Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Is Tiresome!

The company called me more than 2 weeks ago to advise that my travel insurance claim has been approved and that I should see the cheque in my mailbox by the following week. Wuaah, I was actually quite impressed and thanked the claim executive profusely.

One week gone, and another week crept up. Everyday, the minute I got home, I would quickly dig out my mailbox but here was no cheque So I dialled the direct line of the claim executive. It just rang until it went dead. I then called the general line and I got the annoying “Press 1, Press 2, Press niapah….” until I also confused what I was pressing for. I just alternated between those 2 lines and finally, on the third day, I got to speak to a humanoid.

Me : Hello, may I speak to Lili please?

Exec : Sorry, Lili not at her place. Can I help you?

Me : It’s regarding my cheque for this claim number, bla, bla….

Exec : Sorry, this wan I not in charge. I cannot help you.

Me : (why the hell did she ask how she could help me in the first place????)

Me : Then who can help?

Exec : Lili only la. But she is not around.

Me : Can take a message for her to call me ASAP at this number?

Exec : Can, can.

Waited another day and still no phone call. OK, I picked up the phone and this time around, I was ready to fire. Called Lili’s line and I was in luck.

Me : Lili?

Lili : Speaking.

Me : This is Ms Tan and it’s regarding this claim number. Where is my cheque???

Lili : Wait ah, wait ah…. Yes, it’s here in my drawer.

Me : You’re supposed to post it 10 days ago! What is it doing in your drawer?
And you let me chase after the postman everyday. Why huh?

Lili : We are waiting for payment from the travel agent.

(aiyoh, lidat pun boleh ah?)

Me : Hello, that wan got nothing doing with me la.
Please release my cheque immediately.

It’s just so tiresome. And I finally got the cheque yesterday.
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  At 12:57 AM Blogger carcar said:
phew! ... glad u finally got the cheque.

i have enough bad experience in phone call like this.

but glad that singapore is pretty efficient in handling case like this, they will call u back in a day time to settle your prob, if they cannot answer yr phone call.
  At 1:06 AM Blogger angel said:
i thot u were gonna tell her that you need the $$$ to feed your second husband... LOL!
  At 1:21 AM Blogger may said:
waaa! now got money to belanja us makan, hor? *wink wink*
  At 1:31 AM Blogger Chen said:
finally u get the cheque..
after so longggggggggggggg....

bila nyonya nak balik penang belanja gua makan? :D
  At 2:19 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
aiyoyoyo apa pasai nyonya selalu kena bully la? have to saman all them wan dee. now lets go makan some cendol =P
  At 5:51 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Sometimes dealing with these people can cause stomach ulcer - "thor huik". Oso often they are very stupid got no initiative just follow rule blindly. Anyway since you already got your cheque, no more stress-lah.
  At 8:46 AM Blogger sengkor said:
orait now kaya raya oredi.. when wanna come out and belanja?
  At 8:46 AM Blogger liucas said:
i want pedigree satay flavor.
  At 9:02 AM Blogger Sasha said:
u give her one good one MS TAN! eh we same same surname hor...
If you never call, means you will wait till the next Thaipusam for your cheque?
  At 10:43 AM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hello NonyaPenang, WOW! Reading your comments, I can imagine the smoke coming out of your ears. Words like 'irresponsible, attitude', 'mentality' comes to mind, huh!
This hair tearing kind of incidents happens everywhere, even here....
Now I know who to call if I get a similar or related incident.
You take Visa or M/card? Got discount for 'friend friend' or not. UL.
  At 11:35 AM Blogger William said:
Asalkan dah dapat... Bila nak belanja ais kacang? Hehe.
  At 12:32 PM Anonymous mott said:
I like her answer.."wait's in my drawer."

That's honesty for least she didn't say..."Ooo..but I send already" she clutches onto your chq, frantically typing your address out on an envelope..!!!
  At 1:02 PM Anonymous eve said:
hehehehe..u r so funny la...
  At 2:18 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
got ur cheque ledi? bila mau belanja makan? :P
  At 4:31 PM Blogger Inevitable said:
Sama sama lah... my dividend cheque was lost during the postage process. Complained almost a week ago and now waiting for the cheque until leher pun panjang. Maybe i should give them a call too...
  At 5:04 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Aceone can help bank in for you absolutely no charge!! You belanja nyonya kuih, wokeh?
  At 8:33 PM Blogger just me said:
Everyone asking you to 'belanja' but I shall ask you to buy some "leong cha" to cool down!
  At 8:33 PM Blogger just me said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
if don't chase, then won't get lor.

ya, need to buy pressies for toy-boy also. :)

mo marn thai. ;)

dr chen,
sekalang musim hujan, mau jalan-jalan pun sikit susah. gua will contact lokter and we go mum-mum, ok? :)

gua suka, gua suka cendol. yang mana mia sedap? jom.

**sigh** all this wan bad work attitude.

sebut saja tei tim and choomg tim.

ok, ok, gua suruh sengkor tapau.

yesterday, i think no moon wor, so i orite sikit lor. kakakaka.....

so, sasha tan is my 'chin lang' mei-mei. :)

thaipusam ah? she'd be so sorry her name is lili.

uncle lee,
you're my ho pengyew; where got tok money wan. we tok southern comfort can liao la. LOL

lu sembunyi kat mana ni? vads ke?

kenot tell lies wan - afturds get pinnochio nose how?

as i said, i see no moon. if not, lagi farny leh. kakakaka.....

you can eat alot hor? baru balik eating wif lokter chen, now nak makan lagi. LOL

aiyoh, lidat ah? now that you mentioned, i really dunno when i'm suppose to get those dividend cheques; so if lost in the mail, gua pun tak tau. how ah?

kuih talam, kuih kochi, kuih bingka, pulut inti, pulut tatai, kuih koswee, kuih lapis - semua pun boleh. ;)

just me,
ya, ya, that's a very good idea. tenkiu.
  At 8:04 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
it is easier for you to pay them than them to pay you!
went tru that before.
  At 9:46 PM Blogger Angeleyes said:
I thought they forgot about your cheque completely! Heng heng you got your money back...