Friday, December 15, 2006

A Blog Addict Mia FRUSSSSSS

Kan gua ini sekarang blog addict? I enjoy blogging very much – I got loads to merepek about; I like peeking into other people’s blogs and being the typical kaypoh, oftentimes, I’d leave my 1 sen worth of comments la.

And these past 2 days is nothing but frustrations for me only. You know how difficult it is or not???? Happily, I would go into someone’s blog and after reading the delightful tales, I also want to blabber a bit la. After typing my most ‘creatively-crafted’ (to me, at least! LOL) comment followed by the funny looking stick-together word verification (where needed) and then ‘Send’, out comes out this stooooopid line, “Could not log you in. Double check your password or try again later.”

At first I thought, I typed wrongly (I’m also a 2-finger typist la). So, I re-typed many times and that message pops up repeatedly. GERAM betul! Has it got anything to do with Beta Blogger or what? I don’t know what is wrong. All I know is I’m FRUSSSS bigtime now. Just imagine la, dying to talk, but not allowed to. Got a feeling angin going to naik soon – kuali, periuk, senduk, piring, batu lesong, batu giling, etc… might just be flying outta my window.


Yippee! I can post my comments liao. Only those blogs using Beta Blogger give this problem la. And now my comments in those blogs appear only as ‘Nyonya’ instead of the usual ‘Nyonyapenang’ and the profile pic is lost somewhere 


I got angsty when I needed to quickly post my comment on jl's blog and I was unable to do so. Grrrrr...... This charmer and sweetie posted something here and I just wanna thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Sayangzzz to you, jl.
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Try logging in on your blog. Then open another window of the blog that you would like to visit and comment without closing the window on your signed in page. That should do the trick!
  At 1:06 AM Blogger angel said:
I noticed it happens to Beta Blogger blogs and when I use Internet Explorer in the office. No problem signing in when I use Mozilla Firefox at home... weird... i oso got very frust yesterday! Damn liu, i tell u...
  At 1:26 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nony, Houston had a successful lift off. Orbiting SEA. Keep an eye open.
Re your "frussss", ha ha..I can imagine. used so many Nonya typical lingo I have not heard a long time, i.e.Lesong, belangah" etc. have been getting into my house no problemos all these days.
I checked...IT IS NOT YOUR BLOG, MY BLOG or whose is the BLOG itself (nothing to do with'Beta") having technical problems as I checked their 'news' and ya la...I kena few times when about to publish my cherita etc. They sufferring from 'Blogtelities la...!Don't "frusss" Nony, have a iced'll be okay, ah ha.
  At 1:29 AM Anonymous may said:
had that problem too, last night. Blogger / Blogspot problem lah. always laidet... geram!
sabar...... sabarrr....
slow slow......

i use beta but no problem until now...
and you can log in tru Gmail.
  At 7:01 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Aiyah, I tot I the only one encounter this problem yesterday. I type my password so many times (2 fingers oso), mau leave comment as "anonymous" or "other" pun computer tak mau kasi.
  At 8:29 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
So far I haven't had any problems leaving comments except those blogs that are meant for blogspot bloggers to comment only.

Anyway, you won't have any problems leaving your comments on my blog & you're most welcome there anytime, Kak. ;)
eiyerrrrr this beta flaws dunno when can recover leh...i think i will switch the word verification off to save everyone's headache...
eiyerrrrr this beta flaws dunno when can recover leh...i think i will switch the word verification off to save everyone's headache...
  At 8:46 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
yalah... i oso have the same problem wth this blogger beta. that's why sometimes i lazy even to try commenting already.

especially those blogs that do not allow anonymous comments and must comment using a blogger account.

sometmes i wonder why people don't allow anonymous comments. it's not as if they get lots of spams or what. if got people condemn you anonymously, just delete lah. and that oso far and few. almost none actually, if you don't write too contravercially.
  At 9:05 AM Blogger sengkor said:
yay, i m not alone!! i tot i remember my password wrongly tim.. u know la these days, got 101 passwords to remember..
Yes. I have the same problem.
I can't comment on "just me" blog.
  At 10:00 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nonya, I can see a lot of members here also suffering from 'Noblogtelities'...and the more serious one "Tabolehmasuklities",
Uncle Lee now buka small table and stool sell: "Aspirin...Aspirin, Mari mari, Lei laa, lei laaa! Special today only! Tylenol, Panadol..Fung yow, Tiger Balm...oh sorry Tiger Balm no stock, Angel bought all, Tongkat ali, Kacip Fatimah...Mari mari". X'cuse ah...
***counting my Ringgits now***
"Mari mari...False rambut special offer, false hair offer". (Good for those pulling out their hair in frustration). "Waaa Mata la ohh, chow lorrr! Chabut Oi"!
get a chatbox to vent.. when you can't leave comments.
  At 11:17 AM Blogger sming said:
NP, I also have the same problem. me not on beta blogger yet.. is that why we have this problem ?
So sometimes I am sming..some times i am suming.
yeap, LM, that's y i left a comment on ur chatterbox. :P
got problemo...
  At 11:21 AM Blogger huisia said:
In fact, i don't like the blog with word verification is being turned on, it is so troublesome as sometimes the word just never loaded.
  At 11:39 AM Anonymous eve said: no prob with mine..hehe..lucky...or else...*pulls hair
  At 12:53 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Las Montanas...I guess you're right. Don't will not be seeing me here anymore. My apologies to you. You have a nice day, Uncle Lee checking out....
  At 12:57 PM Blogger titoki said:
Use Haloscan~!!! :)

Have a nice weekend my highness.
  At 1:12 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiyo Nyonya no worry all have the same same problem so Nyonya dun fruss fruss okie!!! But hor Nyonya tell Uncle kenot sell Tongkat Ali liao becoz Ace sapu all liao........ Angel sapu all the Tiger Balm, ace sapu all the TA!!! Kakkakakkakkakaka.....
Tsk tsk I think Uncle misundestood wat LM said la.... Chatbox not refering to him lor....
  At 2:03 PM Anonymous mott said:
sooooo...nyonya..u addict la issit?
lulu also went beta recently.

then always kena the
"Switched to the beta?
Sign in with your Google Account"

and when i click the sign in, my comments got lost. all those so-susah-to-think-how-to-sound-intelligent remarks gone. not easy for a lulu to think intelligently you know. geram.
are you having this same problem?
then lulu got a bit smarter. copy and paste the comment somewhere else first. then if hilang, can copy and paste back.
then lulu tambah smart lagi. sign on first, then only comment. don't so kancheong comment.
  At 2:33 PM Blogger just me said:
just ketuk a litte harder, shouldn't be a problem for you, your ketuk can be heard all the way in canada!
  At 2:33 PM Blogger AceOne said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  At 2:36 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Aiks!! I tot i'm having this problem all to myself tim. Now i can comment ledi. kekeke.
  At 2:57 PM Blogger Bernard said:
I thought that i was having problem beos of my GRPS connection.. nampaknye it's the server-end mia problem.
  At 3:02 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Blogspot always got problems one la, I'm using beta version so far no problem to leave comments in Basic or Beta versions. Sometimes will be lag must be some idiots leave comments like chatting in YM or MSN.

Anyway... free things no good, good things not cheap.
  At 4:03 PM Blogger JL said:
wah... seems like every Tom, Dick, & Harry; Tina, Diana & Hannah are having the same problem.

No need to frust ya Kak Nyonya. Everyone of us know how you felt. *pats back*

and you are most welcome! ^_^

Terima Kasih Daun Keladi
  At 10:26 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
now i know why i tak see nyonya's daily wise word of wisdom on my blog. rindu sama nyonya! dun marah-marah nanti i belanja ais kacang! =)

sayangz =)
  At 10:27 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
now i know why i tak see nyonya's daily wise word of wisdom on my blog. rindu sama nyonya! dun marah-marah nanti i belanja ais kacang! =)

sayangz =)
  At 10:29 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  At 10:31 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  At 10:32 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  At 2:41 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i had this prob too as i tot i wrongly type my password then tried more than 5 times...cheh...

btw nice to meet u and thanks for the "Tong Shui" treat ;)
  At 4:00 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
aiyer... me too very frusss!!!! wanted to comment but the pages never load... almost wanted to ask you to tell Uncle that I can't even get near the comment boxes...ish ish ish!

Maybe have to leave comments at 3/4 am then no probs hor?
  At 10:08 AM Blogger Winn said:
we all know u are a blog addict...

page ranking hor?????LOL! u sure can one.

if u learn a few late nite 'h yeh liu'chupping from may u will succeed!!yay
  At 11:20 AM Blogger dreamie said:
haiyah this ...!@#%$*#^&*^ blogspot
at times making people sot sot
addicted to blogs what to do
just have to patient and redo

take a break
have a snack
drink liong cha ... (herbal tea)

  At 11:47 AM Anonymous JL said:
i had a great time yesterday. Tenkiu Angel for inviting gua.

It's my pleasure to meet with all of you ^_^

Tenkiu Kak Nyonya for the treat. So your anak anak masih berkomputer game when you reached home kah?
ya lor, i suppose kalau depan tak dapat, must try belakang ledi. :)

liu, liu, liu........:(

uncle lee,
getting to your house memang no ploblem. it's the commenting part that is driving me wild.

farn sei yan!

pisang goreng,
made me so fed-up.

dunno what's really wrong ler.

dunno la - kadang-kadang orite, kadang-kadang tak orite. :(

gua too malas to use word verification.

ah pek,
semua pun welcome to komen at my blog la.

be careful; don't accidentally terketuk kepala. nanti semua passwords terdelete from memory.

also hor, sometimes it takes like a lifetime to load. :(

uncle lee,
how cum tiger balm no stock????
don't bruff wor. gua baru helped angel sent one consignment to you thru FedEx.
you wanna keep for own use izzit????

las montanas,
i'll rant all over the place. LOL

gua mia sama jugak - sometimes it appears as 'nyonya' and sometimes 'nyonyapenang' and sometimes NOT AT ALL. haiyah...sot-sot ledi la.

ya lor, sometimes the word verification appears as some twisted and jumbled up alphabets, so susah to read wan.

why you sooooo spesel wan???
gua jeles.

errr....gotta learn from you la. gua ni very blur nyonya.
you have a great weekend too!

hahahaha....unker mia Tongkat Ali Canada la - big and spesel wan. :)

gua ketaggihan blog!

what a lulu,
wuuahhh....can follow lulu's style ledi. a bit mahfun but better than frusss lidat lor.
thanks, lulu

just me,
dis wan must 'BANG, BANG, BANG!'

kasi susah nia hor, lidat.

nest time got sikit ploblem, BLOG about it la. then everybody also know.

heard beta also kasi ploblem wor.

paiseh la. gua mesti balas komen. if not frens think gua ini sombong.

aiyoh, dun la say lidat. kadang-kadang gua kasi my 1sen worth lor.
ais kacang??? when?

ah nel,
ahhh...can order extra bowl also. :)

dunno ler...3/4am ar? gua in dreamland liao lor.

you also neber teach me wan. you oni teach liucas la. so liucas PR berapa huh?

haiyah....wanna throw batu giling at them ledi la.

the pleasure is mine. :)
see you again.
  At 9:46 PM Blogger Chen said:
nice meeting u, nyonya :)
trying to count how many hours nyonya talked yest night :P
thanks for the loh-loh treat :D
  At 11:14 PM Blogger liucas said:
MY PR sure better than urs wan. tho mostly silent reader. HMM
  At 12:37 AM Anonymous anonymous will said:
nice to meet you... and thanks for the KTZ treat :D
  At 12:40 AM Anonymous anonymous will said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dr chen,
you counting meh? i thot you sibuk with applying anaesthetic to the poor semut which winn squashed up.

no ploblem, doc. next time we loh-loh again, ok? :)

why silent???? eat too much satay until no voice izzit??? hehehehe...

anonymous will,
my pleasure. :)
thanks for popping by here.
  At 10:33 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
blogger sucks big time lately on comments section
  At 12:41 PM Blogger Bernard said:
You are right nyonya.. need to bring it to the attention of more people.
  At 3:16 PM Anonymous anonymous will said:
eh kenapa my comment come out twice... like deja vu only :P
  At 11:11 PM Blogger ah nel said:
u said wan ha...later i order 5 bowls u don complain in ur blog... :P
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