Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm Wicked

Today, while my colleague AZ was talking on the fixed line, her handphone rang. AZ quickly ended her call to answer the handphone. She spoke for a short while only and I overheard her saying, “Ya, I’m his wife”/”I’m busy now”/”Dowan ler” before the line was cut off. AZ looked annoyed and was grumbling under her breathe.

AZ : Stoopid fler. Looking for my husband but call me pulak.

Me : What’s up?

AZ : Neh….this stoopid bank wanna offer my husband personal loan wor.

Me : Huh??

AZ : So desperate for business lidat. Chasing people to borrow money from them.

**teet-teet-teet** AZ’s phone rang again and she recognized the number.

AZ : See, see, call again.

Me : hehehe…..Lemme take.

(I wanna play a joke on that fella)

Me : Hulllo…….

Bank : Puan AZ??

Me : No, I’m Puan BY. Who you wanna speak to?

Bank : I actually looking for Encik ABC but I spoke to Puan AZ just now.

Me : What is it regarding ah? You can speak to me also.

Bank : Errrr…..Can I speak to Encik ABC’s wife?.

Me : Ya lah, I’m his wife also.

Bank : Errrr…..We wanna invite Encik ABC to take our personal loans la.

Me : Haarrr……What??? You mean my husband account no money ah?
You mean he pokkai liao izzit? Quick, better tell me NOWWWWW…….!

**click** the phone went dead.

I’m wicked.
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  At 12:45 AM Blogger angel said:
waaaa!!! nyonya ha mi su you so wicked today?? haha! very liu! :P

tenkiu sayang gua... gua boh su... :)

  At 1:15 AM Blogger Chen said:
nyonya very terror..
wa chin kia :D
  At 2:30 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Hahahaha... next time I will also do it on my bank la!! Always call to offer this and tat!!
  At 3:08 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
haha good laughter nyonya! i was feeling down, again lately but this at least cheered me up alot! =)

*sayang nyonya*
  At 6:07 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Nyonya terrorlah you. Lucky thing I not dat poor "loan" guy. I am sure that will make him think twice before calling again.
eh damn good idea la! next time i try oso! wuahahahaha...eh any ideas for those annoying credit card sales anot???
  At 7:35 AM Blogger may said:
too wicked! hahaha! but you're good. need to learn a few tricks like that from you to drive away pesky telesales... ;)
  At 9:07 AM Blogger Inevitable said:
I got these annoying calls as well. Next time I'll divert all these calls to you ah so that you can teach them a lesson... hehe
Quick go tell the senior VP! This nyonya bullies the banks' customer services! ;)
Nyonya now become 2nd wife? :P
  At 9:44 AM Anonymous ian said:
Yeah lor.. so wicked pretening to be yee lai summore.. hahaha!
  At 11:11 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Fuiyoh..nyonya terror la.!! 'Kow Tau' sama lu.
naughty nyonya! hehehe..
  At 11:29 AM Blogger Sasha said:
OMG!!! That is SO COOL! I wanna do that to the bank fler if they call my hubs also!
  At 12:32 PM Blogger titoki said:
That's a good one. :)
  At 12:37 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wahahaha.... nyonya you damn good ler!!!! Guess they will black list Encik ABC lioa!
  At 12:46 PM Blogger just me said:
Gee, wondering whether to take some lessons on how to be "wicked" from nyonya, but then, that is so unlike me ha ha so I will flunk the lessons!
yup, you are WICKED.........!
lulu wanna learn from you.
  At 1:39 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak Nyonya! I haven't visit your blog for 2 weeks & you have become wicked! LOL

Miss you, Kak but I'm having a great vacation!

  At 1:41 PM Anonymous mott said:
Nyonya..u the first or second wife? So clever la you..really tabik you!
  At 2:14 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
hahahaha....good good..sometimes must really do like this or else how to drive them away rite :)
  At 5:19 PM Blogger sengkor said:
and the shrinks wonder why their patients are all former bank telesales employees..
  At 7:26 PM Blogger Winn said:
you very notti...luckily u dun have msn..else we all kena..:P
  At 7:29 PM Blogger liucas said:
aiyo i teach u a faster way la....

jus bark woof woof to them enough already they will sure hang up immediately one.
gua chiak pau siaw eng ma. LOL

dr chen,
please come back; mm sai kia. gua boh telan orang mia. LOL

try and then blog about it too. LOL


i dunno why he hung up on me wor?

can, can. tell them you moonlight, majoring in ah loong business and then ask how many platinum cards with unlimited credit can they give you. LOL

but sometimes also very kesian them lor. i also do sales, gua tau very sanfoo wan. that's why i said i'm wicked.

can, can. i can learn alot from them too.

las montanas,
where got??? afturds i complain balik say the CS soooo rude - they hung up on me. LOL

**rub, rub hong yew on yenjai forehead**
gua dowan be no.2 la; atcherly i prefer no. 4 la.

sei lai lar. LOL

dunno what's wrong wif dat fler - i only ask for more info but he hung up wor?

king's wife,
dat fler notti; nyonya little bit wicked nia la.

i asked a very relevant question mah. izzit that gua mia 'hubs' pokkai liao that need to take personal loan leh?

hi titoki,
a warm welcome to you!
you also agree my question to that fler veli logic hor? LOL
and thanks for popping by.

blacklist him becos he got a very kaypoh 'wife'? LOL

just me,
nice people like you earn more points wan lor. :)

what a lulu,
jangan gurau wif me ler - get no brownie points for being wicked wan la.
you're a very special and bright lulu. gua la yang perlu learn from you. :)

err...it takes a lifetime to be good but only 2 weeks to be WICKED! LOL
gua miss you jugak. have a great time in melbourne.

which number is good leh? LOL
gua not clever; dat fler needs more training only.

but, but...i just ask one simple question only & he cut off my line.

dat wan i think is becos the bank give them impossibly high targets month in and month out.
cannot be becos of me rite? LOL

no worries. my son say i got no one to talk to, so no need msn.

you afternoons veli free wan rite? i go your house and you teach me how to 'woof, woof' correctly, OK?
  At 11:15 PM Anonymous marsha said:
why the fella call twice lah? the first time cannot hear the answer izzit? ask him to korek telinga mah. aisay!!
the first call line terputus mah. so do follow-up lor.
woman...u are really a riot la
  At 10:58 AM Blogger sming said:
that was a good one... hehehe :P
Good prank, I like! Next time, I know who to call ;)
  At 7:40 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Nyonya, you ARE wicked!! LOL. That fella will have nightmares for a week!
  At 12:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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