Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy News

I'm in the office now and today is a freaking busy day. Aiyah, gua very susah wan la - busy complain, too free also complain, so bear with me hor?

And about 20 minutes ago, I got a call from my big boy to tell that his exam results are out - he got 1st Class Honours. I was like, "Huh?, Harlloo? What you saying, ah?" It took a good few seconds for the good news to sink in.

Thank GOD, I am sooooo happy now....finally....his 1st degree! My heart now is bursting with pride that I just cannot contain. Gotta push aside all those stuff on my table and put up this post NOW.

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  At 3:16 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Kiong Hee nyonya!! Good Job #1!!
  At 3:59 PM Anonymous famil said:
Congrats congrats... more to comes :)
gua caya sama lu bigboy!!!
hats off!!
  At 4:49 PM Blogger William said:
Good news! Did you promise him a Vios?
congrats congrats!!!
I know how you feel, nyonya! Enjoy it..
  At 4:57 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Kung hei..kung hei!!! So tonite ada celebration makan besar besaran?
  At 5:52 PM Anonymous may said:
nyonya's ah jai... kung hei lei!!!

waaaa, you must be so proud, until I also feel proud that you feel proud!!
WAH....... no wonder why nyonya's beaming from ear to ear.
kung hei! kung hei!
the brains from nyonya's gene pool?
  At 6:21 PM Blogger sengkor said:
with this good news and the check u received, there is no reason not to belanja us now.. ngam mou?

oh ya, kiong hee nyonya kia..
  At 6:29 PM Blogger dreamie said:
wuah.. congratulations to nyonya big boy ! EXCELLENT .. 1ST CLASS HONOURS !!!!

This is indeed happy news .. cheers!!!

nyonya, malam ini boleh tidur ar? *grins*
  At 6:47 PM Blogger angel said:
*does a Cheerleader Dance*

Dear nyonya's Big Boy,
Congratulations! Keong Hee lu! Keong Hee Huat Chye! Next time, YOU will have to belanja alllll of us! Becos we sapot you maa... Heh heh...

Dear nyonya sayang,
Waaa!!! Very pannai your son... Kung hei kung hei! What you feed him arr? ;)
  At 8:36 PM Blogger just me said:
Heartiest congrats to your son and to the proud mum!
Now I will ask you to belanja but not at "Bangsai" lah!
  At 9:23 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
wahhhhh....very clever boy...
  At 9:24 PM Anonymous mott said:
WAH!!!! Nyonya..Congrats to your boy!!! HE SO CREVER!!!!!!

Nyonya..pls write down your secrets on raising so brilliant n caring children la!!!!!
  At 9:58 PM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang, my heartiest congratulations and best regards to your son and to you. The whole World is at his feet now, a journey he will soon embark towards his future as you let his hand go....your work now accomplished, a proud mother. UL.
  At 10:04 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
congratulations!! 1st Class Honours somemore!
  At 10:07 PM Blogger Chen said:
Kiong hee kiong hee :D
like mother like son :D
semua pun pandai-pandai belaka :D
  At 10:07 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wah Nyonya, congratulations to U and ur "cha chai" lor!! U must be grinning from one end to another liao!! So happy for U!1 I guess ur "chai chai" will thank U for all the rotans that U hv given to him all this years!!
  At 11:20 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Congratulations to anak nyonyapenang!
kamsiah chay-chay.

terima kasih manyak-manyak.


his car is just 3 1/2yrs old, so can tahan another 10 years kua. :)

king's wife,
thanks alot.
i actually felt very relieved. :)

tonite he gonna eat mama fry mia hor-pau tan. :)

tor cheh, tor cheh.
of course i feel proud that you are feeling proud of me for feeling proud of him!

what a lulu,
tor cheh, tor cheh.
errr....gua as bright as a 5-watt bulb nia la.

ngam, veli ngam. (see my reply at the previous post)
oso, kamsiah chay-chay.

tenkiu, tenkiu.
err...tidur macam kayu balak lo. :)
i think chili padi veli ho liao la. :)

just me,
kamsiah chay-chay.
the pleasure is mine.

tenkiu, tenkiu.

psst....chili padi kasi la. LOL

uncle lee,
thank you very much. kamsiah

thanks alot.
long time no hear from you. how are you?

dr chen,
kamsiah chay-chay.

kamsiah chay-chay.
ya, just look at the big smiley face there.

thanks alot.

tor cheh, tor cheh.
  At 8:49 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
Kiong Hee!!!!

first degree.. how many more is he planning to get?
  At 9:06 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Congrats, congrats both to you and your big boy. Must be bursting with happiness. Moments like this makes life worth while.
  At 9:17 AM Anonymous BigBoy said:
Wow, mum has so many fans. Paiseh leh. Thanks for your comments. And thank you mama for your unyielding support. Couldn't have done it without you :)
  At 9:33 AM Blogger titoki said:
Waaa your son so big liao. Congrats. :)
Nyonya, definitely something to be proud of. Congrats.

p/s Very shy leh. I thought you are full time housewife. Never realised ... you in office?
  At 10:03 AM Anonymous eve said:
wahhhhhhhhhhh...congrats bigboi n mama....i can feel the kembangness fr here oso....kung hei kung hei...
  At 10:37 AM Blogger u-jean said:
CONGRATS!!! i can feel your bangga-ness through your entry
Congratulations to son and mother of son!
must be good genes running in the family. can clone some DNA or not? :P

i dropped in yesterday because saw SH Tan's name! indeed small world.
Congrates to your son! Congrates to u too!!!
  At 1:29 PM Blogger Winn said:
tahniah kepada anak nyonya .....

so wat mummy promised to buy u ar? can take this opportunity to 'wat' ur mummy liao
  At 4:43 PM Blogger sming said:
wow !! good for him !!
and happy for the proud mom..*hugs*
wah! first class honors!! A very smart boy indeed.

  At 8:06 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
hi, im good here. most of the time i just read your blogs and write much comments. i am still around!
  At 10:39 PM Anonymous vern's mommy said:
Congrats to you and your son! So very happy for you. Good news indeed. God bless your son's journey to a brand new world that awaits him.
  At 11:09 PM Anonymous Vern said:
  At 11:14 PM Blogger doc said:
CONGRATS. your son did well, but you did even better raising him.
  At 11:23 PM Blogger ah nel said:
wuahhh...kong he pat choy...silama hali laya...kongkalatulation to nyonya son...
  At 1:18 AM Blogger Erika said:
congratulations to your big boy!! so what is he getting? :P
gua pun tumpang gembira....
  At 9:42 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Congrats to ur son!!! I give nyonya big, big kiss...and then u kiss him 4 Unker STP lah! Muuu...aaaah!!! (Good excuse to kiss nyonya! LOL!!!)
kong hei kong hei! Ayo I got a lot to learn from Nyonya how to teach the son la! Me having problems with one who's only 6 years old!
so sorry, folks for my terribly late replies. schedules tight ler.

ah pek,
kamsiah, kamsiah.
can get many more wan rite?? i dunno ler, gua boh thak chek wan.

thanks alot.
ya, i'm really thankful that so far, it turns out well. :)

woi, bigboy!
come and say thank you/kamsiah/terima kasih/tor cheh to all these uncles, aunties, cheh-cheh, towkays and towkay neohs.

hi titoki,
thanks for your kind wishes.

kamsiah, kamsiah,
gua thak chek sikit nia, so gua veli proud anak sudah graduate. :)
thak chek sikit, so sekalang jadi kuli kat opis.

tor cheh, tor cheh.
yalor gua kembang macam kuih baulu lidat. hehehehe.......

kamsiah, kamsiah.
sure you can hear the bangga-ness? i thot all the lor-kor/drums at Heboh would have drowned it out. :)

hi mistipurple,
welcome! sila masuk.
soli, you came by, gua tak perasaan. gua busy sitting next to uncle lee shooting the breeze and reminiscing about his good times with SH Tan.i live quite near SH Tan's place in PJ; don't know him personally though. i follow all his articles very closely.
genes? i thot it was the rotan & chilli padi. :)

tenkiu very much.
  At 3:20 PM Anonymous bigboy said:
winn cheh-cheh,
mama plomised to throw away the rotan liao.
i asked mama what is "WAT" and she said that one errr....not sure wor? she said something about 'melayang-layang'. care to explain ar?
**hugs** kamsiah chay-chay. gua veli hoi sum.

las montanas,
thanks alot. :)

thanks for visiting. make yourself at home, ya. and have a great weekend. :)

vern's mommy,
thank you so much for your kind wishes. i am happy, thankful and relieved that he finished this chapter. he just got a job offer yesterday. :)
you're a mommy to a wonderful girl too. our job, i guess at this point, is to cheer them on to greater success.

kamsiah, kamsiah.
reward? does my throwing away the rotan count? LOL
you got a few more days before you say bye-bye to your pre-U and move on to another level. GAMBATEH!

di doc,
thank you for your kind words. we are very thankful for God's blessings.

hi ah nel,
mana lu hilang? gua rindu leh.
terima kasih manyak-manyak for your wishes. :)

thanks alot.
got a big, big hug from mama. :)

the searcher,
lama tak jumpa. apa khabar?
terima kasih for the kind wishes. :)

***aahh...aahh....** pheww! don't la kiss so long, gua running out of breathe liao. i'll pass the **muakss** to him and say 'from sir, with love"
thanks alot, cikgu.

tor cheh, tor cheh.
hahaha....6-year old giving you problems? this wan very good sign - he his a thinker; he can think up problems to give you to solve.
  At 10:08 PM Blogger Angeleyes said:
wah...Congrats to Big Boy! Sollie a bit late lar... my small boy making a lot of fuss lately...

Nyonya... you must be super duper happy hor? Better than strike TOTO eh? Anyway, job well done!
tenkiu, tenkiu. :)
Well done, Baba Jr! Phhweeet!
  At 8:06 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Uah! I must contragulate the big boy also lah! So, what's next?
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