Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So Kurang Ajar Wan!

I was reading yenjai's post and I just couldn’t stifle a chuckle. Hehehehe….I was reminded of a similar incident whereby I had to ask for directions too. Hmmmm….come to think of it, I ask for directions ALL the time and despite being given supposedly clear instructions, I still find myself lost most of the time.

A couple of months ago, two of my Malay colleagues and I wanted to go pay our last respects to another Chinese colleague at the Nirwana Funeral Parlour in Sg Besi. We have sighted the building before; it can be clearly seen from the KL-Seremban Highway but none of us knew how to get there. Another colleague said that first, we have to go in to the Salak South area and should reach there after a couple of left turns. OK, sounds simple enough.

My colleague drove and I was the navigator. Bad choice, aitelyu. Got to Salak South with no problems but when we reached the area where there was road widening/construction, we were not too sure liao and somehow we ended in the highway again. After one big round, we were back to the earlier spot again. To avoid going into another wrong runaround, my colleague suggested that I go down and ask for directions. I saw a lorry driver just got into his lorry and I quickly waved and gestured to him to wait. I then waddled over to the lorry and gesticulated to the Indian driver to wind down the window.

Me : Tolong Boss, gua mau tanya sikit.

Driver : Huh?

Me : Mana itu Nirvana ah?

Driver : Apa?

Me : Nirvana. Itu Nirvana, you tau?

Driver : Tak tau la.

Me : Neh….itu orang mati mia rumah ah….

Driver : Tarak orang mati sini lar….

Me : Adalah. Kawan saya cakap dekat sini saja. Mau pusing mana ah?

Driver : Tarak la.

Me : Neh….itu rumah mayat larrr……

Driver : CHOOOY !!!!!... @%#$*&

The lorry driver engaged the gear and drove off; leaving me standing in a cloud of exhaust fumes.

Hmmmppffff… kurang ajar wan!
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yes i'm the 1st......

yet these days some ppls still very patang about funeral.......
  At 1:15 AM Anonymous may said:
haha! poor driver must've thought you were putting a curse on him!
  At 2:47 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
aiyer...why he so rude to Nyonya one???? Maybe miscomm lar that was why he sped off thinking Nyonya asked him to go to rimah orang mati... hehehe
  At 6:46 AM Blogger just me said:
"pantang" rules the day here! Thus, his rude response.
  At 8:49 AM Blogger sming said:
Choyyyy... ah ? hehehe
So farnie...
  At 9:50 AM Blogger u-jean said:
maybe he thought you were cursing him or playing a joke on him.
worse still... maybe he thought you weren't human!
  At 9:51 AM Blogger JL said:
How did you find the place in the end ya?

Maybe En. Loli Driver thought you were looking for enlightment, Nirvana ^_^
  At 10:01 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Lain kali don't lah ask lorry driver, ask people from kopi tiam, maybe better. I was also about to suggest lu bawa GPS tapi gua sudah gaduh sama gua punya GPS systemlah.
  At 10:13 AM Blogger ilene said:
Aiyoh..."cheow kah por tor tiah"! Very interesting conversation meh. So you've got a free "mask". Save money on facial aledi. Yah, like JL, I would also like to know whether you eventually found the place?

Now that you've mentioned Nirwana, let me tell you my experience at THAT place. When I was there one day, I enquired from the front desk on which floor is the prayer hall, if there was one to begin with. The girl over there told me: "turn here, take the lip, base 4". So I went as instructed lah. Once in the lift, I couldn't find the button for basement 4 (assuming that was what I understand to be). Then my clever daughter said probably she meant PRESS 4. So, ok lah press 4. Lift door open and what laid in front of me were coffins, rows and rows of it! "Choi, choi, choi" and my mum quickly walked out! So much for directions! kekekekeeee
Aiyo, call me next time mah. I very the familiar with that area... kekeke
  At 11:01 AM Anonymous eve said:
u know...if u are in India , if u asked for road directions....they will always tell u one thing..."'s walking distance fr here"..and the walking distance can be from few minutes to few hrs of walking....kekkekke
  At 11:18 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Choy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe
  At 1:11 PM Anonymous mott said:
wah..that nirvana..damn far la..I don't blame you!! If I die..I don't want nirvana..too far la..all the live ppl sure curse me somemore one!!!
  At 2:07 PM Blogger dreamie said:
kakaka... i think the driver doubting whether you human or spirit ...fai dit lari kuat kuat in fear !!
  At 5:22 PM Blogger angel said:
nxt time before you go anywhere u not sure wan, can ask in your blog first :)
  At 6:12 PM Blogger William said:
The Chinese are notoriously touchy about the subject of death. But it's such a giant landmark, the lorry driver should know mah...

I hear that the interior is very posh, like a hotel.
hi pisang gorrrrrengg.....
so nice of you come and visit. lu apa khabar. gua pernah tanya if you ada blog baru. kasi la addy.

i'm just using the simplest bahasa i can think of. LOL

i think he pantang the word 'mati' lor. LOL

just me,
i guess so. :)

that's the word he used. LOL

i thot my bee-em boleh tahan mia?

i asked another fler la. LOL

i thot driver hor, mana-mana lubang pun tau ma. LOL
kakakaka....can gaduh sama GPS system ah? lu ho liao!

kakakaka....level 4 is the showroom la.
btw, i asked another cinapek for the directions.

i called but your sexyturkey (secretary la) said you mating, ooops...i mean meeting wor. :D

aiyoh, lidat wan ar? LOL

oK, OK, you teach me how to ask lar.
"err...itu tempat orang tidur mia... - afturds he thot i'm trying to pick him up la.

buden, very clean and comfortable wor.

i think he pantang lar.

good idea hor, lidat?

that's what i thot so - driver sure know the way wan la.
ya, it's very posh - fully air-cond. in the lobby, you won't realise it's a funeral parlour. summore got coffee house, got showroom and i think got hotel rooms too.
jl & william
i just can;t get to leave comments on your blogs. it keep on asking me to try again later. i tried like 10 kali liao, each time typing in new word verification. :(
  At 11:30 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Why not just stop at any petrol station and ask?
sorry nyonya
i change my add. to try to get back my ads...
bkoz my ads was sabotaje by 1 'KURANG AJAR" blogger...
kanot see people senang wan...
always wan to be 1st.
this is my new site:
  At 2:26 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiyo Nyonya U ask the wrong questions liao issit!! Sked da felur until lali cepat cepat......
hahahaha...aiya lorry driver pantang ma!!
  At 11:20 AM Anonymous JL said:
aisey why liddat? Sori about that... thanks for the 10 kali cubaan & dugaan. Appreciate it ^_^

I can't log on from my office as well. Must be the IT people 'kao kao chan'. hmmm... wonder wat should i bring them for lunch, a knuckle sandwich or a KicKapoo :P
  At 11:20 AM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang...What? KL's 'Happy Hunting Grounds' now called "Nirvana"? At first I bacha what you mentioned I scratched my head...Wa, 'game over' pun ada style, huh?
All I know (my time, of course) is/was, " Hoi!where that hantu Ah Cheng now after he tendang the pail"? "Ohh, he now in Cheras la".
So now 2006 can say, "Hoi..where that old rascal Ah Kok now after he kena heart attack fool around with 18 year SYT in Genting bilek"? "Ohh, he now in 'Nirvana". Wa, go in style ohh!
You think I should migrate back KL when about 'my time' to go? arhaaa ha ha. "Where Uncle Lee"? "Ohh, he's in Nirvana". "You mean Nirvana with woman at night in Batu Ferringhi or Camerons"? "No la cheh!..tai ka lai si!Nirvana Happy Hunting grounds la"!
And to think my definition of "Nirvana" is lying in bed reading latest book on K. Sutra when a SYT comes out of bathroom after shower berkemban and smiling sexily.
Okay...I better watch what I type from now on...aiyeeya, afterwards I buka cherita about SYT and Uncle in Nirvana...then Angel or Wenwen bang their forehead, "WHAT? Uncle Lee game over? No Nirvana? Ya la..he hantu fool around so many SYT's"...Arhaaa ha ha.
You have a nice day, Nony. UL.
didn't notice any petrol station, so thot loli drebar sure know wan ler.

pisang goreng,
okie, okie, i link the new site.

i thot i speaking veli simple bee-em ma. manatau he mcam sot chor lidat. :)

ya lor, dunno he got pigi mandi bunga or not. LOL

sounds like a healthy combination - knuckle sandwich & kickapoo.
gua cuba today pun tak boleh. :( your other frens boleh komen tak?
uncle lee,
hahahaha....your idea of nirvana same-same like nony mia. gua suka very much.
  At 4:04 PM Blogger huisia said:
Wah, Indian also said CHOooY..
hi huisia,
welcome to my kampung blog.
we all bangsa maraysia mah. LOL
atcherly i was quite taken aback too when he said "CHHOOYYY!"
  At 4:55 PM Blogger titoki said:
The driver deaf-deaf dei one issit?
gua very sure he no deaf. he quite soay chai lor.
  At 6:31 PM Blogger William said:
Takpe la. Guna anonymous je.
  At 9:36 PM Blogger Winn said:

imagined if u've said :"neh...tempat ada hantu tu ar...''
  At 10:41 PM Blogger JL said:
my fren can komen... maybe blogger's server siao siao di
william & jl,
baru orite sikit liao. :)

winn, bee-em good wan la.
  At 10:31 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
nyonya. u and ahnel memang geng...dunno directions!!! Itu nirvana, everytime go from KL to KLIA sure got drive past one!!! Imagine ppl fon and ask where are u and u say...I'm at nirvana!!! Friend think u kaput oredi. BTW, u shud have said itu orang kaya punya rumah mayat!!!
  At 2:55 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Aiya.. just communication breakdown lerr. Dia tak paham apa lu cakap.

Choyyy! Orang cina kah?
  At 6:50 PM Blogger Sam said:
He could've just said: "I really, really, really, really don't know."

  At 10:44 PM Blogger Syafique said:
i am a new reader! love the blog! hmm, i've always wanted to see the inside of Nirvana Memorial Center. IT must be nice.
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