Thursday, November 23, 2006

Office Rules

Many, many years ago, I worked in the accounts department of this engineering consultancy. This company had some queer rules on office stationery and supplies – bring in an empty ballpen to change for a new one; bring in a pencil stub to change for a new one and hear this, bring in an empty toilet roll cardboard tube to get a new roll. And each one of us was limited to 2 rolls per month. Tissues in boxes were solely for the use of all the 6 directors only and lesser mortals got the cheap toilet rolls made from recycled newspaper la. All my life working at other places, I have never come across this type of rules. So, hang the bosses saja la – I brought my own supplies.

Then one day, there was a directors’ meeting in the conference room and my colleague had to get a cheque signed urgently. She knocked gently on the door and then approached the Finance Director for his signature. That director was chewing on his breakfast and he asked for some tissues. My colleague quickly stepped out to get it. When she presented the toilet roll to the director, he gave her a nasty stare, pointed to his own mouth and yelled, “I want for this hole, not for that hole!”

And my quick-witted colleague answered, "Sorry, but we're only given this for all types of holes."
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  At 12:58 AM Blogger plink said:
*smack forehead*

  At 3:30 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Lol!! Ya, I once worked for a company that does something like that too but on a lesser extent. I am "toilet paper" queen, if I work in company like that I mati-loh.
  At 6:15 AM Blogger Erika said:
Haha.. good one by your colleuge! I am beginning to wonder if all engineering companies are stingy .. coz my company is not providing us any tissue either! :~(
  At 9:45 AM Blogger Sasha said:
OMG!! i manyak suka the answer!!
  At 10:03 AM Blogger savante said:
Aiyo. They are really kiam siap.
  At 10:36 AM Anonymous eve said:
roflol...ur colleague very smart la..padan muka the director...
must have scented kleenex.. very soft and yet firm.
  At 11:07 AM Anonymous Vern said:
lol, now that's what i call "fire in the hole".
there're plenty of such idiotics selfish bad boss out there. bravo to ur colleague. dat director was spilling out shit from filling in loads of shit n dat toilet roll serves justice well. he didn't get your colleague's message didn't he? bwuahaha... ain't he got hands n legs? a pathetic moron with a lazy arse for not getting himself a tissue. sampah masyarakat. menyampah i betul tengok orang keji. hmmph! *sepak dua kali
  At 11:52 AM Blogger Helen said:
Were we once colleagues?? lol

I once worked in a place like that. (in fact a few) I think I'm just 'suey' to be blessed with these kind of kiam sap company all the time. :-)

I remembered my old company practicing double standard. The boss and big shots get Kleenex rolls and the rest of us get cap Ikan Emas recycled paper to wipe.

Like you blog, their hole is full of gold and ours full of coal! I can understand if the company is facing financial difficulties and need to cut back. Most of the time, this is not the case.

What about the photostating procedure where u need to write down what u photostat?? My hubby's company is doing that....
  At 12:04 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wah liao still got this kind of company doin lidat ah!! No wonder all go down the hill la...... the boss rather invest on the piao meis issit??
  At 1:06 PM Anonymous mott said:
LOL! Good comeback!!! PADAN MUKA!

eh don't say la..Banks also damn kau stinko one. Toilet copier-paper only!!!So precious!
  At 2:00 PM Blogger Winn said:
LOL! ur coll very smart!

weird rules la...

so u everyday bring ur own sausage rolls to work ar ?
wah damn good la ur colleague! good answer leh! eh i've work for 2 companies oso liddat that i own my own company i kinda understand why they impose such rules cos there will b employees who abuse the priviledges by taking stationery/company things back to use...but me small company no restrictions liddis la..hahaha
  At 4:22 PM Blogger William said:
Hi. Blog-hopped here.

What a privileged lot, give tissue also wanna complain not the right kind. Give 2-ply, want 3-ply.

Anyway, your colleague memang hebat. Haha. What was the response?
  At 6:53 PM Blogger famil said:
sounds exactly like the co i used to work. Dont happen to be local bank doesn't it? :p
  At 7:38 PM Blogger angel said:
must be cina ahpek mya kompeni...
hahaa..including the asshole who's having his breakfast! lol!
**ptuiii at the moronic boss**

you lidat, must potong gaji liao. ;)

just tak faham how many millions they are trying to save from toilet paper.
**roll eyes**

my colik veli berani wan.

can save millions meh lidat? if only they have less of those KFC, McD, Pizza makan during meetings.

she worked there very long ledi, so more berani la. not macam gua, like mouse lidat.

las montanas,
sendiri bayar! LOL

got dis type of bosses wan hor?
jialat betul.

they thot they pay your pathetic gaji and you're supposed to grovel at their dirty feet.
ask them to use mee-suah to hang themselves la. LOL

yalor, give those chap ikan emas paper roll - so rough until can skin the backside. LOL
those BIC pens, 2-B pencils are cheap ones la. wanna cut-back on expenses and they think of these items. got otak or not?
need to record photostat becos they scared everybody bring all their children mia textbooks and wives/husbands mia MBA books to photostat. they sot-plug wan la. LOL

angmoh country not lidat ah? LOL

that's why banks mia annual report say profit bermillion-million.

i carry big bag wan mah. kena snatch, inside all sosej rolls oni.

don't gib your people mont blanc pens mah. use kilometrico can ledi. LOL

hi william,
welcome to my kampong blog.
directors/bosses memang priviledged.
some are so rude and obnoxious.
his response? not what we hoped for.
(let him choke on his breakfast)

hi famil,
welcome to you too.
wuaah, banks lidat kedekut oso ah?
buden hor, sometimes the more you control, the more the staff will curi leh. can be also poor training of the staff hor?

melayu-cina-india mia kongsi la.

king's wife,
that one big, big asshole. LOL
  At 9:37 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
aiyoh... I also worked in such a company before lor when I first returned to M'sia... never in my life I have to go look for toilet rolls in the office but this 'Malaysian factory' only issue 1 roll and share among all!!!
  At 10:47 AM Blogger sming said:
Hahahah... your x colleague memang got style !!!
My big boss here also very funny. When we go to the ladies/gents, we cannot use the short cut, have to use our tag to go in and out... Duh ! go toilet also wanna track meh ? As if we all will go lay eggs there... aiii..
Do you know that the famous Lee Jia cheng (cantonese:li ka seng) in Hongkong, also has such policy?
Only 2 rolls per month for each workers.
i roll share by all? lidat must record or not siapa tear off berapa keping?

sming, careful lor. when they decide to chow yau yuee dat time hor, they might proly take out the records to see who spend how many hours counting hairs. LOL

li ka shing - lucky thing he din ask his workers to use old newspapers.
this brings to mind my sinning-dialect neighbours from my childhood kampong (something like 40 years ago) - they used kau-pouchi to wipe their bums. they would tease me endlessly saying nyonyas pangsai no wipe backside. they don't understand why nyonyas 'chaybok' all the time.
  At 10:38 PM Blogger Bernard said:
hahaha.. just the other day, somebody ask me how long my toilet roll lasts... i said forever one... LOL
  At 10:53 AM Blogger Chen said:
I like your colleague's answer :D
very smart :D
nyonya, I continue talk a bit here, can hor?

That li ka shing, also has another famous thing:

Once, a friend of his, for 40 years, said: I known him for 40 years. Not once he belanja me