Monday, December 04, 2006

Stop Being Anal!

“TRY NOT TO GET TOO WORKED UP. NOT GOOD FOR HEALTH. TAKE CARE, MA. LOVE YOU.” – I got this sms from bigboy a few evenings ago.



I was scrolling through my phone message box just now and I saw the above 2 texts. Aikksss…. What was it that resulted in those 2 sms? I tried hard to recall. Oh ya! I crossed words with someone else(not bigboy) because I found I was not told the truth about an incident. In fact, I was not told at all but somehow the story surfaced and it was not pleasant news. A not very sweet confrontation took place and I pressed for the true picture which ultimately dismayed me. Like a hurt mama dog, I latched on to that piece of meat and tore it to shreds. No, I didn’t eat it; I spit it out. It was vile.

I was in my room licking my wounds when bigboy sent the message. Awww……I felt so ashamed of myself; I just wanted to hide under the blanket. After a short while, I re-read the message – I felt so loved. I am truly blessed. In the darkness, I took out the phone and sent the reply. Relief swept over me and I fell asleep. All forgotten……

…….Until just now. I was about to press the ‘DELETE’ button to clear the sms but then I changed my mind. I think I shall keep it there to remind me ‘NOT TO GET TOO WORKED UP’ and ‘STOP BEING ANAL!’
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Walau! You use such lingo with your son ah? Like fren fren liddat damn shiok hor? *clap clap*
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  At 1:53 AM Anonymous ah nel said:
hehe...ur son noe his mom more now...LOL
  At 2:41 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Nyonya good hor ur big boy boy sayang U so much hor!1 Send U little little msgs like dat!! I am sure when a mommy sees it heart also melt liao la!!
  At 7:52 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
ur son so keng!
  At 8:00 AM Anonymous may said:
your son so sweet n wise!! can send SMS laidet to you, very good of him liao. good head on his shoulders.

no stress-stress, ok? happy week ahead to you!
  At 8:45 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
it's good that ur son lash back on you least u realise you might have said something wrong withiout knowing it
it's good that you can take what your son said, if it's my mom..errr..the result will not be liddat lor...cos she's always right cos she's mama!
i'm try to communicate better. :)

ah nel,
big boy do know me. :)



i suppose when he saw me hurt, he hurts too.

the confrontation was with someone else and bigboy felt that i over-reacted. he was right.

at that moment, i didn't realise the sillyness of the whole thing. thank fully, he put me back in the right place.
Very good comminication there
Nyonya, envy you
From wicked to anal... you're doing fine, Kak! :)
  At 9:51 AM Anonymous mott said: does enhancement patch help with err..p3nis growth? hahah..sorry Nyonya..stupid spam! Your bigboy is the best!!!! so sayang!!!
  At 10:29 AM Anonymous eve said:
aiyoh..sin mou sei yan lor...aih..when my girl grow up hor...i dunno if we will be more of friends or mother daughter relationship...
nyonya's son very loving. realise this at a young age.
lulu's also hurt her mama before. in younger days, it would be a battle of the wills. maybe now lulu older, realise how precious mama is, hurts along with mama, more quick to apologise to mama.
  At 12:09 PM Anonymous JL said:
Biasalah Kak nyonya, 'kanasai' happens all the time.

Paling penting it's not to get frustrated or disheartened by it.

Furthermore you'll always have tons of support & love from your bunch of lovely 'jialat' friends and also very 'kuai & tia oui' sons. What a blessing ^_^

Cheers & have a nice day
  At 1:37 PM Blogger Sasha said:
wah kam tung wan ..keep the sms and see it when u're down or terbalik la..
nyonya works on a consultative approach with her son. Many of us here suffer the I-know-it-better-than-thou approach.
  At 2:48 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
nyonya, there comes a time when we have to listen to our big boys and girls. it is also us telling the, hey, we listen to you..
Your son so sweet hor? Seems like a sensible young man.
It's great to have a good relationship with your kids.
am still learning and trying. :)

macam-macam pun ada. :D
thks for visiting from melbourne.
good day!

or mi thor futt!

karen elizabeth? she'll turn out beautifully. :)

what a lulu,
i suppose all of us go thru those angsty stage and we turn around soon enough. :)

apa khabar? long time no hear.
you're right. 'kanasai' happens more often than i can remember. which is good la - i get over and forget very fast wan.
thanks for you support too.

yalor, it'll keep this old nyonya in check. :)

las montanas,
something like 'i eat salt more than you eat rice'? hahahaha....
got that line drummed into me too by my folks.

kak teh,
i agree with you. now i consult the boys on many things - becos often times, i'm blur.

king's wife,
am learning and trying to build.
can see that you have great relationship with yr 2 beautiful gals too.
  At 9:54 PM Blogger angel said:
excuse sekejap hor, nyonya... ahem... nyonya's big boy, nxt time hor, cum ler we go Makan Conference togeder-geder... dun so liddat laa... we all not aunties lar ok...

*wink wink*

nyonya, lu arn cua being anal? kasi cite skit... :D
sudah sampai kolompur liao ah? aiyoh, you pigi so many days hor, uncle lee beh chiak beh khoon leh. now i think he waiting to suck-suck the coconut candy la. beh tahan liao lor.....

hmmmmmphhh.....why anal ah? bad moon rising kua? LOL
  At 11:29 PM Blogger Chen said:
you very close with your big boy hoh?
so sweet :)
  At 11:29 PM Anonymous vern's mommy said:
Nonya, your son not only has good IQ - he also has good EQ. You raised him well. Syabas!
  At 7:09 AM Blogger just me said:
This is what SMS is...


M... Mama's

S... Soul
dr chen,
ya, we are quite close. :)

vern's mommy,
thank you.
i pray that what i taught him will see him through. :)

just me,
awww.....that's so sweet!.
thanks alot.
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