Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Tables Have Turned

When my boys started to go out with their own friends, I’d always want to know who they are going out with, where they are going to and what time can I expect them to be back. I even keep a list of their friends telephone numbers. I explained to them the rationale of my actions and questions. It was not to deny them privacy or that I was being extra nosey but at least to know where to look for them in case the need arises. If and when they are unusually late, I’d send an sms or just give them a call. And I do stay up and wait for them. I’d be in my room drifting in and out of snoozeland and I’d only go into deep slumber when I finally hear the main door open and then clicked shut.

The other night, I told them that I’d be out with my blogbabas and blognyonyas for dinner. And what a dinner we had; from 8.00pm to 1.00am. Bigboy got worried and he CELCOMed me, “Mama, where are you? Are you OK? Coming back ledi?”

My lips instantly curled into a smile. I told him that I was on my way and I should be home in another 10 minutes or so. Bigboy waited downstairs for me. Smallboy was still awake playing on-line games in his room.

See, the tables have turned liao. They may just ask to keep a list of my friends’ phone numbers too.
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  At 3:07 PM Blogger Winn said:
..and my number is 012abcdef...

:) my parents wld stay up and wait for me when i come home late also. they would sleep and wait in the living room. ahah tat makes me feel bad!

but then hor, if they come home late i will get worried too la..
  At 4:31 PM Blogger titoki said:
So cute. How old are your boys? :)
  At 4:46 PM Blogger JL said:
Every mama is the same Kak ^_^ my mama does that too.

Gua have a whiteboard at home hoh with my kengkawan mia kontek number. Before gua kuar berjoli wif my kengkawan, gua wil let mama know wat time gua wil pulang & tick the nama-nama of the kengkawan i'm going our with, so mama wil know who to kring..kring.. if she takdapat kring..kring.. her Ah Boy.

Ah Tai so kuai la. BTW Any news bout his interbiu?
  At 4:47 PM Anonymous kat said:
Ya-lor, how old are your boys? I didn't even know you had kids, let alone ones who go out by themselves with their friends!

Once I went out with friends at 9am and only came home at 2am, with no phone call in between (during my ancient days of teenhood, there were only those big water-bottle tai kor tai, and these are usually not within reach of regular ppl..). I found my dad sitting in the living room in the dark, waiting for me. He didn't scold me, just got up and went to his room without saying a word after seeing me come in safely. Aitelyu, that was so effective and I felt so terrible, it was one lesson which I never forgot and I never did it ever again!!

(dunno why so long-winded with my comment, and it doesn't even have anything to do with your post.. sorry-ah, nyonya.)
  At 4:47 PM Blogger angel said:
Kakakaka! Big Boy! Told you to cum, but you eksyen, kan? :P

All Mamas are the same-same wan...
  At 5:09 PM Anonymous may said:
your Bigboy tai kor jai liao! so hau soon... next time bring him along to meet all the lovely jiejies, ok? *wink!*
  At 5:34 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
You brought them up well, Kak Nyonya.
You have shown them how to show their love & care & be concerned for their mother.

They love you just as much as you love them.

Maybe the next time you know you gonna be late, just ring & tell them that you're OK & that you'll be back soon.. or just leave a number of one of your friends whom you are meeting.. just in case they can't contact you.. eg. your mobile's battery is flat.

That's what I normally do.. 'cos my parents worry when I'm extremely late, too. :)
  At 6:10 PM Blogger ah nel said:
muahaha...i left my hometown few days later baru my father called ask me not in kuching ledi kar coz my brother told him i din came back for few days...*i left home without notice* hehe
  At 6:23 PM Blogger Will said:
haha... nyonya jie, tables turned indeed :P
  At 7:13 PM Blogger just me said:
Mine asks me where I am going if she sees me dressed to go out, and with whom
  At 8:01 PM Anonymous mott said:
phoowarrr..you very hip and happening la nyonya! Your boys are damn lucky!!!
gua tarak doter. if i have hor, i might just pull my bangku and wait by the gate. kakakakaka......

ehhh...liucas don't wait for you wan ah?

22 & 19 nia la. :)

betul la.
soli jugak la. kitorang bising sangat when your momma MAXIS you that evening. she must be thinking this group of blogbabas and blognyonyas betul-betul KENG lor. so next time, we pigi makan, tulis la gua mia CELCOM nombor. :D
itu leh, belum ada berita lagi.

they are 22 & 19.
now it's their turn to stay up and wait for their mama. :)
  At 11:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
angel jiejie,
dowan ler. mama merepek until tak habis-habis wan. :)

bigboy & smallboy
i think he takut gua terkena robbed.
they very paiseh wan to join my frens.

yalor, gua overlooked. should have called them earlier. gua was having sooooooo much fun sampai terlupa liao lor.

ah nel,
ini maciam pun boleh ar? i think better get lokter to put in a microchip in your body la. easier to track lidat. LOL

very true leh!

just me,
hahahaha.....that's the way la.

hip ar? good hor lidat. LOL
  At 11:21 PM Blogger sengkor said:
give them my number! but ask them dun call me ok..
  At 11:25 PM Blogger JL said:
No worry Kak :) my mama dah tahu gua kuar with a bunch of keng keng babas & nyonyas. If gua give mama Kak Nyonya's number then habis la gua. Mama surely will kontek nyonya and mengumpat pasal gua mia :P
  At 11:35 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
hehehe...so cute lar your sons... but I'm sure you get those warm feelings when you received the sms rite?
  At 11:41 PM Blogger Chen said:
your bigboy so cute geh..
luckily he didnt scold us for kidnapping his mama for so long :P
  At 11:53 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
LOL... if he keep all the contacts, he sure report to police that we all kidnapped u liao... that time we all cham lor.. :P
  At 1:30 AM Blogger doc said:
what a heartwarming story!

i'm a late-sleeper, so when my turn comes to wait for my kids to come home, i should have no problem waiting up. but i want to try out what kat's dad did - seemed effective. ha ha.

nyonya, you have brought up your boys well. congrats!
  At 4:35 AM Blogger _butt said:
Hmm.. so now they understand the reason that you did :)
  At 6:14 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Smart boys you have there, Nyonya so dun lah go disko dancing until late late OK? Afturds they worry about you.
  At 9:38 AM Blogger sming said:
Hmm... I wonder if I ever made my mom smile like you...
anyway, good for you NP.... I think you are the envy of all mothers.. ( macam I sudah jadi emak)
Ps. today I wear baju kebaya nyonya, some ppl think I really am nyonya.. coz my dad from Malacca mar. heheeh
  At 10:13 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Is that what they call 7-year each OR "Life begins at 40" or "Miang miang keladi makin tua, makin jadi?" LOL!!! That ahnel reminds me of story of The Prodigal Son?? He eloped with somebody or wat???
  At 10:14 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Oops! I mean 7-year itch!! Must be the crap...I mean, crabs!!! Haiya! Mind short circuit these days!! LOL!
  At 11:03 AM Anonymous eve said:
when i was younger my mom always do that to me..an interrogation b4 i go out...i used to be soo annoyed..but now..i understand her..i would do the same to my daughter oso..err..i think her daddy will do it..daddy super protective one.
  At 12:49 PM Anonymous ikanbilis said:
my mum calls if she doesn't know where i am but if she does she wouldn't call. she just need to know my location and the people i'm with, thats all. and as for me and my sister, we would wait for her if she's out and coming home late - a housewife that hardly goes out without a daughter is missing once, and we both waited all night.
It must be so heart-warming to get that call from your boy.
You raised them well.
  At 3:52 PM Anonymous kat said:
I just teringat one incident. It was a few months back when me and hubby met up with some bloggers for the first time for king's wife burfday. We were supposed to stay just for dinner (my parents were babysitting), but ended up going dancing (cocka wanted to show off his moves to the lengluis) at this club. So by the time we reached my parents' place, it was about 3 am, I think. Went in, my father walked out of his room, I swear I felt like I was 16 again, caught sneaking in after my curfew!! And there I was at the ripe old age of 30-something and married with 2 kids!!! But it was my fault for not calling earlier... I was too mesmerised by the filmstar looks of KW and sengjai!

Sorry again, nyonya, for another long winded comment. But you are so welcoming, I can't help but share stories with you! ;)
is that your number?? that wan listed under maikai seng?

jangan risau. gua mulut penuh cokulit, takkan 'tercakap' mia. :D


dr chen,
no la. itu salah gua jugak. gua lupa CELCOM them. :)

no laku for kidnapping mia la :)

hahaha....that time hor, can add "J.P." to your nama liao.
- Jaga Pintu -

i hope so. errr....so far no complaints. :)

you know lar, disco-pisco liao 'naik-fever' mah, so semua pun lupa lor.

no lar. gua ni luan-luan lai mia.
am sure your momma did her way with wonderful outcomes too. :)
wuuah....kebaya ar? gua macam tak muat lagi loh.

itch??? mm sai takut....ada mopiko and tiger balm.
errr...treatment of brain short-circuit ah? get piaomei to rub-rub tiger balm. sure kau tim mia.

because all the daddies know all the tricks in the books. LOL

you mommy has a good son and a good daughter. :)

thanks. i did what i believe i should. :)
  At 5:36 PM Blogger William said:
The tables have turned for the better, it seems. Your boy already knows to look out for you.
  At 7:11 PM Blogger ah nel said:
hehe...im not criminal worr...i just like to do crazy thing nia... :)
  At 11:40 PM Blogger u-jean said:
when i was younger, my mum would DEMAND to know who i'm going out with, where, how many people, boy or girl, and their handphone numbers. nowadays she doesn't.

but when i don't see her at home, i'll be the one calling her to know where she is and when she's coming back

mm sai so hak hei wan la. you're very welcomed here. bila-bila saja pop by and share your cerita. :)

i guess have to look out for this blur mama. many times tersesat jalan liao. :D

ah nel,
you see, we sayang you soooo much. takut lu hilang nia la or maybe go buy nasi lemak liao din come bek.

style sama jugak ya? :D
Merry Christmas to you
  At 12:26 AM Blogger ah nel said:
ohhh...i duno a guy with picture will get sayang from good ppl oso as i tot onli pulice will sayang me... ;)

din kambek nvm as not much ppl wana read my boling post oso...hehe
  At 6:31 PM Blogger Bernard said:
My boy already started liao, "..and don't forget to come home." and " ..don't work too hard." ;-)
merry christmas & happy new year to you and all at home. :)

ah nel,
people sayang you oso kenot ar? dun care, we still wanna sayang lu - pikture or no pikture still the same.
aiyah, if you hilang hor, we hafta spend alot of time to look for you
la. then who gonna jaga all our blogs leh?

get you all cuzzy-wuzzy, rite? :)
  At 11:47 PM Blogger ah nel said:
ohhh...i tot ppl got picture will had impression to others...hehe...nyonya reli sporting...

no need spend alot of time wan as read in newspaper can ledi... ;)
see that time who wana volunteer jaga lorr...
  At 4:36 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Ya i get all "cuzzy-wuzzy". haha.
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