend wor. Macam mana??? Macam mana???? A paper bag with 2 holes may just be useful.

See, I had a very ‘interesting’ day and I just had to blog about it in my
100th Merepek Post.
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  At 1:16 AM Blogger angel said:
*rolling on the bed*

I'm sure your 'date' won't mind wan laa... Happy 100th Post! Happy Burpday Keat Keat! Happy New Hairstyle! Happy Happy Happy!!!
  At 1:20 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
happy birthday big boy =)

wah nyonya very sweet ah sayang sama anak =)
  At 1:58 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Happy 100th Post and many hundreds more to come! :D

Happy Birthday to younger big boy and many more to come, too! :D

Kak Nyonya is such a nice lady. Your 'date' dates you for you - not your looks. So, no problem there. Happy Dating and many more to come! :D

Happy Weekend & many more to come! :D

  At 2:39 AM Blogger Vern said:
OOooOOooOOoHHH!! Sudah capai the BIG 100! Congrats!

Haha! Interesting day you had there. Just a note: Remember to poke holes at the nostrils area for air. Otherwise it gets very sweaty and hot inside that paperbag. :P
  At 3:31 AM Blogger Kak Teh said:
happy birthday to your youngest and congratulations on reaching your 100th post! Hmm, must see how many i've got now so thatI can merepek as well...not that i have not been merepeking all these shile ,,hehe! here's to 100 and more merepeking, nyonya!
  At 6:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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  At 9:08 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
good day + bad day = 100 post huh..
thank you for 100 good laughs. looking forward to more!
  At 9:47 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Donch worry Nyonya, Angel and I can also style our hair the Lulu way. Hor Angel? *winks*

I can understand the 'Yippeeee' when it comes to finding a parking space in Bangsar. The bird shit? In Chinese, 'si = choi", some more you stepped onto chewing gum? See the signs!! Cepat go buy lottery! Ask Angel for number!

Happy Birthday to Keat! *HUGS from Jo jie jie*
  At 10:13 AM Anonymous mott said:
Oh dear..what a day! Happy days to your lil keat... at least you still got hair and your health!! LOL!
wow what an eventful day! i can't believe you managed to get a carpark in bangsar!! i always end up round and round and park illegally!
  At 10:51 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Happy 100th post!
Always try not to park under a tree
Anyway 100 post is great... and your conversation and the cake is so cute...
I must buy myself a cute cake later
in der hair salon, never ever take chances. always stick to a stylist you are comfortable with.

bird shit. damn those crows and mynahs!
  At 1:44 PM Blogger savante said:
Look very lulu? :)

And hey, that cake looks delish. Secret Recipe ah?
Happy Birthday to the young one, I meant your son *push Nyonya aside*

Happy 100th post to you, a lot of things to Merepek hor.
  At 2:16 PM Anonymous marsha said:
Happy 100th merepeks entries! Love your stuff. I also have two boys but I cannot forget their birthdays cause they share the same birthday with my mother. (Yes, that means 3 on the same day) Happy muaks to your son too!

Ya hor! How to get parking in Bangsar is a mystery to me. Lucky you! Never in my life have I ever found proper parking in Bangsar one. Not one time!
  At 2:56 PM Blogger sming said:
Lulu can be quite stylish too.. :p

Anyway, hope you have a good celebration with ur boy !!
Hopefully you already gain back your two bucket of sweat.
happy blogging to 200 merepek post ^-^
  At 3:21 PM Blogger See Fei said:
100 is not your lucky number! but sure it was a very eventful day for you!

Happy Belated BD Big Boy!
  At 4:40 PM Blogger angel said:
*nudges Lil' Joy*
Ei ei, u hv to help me with the Lulu-ness thing la...

Hahaha!! Lil' Joy, u Queen of Gambler!! :P

Nyonya oo beh ji eh bo?
What a liuliu numbah! :P
nyonya, I am sure ur son will forgive u for forgetting if u give them cash...doesnt it always work for college kids?
  At 5:38 PM Anonymous ah pek said:
wuah... time flies hor. I still remember your first post and now, 100th oredi, and you even achieve a PR3 liao.

Time to blanja!!
  At 10:14 PM Blogger u-jean said:
happy 100th post!!!

happy birthday!!! (to your boy boy)

a very interesting day indeed!
- almost kena saman
- birdshit on newly washed car
- forgot son's birthday
- cake sold out
- smeared chewing gum stained with entah-siapa's saliva on car's carpet
- lulu haircut


so happening la ur day :)

hey don worry about the overcut fringe...u must tahan for a few weeks..and it will be oh-so-nice after that =)

i always face the same problem EVERYTIME i have my hair cut :(
  At 11:37 PM Blogger pisang said:
ok in conjuction to celebrate your 100th post
i will type 100 in word at here...
ok let's start...

ONE HUNDRED ..........

muah ha ha ha ha ha
kakak ka ka ka ka ka
hi frens,
my anak and i would like to say a big thank you for all your kind wishes.
we would also like to wish everyone a very good weekend. **muakkksss**

still have to try to present the best lor. if not careful, next time no more dates liao. ;)

semua mama pun sayang anak kan?

1st date wor. mesti cuba buat elok-elok, ya? LOL

ok, ok, thanks for the reminder. LOL

kak teh,
quick, go and check. proly you'd passed the 1000th. buden, no worries about the number - most importantly, i know your readers enjoy all your writings. keep it flowing. ;)

equation macam ini, lulus tak? LOL

someone once told me, "laugh and stay young". and i'm a good follower.
let's laugh together-gether and stay young together-gether. ;)

kenot copy gua mia style!

ask for number ah? can use those small bits of folded paper, put them in a box and shake hard for the magic numbers to drop out????

i treasure those few wispy strands.

so lucky until the crows also gave their 'blessings'. LOL

need the shade lor; if not go inside a hot car, my face will be like a baked crab.
you like cakes too? go indulge now.

las montanas,
she's my usual hairstylist ler. proly was busy talking to me non-stop until 'overcut' liao. :(

lulu as in looked 'ngong-ngong' lidat.
psstt....i go to la manila a few times a month. all the cakes, i like. **look at own tummy** arrrgh..

you'll need alot of strength to push this fat mama aside leh. LOL
eat full nothing to do, then merepek lor.

hi marsha,
a very warm welcome!
wuaah, that's very special - 3 birthdays in one day. so, so, must sing birthday song 3 kali la. ;)

park far, far and walk la. buden, if you have small kids or have alot of barang-barang to carry, problem jugak, ya?

"200th Post"?
Aiyahyaya.....start sweating again liao. **wipes sweat with sarong**

see fei,
one jeelo jeelo - nice wor. if wanna get for carplates, must pay alot, alot leh.

lu hor angkong jee ah?
kena liao, wa belanja ice keyleng.

i'm already their resident cash cow.

ah pek,
a very special thank you to you for all your support and guidance. so, don't forsake me, ok?
btw, what is PR3? i suakoo la.
belanja? the pleasure is mine, anytime.

one more; i got drenched in the rain.
very 'fulfilling' hor? LOL
  At 12:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
nebermind. i'll just pretend i'm gorgeous. hahahahah........
siew sei yan meh?

pink cotton,
that's why i'm considering using paper bag first. LOL

pisang goreng,
you very clever wor - spelling test must have scored 100%. LOL
  At 4:13 AM Blogger plink said:
Happy 100th Post! And a very Happy 18th to Birthday Boy.

Come, let's merepek together-gether....
  At 6:55 PM Blogger dreamie said:
A happy belated birthday to your son and congras. on your 100th post.
Thanks for sharing. Happy blogging :)
Happy 100th Merepek!

There's a place I usually park in bangsar and chances are its not occupied. I'm not telling. *evil laughter*
ya, together-gether; becos if merepek alone macam tak betul. ;)

have to thank you for your sapot also.:)

cocka doodle,
i know, i know - you always park at the cock house, rite?
  At 12:06 PM Blogger Chen said:
Happy 100th post and more to come :)
hehehe... how can this mama lupa her boiboi's birthday? :D
  At 4:34 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Congrat for 100th post! My car kena bird sh*t b4 in Bangsar... very phek chek lor!
dr chen,
this is the 1st time i terlupa but it's no excuse ler.
**piak, piak sendiri**

ask cocka the cockhouse address - next time we go and park there oso. LOL
  At 4:20 AM Blogger Erika said:
Happy birthday to your younger boy! You've got a great son out there! A forgiving one. :) I'm sure he really makes ur day a better one!
  At 10:11 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Congrats on ur 100th post! Wah! So lucky didn't get saman!! Bird shit on car, they say good luck! If on head while u cross the road, even better!!! Aiya! U went and washed it all away...that's why all good luck gone! Haircut wrong, cake sold out etc...etc...!
P.S.: People growing old always 4get one! Ur handphone got reminder facility. Use it!!! Humph! Anak birthday also 4get!!!
  At 10:14 AM Anonymous ian said:
LOL nyonya!!! Send us a photo so we could see how lulu it is ma...

Don't you hate it when it happens? LOL!
  At 12:22 PM Blogger Ms J said:
haha..interesting post about your day out and about...i wirte about nonsense too!

(love hte cake by the way, and happy birthday to your boy)
  At 12:26 PM Blogger angel said:
ian, dun believe what nyonya said! she ain't look like no lulu, aitelyu! she's a cool gucci momma!

*sayang nyonya*
must forgive la hor - one and only mama he has got. :)

ermm...maybe you're right - i washed away all the bird shit and at the same time wash away my 4D luck jugak. :(
forgetfulness is my second name lar.

you don't expect me to show my 'luluness', rite? LOL

hi msj,
a warm welcome!
'merepeking' lidat won't lead me to kajang prison hor? LOL

apa itu gucci momma huh?
sayangz, pls don't scare ian away la. i want him to continue visiting me ma...LOL
  At 2:02 PM Blogger Winn said:
YIPEEE 100 posts oredi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so got presents for ur readers or not?????

happy birthday to your handsome boy.psst psst, next time auntie bring u go see gold fish wan???
  At 2:03 PM Blogger Winn said:
*evil laugh*......... MUAHAHHAHHAHH!!!
  At 2:49 PM Anonymous JL said:
A Happy Belated B'day to your son & Happy 100th post.

You one 'canggih' mama :)
gua tak pandai beli plesent - gua pandai makan aje. jom, jemput makan.

errr...see goldfish ah? see mermaid sounds more interesting ler. LOL

hi jl,
thanks for popping by.
errr....'canggih'? veli, veli, veli far from it. 'blur sotong' more appropriate ler. LOL
  At 11:09 AM Blogger Bernard said:
One Century liao Merepek ah? Merepek lagi lah.

Happy birthday younger boy!