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The Know-It-All Type

I have been in my line of work for quite a while and I have come across many, many different types of personalities – the good, the bad and the ugly types; the funny and the serious types; and off course, the know-it-all type.

When I first ventured into sales, I can tell you, it’s real susah loh. Everything was new to me – the hardware, the software and everyday out in the field was just like, like warfare la. Gotta learn up on the products, prepare for a good kick-ass presentation and do the closing. Sounds simple and straight forward enough and hey, I thought I got everything under wraps; no sweat! But that was in the training room only la.

The real test of what works and what doesn’t, I’d soon get to find out when I was in the field all alone. The morning would start with a kind of cold feeling somewhere between the gut and the stomach but nevermind, a cup of hot coffee would take care of that. But as the appointed hour approaches, I’d start getting jittery and all. ‘Maybe he’s not in.’; ‘I think I got tummy ache’; ‘Maybe he’ll call to cancel the appointment’; “Maybe got flood la” – all these and more, would be playing in my head again and again. The confidence level was next to zilch. Whatever the case, there was no turning back – die, die only one time la. Just closed the eyes and dived into the deep end and after gulp-fulls of water and many near-drownings, surprise, surprise, I learned to peddle a bit and stayed afloat.

Coming back to the types of people I have come across, I’d have to say that the know-it-all type takes the cake. I’d be the one supposed to do the presentation, this wisecrack would be like 5 lines ahead of me and he’d be interrupting and cutting me in mid-sentence. I’d then politely tell him to let me finish first and the minute I was through, he would come up with all kinds of questions, related as well as non-related ones. With experience and all that I learned from hard-knocks, I’d answer him the best I could. And just when I thought, I got it to a pat, he’d say something like, “I’m a doctor”/ “I’m a lawyer”/ “I’m an accountant”?I’m a something-something big”

?????? What has this to do with what I’m presenting, huh? And I met one yesterday. When I finished my meeting with her, she said, “You know, my father is a lawyer.” What’s wrong with her? Hmmmm…. maybe indirectly telling me to behave, if not, she gonna sue me until my sarong drop lidat la.

Aiyoh,………gua veli the takut ler. TOLONNNGGGGGG!!!......HELLLLPPPP!!!
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from all the sales pitch that I have done..most ppl are stupid, thats why they either ask stupid questions or don't ask at all to look smart...sheshh!!
  At 1:09 AM Anonymous angel said:
hahaha!!! my colleague taught me a term to call these ppl... Mat Interprem! Or if a biatch, Minah Interprem!

had one of those man on top of me once... thank god sudah tarak... good riddance... aiyo, uncle lee, dun think serong hor...
nyonya, you so the sharp one...sure can give a good response to shut her up 9 9!!!

Ahhh...ask her if she heard of Uncle Lee or not. hahaaa!!!
  At 2:09 AM Anonymous may said:
harhar! know-it-alls. sometimes they're the best source of entertainment if you look at it in a twisted way... because you can biatch about them later! LOL!!
  At 6:49 AM Blogger just me said:
If a know-all has to mention someone hoping to scare you ( who dares to scare you, anyway) she is the one who is scared..becos of no confidence-lah!
  At 6:49 AM Blogger Winn said:
haha i did sales before . really it wasnt my cup of tea. i hate cold calling. everytime when i was supposed to call, i will make up excuses for myself ie: ' it's too early maybe i shld call later' ' ...but it's lunch time, later' ' it's monday!! not a good time to call'......hah
  At 7:35 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Be strong nyonya, jangan takut, most of the time these people have inferiority complex so have to drop big names/title to make them appear important, guna other people punya pungguk for their face skin (bin phuai). Oso these people prove the saying "empty vessels make the most noise" true.
  At 8:30 AM Blogger JoMel said:
but nyonya, in sales, we got to let the clients talk if they wanna talk, correct or not? I have encountered many like that too esp the old uncles who have been stock market punters all their lives and they'll give me a lecture about investments (when in fact they don't even know the difference between punting and investing.. LOL! Hush!) Well, I just let them go on and on, and after they are done, I will say, "Ok, Mr know-it-all, now, can you please sign on the dotted line and issue me a cheque for the fund you are investing in?" Works all the time because this 'naive' girl has boosted up their ego somewhat. *evil laugh*
  At 9:16 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Don't worry, I'm just a longkang cleaner, I won't sue u... LOL
  At 9:17 AM Blogger sengkor said:
lawyer's son no need to sked la.. if ahlong's son, then u should shiver a bit..
  At 9:40 AM Blogger Sasha said:
*nod at sengkor's comment* scared of ah long son enough liao.
  At 10:05 AM Anonymous JL said:
Sabadee korp khun khrap (I’m fine, thanks).

Yaloh… I was exiled to the land of beautiful people (BKK) last week. Just simply throw a batu & you are bound to kena a leng lui or leng zhai, 7 / 10 times.

Have a few of those menyampah people in my office. I’ve adopted the talk on necessary basis approach on them. No need to ‘sai hei’ & ‘sai sum gei’. Better layan Kak Nyonya’s blog then layan their idiosyncrasies :)

but if he/she is a client susah abit. Don't be afraid just let your confidence charm the sarongs off your clients ;P

'Ka yao' Kak Nyonya
  At 11:05 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
All this know it all ppl always like to make sure they tell ppl tat they are very "keng" in fact if the person is "keng" dun need to tell la, they'll get noticed and this is call keng ler so forget about those idiots who like to bitch in front of U la!! They are nothin to U!! Small potatoes oni la...
  At 11:27 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Dun worry..nyonya with hands on presentation and experiences in time/future you can handle them like a piece of cake! kekeke.
  At 11:55 AM Blogger sming said:
Hahah.. tell him ur husband is the judge lor. :P
  At 12:32 PM Anonymous ian said:
Yes NP, I realised that there's many know-it-alls in this world... I really wanna embarrass them but I could never find the sharp wit to...
i paling dont like is people who dont know anything but pretend to know everything and in the end their comments make me want to LOL but i must swallow it down and muka maintain...wah...very difficult...:)
  At 12:51 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Sarong drop in front of father, dun care lawyer or whatever...sure kalah to nyonya one!!! Ha ha ha!
  At 12:53 PM Anonymous mott said:
I just tabik u la. I cannot work in sales..i sure jump up and down like a monkey trying to shut them up!!!! hahaahahah!!
  At 12:59 PM Blogger carcar said:
i know one type call 'self-talk-self-laugh' type

was told by winn yesterday. if not understand, can ask her. hehe...

eh sengkor ahlong's son why sked? me ahlong's biu mui wor, sked not?
  At 1:28 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Wah! If Kak Nyonya's sarong drops, sure it will be national headline news... LOL

When I meet people like that, I wish I could answer them "Who cares?"
  At 1:39 PM Blogger William said:
Mana tahu, dia nak intro bapanya kepadamu... Haha.
  At 1:54 PM Blogger titoki said:
If I were you, I'll reply her,

"Wah, no wonder you are so smart liddat."

Maybe she will sue you until fulat. Nowadays where got ppl wear saronggggg.
  At 5:59 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
aiyah... Nyonya... tell her your grandfather is Tun Tan Cheng Lock lar... she sure jaw dropped one! hehhehee
lulu dunno wat to say
Dear Nyonya,

When can we meet up for that presentation?

Prof. Datuk Seri Yang Berhormat Dr. Cocka doodle.
  At 7:17 PM Blogger Chen said:
When she said "You know, my father is a lawyer."
U didn't reply her "So what????" ah :P
  At 7:28 PM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang, I forgot to turn down our bedroom warm air heater last night
and the warm room woke me up at 5am just now. So, as usual unable to return to sleep once up, I after my usual kopi sejuk, light my pipe kaypor to your house. (By the way, I was at your house yesterday morning, {I pass by 1st thing every morning too}, but seeing your slight, uncomfortable conversations with so&so, I thought I better not evesdrop and tip toed away home.
Ahhh, today I senyum abit at your sales/marketing experiences with all kinds of people...and understand your position very well.
NonyaPenang,....believe you me, there are all kinds of people in this world, but let "these" people who.. 'courtesy' is not one of their virtues further motivate you to greater heights. Remember, without them....your experiences will be but one less.
Your experience in this page titillated me to try bring a smile to your face, and so....

I CAN SELL ANYTHING. Lee walks into an insurance office and asks for a job.
"We don't need anyone," they replied.
Lee insisted, "You can't afford not to hire me. I can sell anyone, anytime, anything."
"Well we have two prospects that no one has been able to sell. If
you can sell just one, you have a job."
He was gone about two hours, and returned and handed them two checks - one for $25,000.00 and another for $50,000.00.
"How in the world did you do that?" they asked.
"I told you I'm the worlds best salesman. I can sell anyone, anywhere, anytime!"
"Did you get a urine sample?" they asked him.
"What's that?" he asked.
"Well, if you sell a policy over $20,000.00 the company requires a urine sample. Take these two bottles and go back and get urine samples."
Lee was gone about six hours and they were fixing to close shop when in he walks in with two five gallon buckets, one in each
hand. He sets the buckets down, and reaches in his shirt pocket and produces two bottles of urine, and sets them on the desk and says, "Here's Mr. Quah's and this one is Mr. Wong's."
"That's good," they said, "but what's in those two buckets?"
"Well, I passed by the Holiday Inn and they were having a State Teacher's Convention, so I stopped and sold them a group policy!"
You have a nice day, Nonya. UL
  At 7:36 PM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang, I forgot to mention just now...
"The Closing of a sale, is the beginning of an obligation".
Smile! UL.
  At 8:11 PM Blogger plink said:
Come, we go introduce Skunkie to them....
they are not aware, are they?

'prem' as in premature izzit? LOL

pssst....don't say so loud ler. nanti uncle lee choke on his ondeh-ondeh la......
king's wife,
ya hor, shud have told her i got one very powerful uncle lee. LOL

i actually find her quite entertaining - as she was blowing her trumpet, her head gets bigger and bigger.

just me,
don't lar say lidat. i very chicken-hearted wan la. :)

i oso good at giving excuses. LOL

**shakes head** just tak faham these people hor? so intimidating lidat.

betul, betul - just let them talk. but sometimes ah, they go off-track and when you try to gently guide them back, they suddenly say something like, "i'm a docter".
kelakar or not?

kenny ng,
i'll sue you for false declaration.

sengkor and sasha,
aiyoh, now that both of you mentioned, next time hor, before meeting up with them must ask first, "you siapa punya anak?"
tenkiu, tenkiu.

wah, tengah cuci mata in BKK? good la. cuci bersih-bersih, OK?
thanks for your advice. shall definitely 'kar yao' and charm them
sampai nama bapa pun terlupa liao!

small potatoes easier to mash hor?

hmmmm....maybe make mash potato out of them. wennnn will teach me.

hahahaha....tak berani ler. nanti dia sue gua cakap bohong.

ian, nid waste hau sui.

they never realised they're the kartun la.

wanna be my lawyer?

kenot, kenot. afturds they start throwing me bananas. LOL

hahaha....dat wan called 'shiok sendiri'.
ahlong biu mui?
sengkor,, quick ask whether got interest-free easy payment plan or not.

hahahaha....maybe kena 2nd charge of indecent exposure.

bapak borek anaknya rintik.

as a matter of fact, along the conversation i did puji her abit la, "you know a lot hor?" i said.
you shud see her kepala terus kembang, "of course. i've worked here, and here and here."

hi hijackqueen,
selamat datang!
that's why lor, gua very takuuuttt!

aiyoh, lidat terus masuk lock-up la.

what a lulu,
just say, "hi, i'm lulu". :)

dr chen,
or maybe can say, "wah, soooo crever ah?" LOL

Prof. Datuk Seri Yang Berhormat Dr Cocka Doodle,
wah, read your name, i oso turn pale ledi. lemme get more sarongs first.
uncle lee, so rindu sama gua. gua very kam tung - **sayangz uncle**
next time uncle wakes up at 5am hor, can please make me some pancakes - i like them with maple syrup. :P

hahahaha....uncle brought back to mind that motivational story. persistency and hard work present abundant rewards. thanks, uncle, for the kind words of wisdom. :)
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Skunkie? LOL
  At 12:46 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Nyonya, bila lu ada sikit masa and come visiting my blog please drop by my "meditation" post. I got one question for you. Kam siah vely much.
  At 2:44 AM Blogger sotongking said:
Wei Nyonya, post some tips or short cuts on closing sales la. I deeply in need of some.

I respect you, nyonya.
You can stay in this line for so long ^-^
  At 10:48 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Okie Nyonya when U wan to learn how to mash the potatoes.. I cum teach U!!
lulu dah figure out nak kata apa.
"wah... so lulu-ah?"
"wah... so lulu-ah!!!"
depending on the situation
at times, gua pun chiak pah siaw eng oso. you got many questions oso can shoot wan, no ploblem. gua plomis cuba jawab betul-betul mia.
have a good day. :)

yau mou kau chor? you berani pakai gua mia tips meh? nanti kena sue kaw-kaw sampai sotong tentacles semua pun jatuh. kakakakaka......

ok, ok. u kenot cum, i can go oso.
we press-press, mash-mash, rub-rub....ohhhh....shiokolingams.

what a lulu,
that fler got a bad attack of 'luluism'.
  At 7:29 PM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Good morning NonyaPenang, thought I'll peep in your house and read the many interesting comments written re sales etc. NonyaPenang, can I add my 25 cents here? I have had more than 35 years in sales/marketing (locally/overseas)
rising thru the ranks from a private up. I had always love being in sales. I even turned down a promotion to 'sales manager' once because I found out I had to duduk behind a desk and tolak a pen, (those days no computers yet)...cheee, nothing like being able to come and go, inbetween go kachow the SYT's in Cambell road, chiak kopi at Gurney drive (office hours) shoot the breeze with friends..ha ha. (otherwise no cheritas here too, ha ha).
I read about your client abit 'boh ka si' and it brings to mind, 3 of my successful sales achievement (among many others) were 'boh eng! Boh ka si' customers.
1/ A CEO who has his legs up on his table reading the papers and tells secretary he 'boh eng'. He had learned I was marketing products and services from a Eastern kongsi, but he (US educated) mati mati only use Western products. For 5 months I tried, he 'boh eng' but would see others. My boss was getting ulcers at my travelling claims, "Lee...if you don't close this deal..."!!
I then 'tackled' his secretary, sent her 2 dozen orchids with 'happy birthday' card attached,(ninjalogy) my tele. no. attached. She knows me from my unsuccessful visits, I think she also kesian me, 5 months HE 'boh eng'! Of course she phoned me, "hey Mr Lee, you got wrong date, my birthday passed few months ago la". I of course replied, "aiya, I wrote wrong date, but can call this 'post-dated' present". One evening she called me, "Mr Lee, don't tell my boss I say this, but he will be in tomorrow (a Saturday) clear his table, going away 1 week fishing holiday". Itu la dia!
I was at his office next day, WITHOUT my briefcase. He of course saw me, nodding then came out ,"what the hell you doing here today"? But his tone was friendly. Of course I said, I was in the vicinity and saw his Mercedes outside come say hello chiak kopi. He invited me into his office. I saw his fishing rods in a corner and of course told him where he could find Monster Tomans.
That was it! He suddenly forgot my "Mr" but addresed me as "Lee". The rest is history,(deal closed following month) It was a multimillion closing.
4 days short of 6 months!
2/ Also a big customer who 'boh kasi' with me months!! One day I found out he flying to another State. I rushed to airport in time and managed to get a seat next to him on the plane. 1st CLASS!!!! And me no lugguage...nothing! Was unprepared to travel. Can you imagine if I had failed, my boss sure crucify me to a durian tree, topmost branch too...he fly economy, I fly 1st CLASS? But to me it was "captive marketing", I had him to myself 55 minutes enroute...and 2 Jack Daniels later he smiles tells me, "pop in next week". We landed, he went off....I did U-turn and caught next flight back...ECONOMY of course. Sangkut him a month later, a BIG ONE too!
3/ Orang Puteh Big shot. "I'm not interested in what the f*** you selling and don't waste my time or my secretary's"!!
Few weeks later found out he going to another State and staying at a 5 star hotel. Of course I did too, (not my sales territory then)...if failed, guranteed kena goreng and bungkus by boss and cement block tie to my feet dump in sea near Pulau Jerajak! because not my area!
That night and following nights "accidentally" met him at Hotel restaurant, then "accidentally" in the lounge bar...and many, many, many glasses of Jack Daniels as well his Chivas Regal passed thru our lips (I paid!!)... Two weeks later secured multi-million dollar closing.
So NonyaPenang, thank you let me tumpang my 25 cents here...GO GET THEM! UL.
  At 8:09 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Uncle Lee, *tabik* to u.

nyonya, these people who appeal to their position are too lazy to think already. so they just say something totally boh related mia.
  At 8:56 PM Blogger 13th Panda said:
Its annoying hor?I know how u feel *pat pat*
uncle lee,
a big tabik to you. wanna shoot an elephant cannot use a pop gun, ya?
at this moment, no elephant insight yet but alot of small burungs, so i also cannot use bazzooka.
thanks for the sharing. keep them coming. :)

macam-macam mia orang pun ada. :)

13th panda,
wanna name-drop also must know how la. not like this fler, simply kasi only.