Thursday, December 21, 2006

Joget Mama

Bigboy has not started work yet so I get to spend a little bit more time with him now and I am making the most out of it. Once he starts work, in all probability, I’ll need to fix an appointment just to have a meal of “chee cheong fun” with him. So we do lunch together on most days and for the past few evenings, have been doing dinner outside too. Aiyoh, gua balik lambat, no time to cook and err….gua lazy jugak lar. Hate all those cleaning and washing and mopping after each session of kuali-banging. **sighs**

And it’s during these short bonding sessions that Bigboy will drop his occasional pearl or two. Bigboy is by nature a quiet chap. Most times, he’ll just nod and smile if he agrees but he can really tell his piece, and very strongly too, if it’s otherwise.

Earlier, Smallboy had joined his friends for small dinner party at Sunway Pyramid, so Bigboy and I went out for a simple meal. On our way home, this conversation took place:-

Me : Haiyah……if she had married that royalty hor, now she senang-senang liao lor.

Bboy : Ohh….

Me : That chap did ask for her hand you know? That time she still in uni overseas lar. She tolak and later kahwin someone else.

Bboy : Ohh….

Me : But tak ngam her la, the lifestyle, kalo she married him. She’d suffocate and die la. Suka to party kuat-kuat, play kuat-kuat, and err. ….I heard sometimes mabuk kuat-kuat jugak. Hehehehe….she memang enjoys it ler.

Bboy : Nasib baik my mother not lidat ler.

Me : **woooowwww! a compliment!…..gua speechless for 2 minutes.**

Me : Been there, done that la. But when I decided to become a mother, a mother I will be. No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’. Sekarang you dua beradik sudah besar hor, gua boleh balik party liao la. Kakakakaka……..And you jaga pintu for me, ok? Kakakakaka….

So, babas and nyonyas…….bila kita pigi berjoget?????
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  At 12:39 AM Anonymous may said:
your Bigboy very panai gip compliment to you in his own way, teehee! mari mari, we go joget, bring Bigboy along to keen sik har ahma ke pang yau, ok? ;)
  At 12:42 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
I said it before & I said it again:
"Kak Nyonya Rocks" ;)
  At 2:11 AM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha!!! Like how uncle lee would say, "Woo-hoo!!!!"

The last time we went berjoget with the Blogger Babas & Nyonyas was at RP (Rumah Peranakan - waaa! so ngam you hor!) beside Hyatt Saujana, neh, the time kat went home and the daddy walked out in the dark wan ahh... kakaka...

When and where was your Last Joget?
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  At 4:47 AM Anonymous kat said:
Jom, mai pi joget!! Kali ni, mesti bagi mak-bapak tau gua balik lewat!!
  At 8:05 AM Blogger Will said:
i wanna join i wanna join too :P
  At 10:47 AM Anonymous just me said:
High time there is a joget session cum work-out after all the feasting sessions!
  At 11:02 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
nyonya, ur son very quiet, is it bcos u talk all the time and he got no chance to talk??? LOL!!! Wah! When I go KL we go joget, can or not? Where got nice place?? Zouk??? LOL!!! I bring my daughter, u bring ur son...and we can "phuek chin"??? LOL!!!
  At 12:37 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
ur big boy really genius, just a short sentence can shoot all down. Bila nak berjoget? bila-bila la... just a call ayam will kambing!
  At 12:45 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wah... u hot hot Nyonya lar!
  At 2:03 PM Blogger famil said:
joget??? aiya.. for oldies saja.. hi hi hi
  At 2:06 PM Anonymous mott said:
joget??I WANT..but my cikus...still cikus la...must wait till they besar besar!!!SOBS!!!
  At 2:19 PM Blogger sengkor said:
let's go fengtau!
  At 2:55 PM Blogger JL said:
Did i hear joget! Jangan lupa gua...
*polish capal*
gua asked him. he thinks i'm a bit nutty here ler. LOL

"rock round the clock" :)

WhoooHooo!!! lidat same or not?
ya, ya, i read about that in someone post. :D
my last joget ar? aiyoh.....kenot count ledi, not enough fingers and toes la. :D

ya, itu frens mia kontek nombor mesti kasi tulis besar-besar on the wall la. :D

must pakai sarong wan you know. :)

just me,
sure, sure...coming up liao. :)
  At 3:15 PM Blogger sming said:
Let's go to the new club in town.. ALOHA!! along Jln P. Ramlee
hehe.. I am going there tomorrow nite.. :P
11pm.. pat kin pat san aaaaaa :P
boys more quiet wan lar.
bila you mau datang and take me do the twist? jangan-jangan cakap song-song saja la.

what talipon you use huh? call 'ayam' then 'kambing' lai ar? pakai CELCOM ler. LOL
kenny mesti 'rock steady', ok?

not very hot lar; sikit-sikit 'demam' nia la. :D

aiyoh, gua tak le 'goncang kepala' lor. :)

check out and see got ciku-sitting service or not. :)

kenot lar. gua minum kopi pun pening ledi; summore ask me go fengtau. can do a-go-go la. :D

gua pun kena order kasut manik dulu.
when my order for grass-skirts arrive first la. :D
  At 6:28 PM Blogger Bernard said:
That means I cannot yet oso, have to wait for my joseph to grow up oso lah.
  At 6:55 PM Blogger Will said:
pakai sarong? no problemo :P hehehe
  At 7:06 PM Blogger ah nel said:
kam we go joget...but i duno how ler?
  At 7:07 PM Blogger ah nel said:
im 52 yrs old stil can joget kar?later my ostrichpolosis back bone pun putus...
  At 9:42 PM Blogger savante said:
Pergi joget dengan all the gay boys. You'd be safe as hell and you'd be free to grope everyone like crazy.

And Bigboy? Errr... think you need a less suggestive name :)
  At 10:58 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Nyonya I wan to cum too we go joget sama sama lah!!!
Jom, kita pigi pegang mike!! ;-)
  At 1:41 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Joget style nyonya bolih? So bila mau kasi first lesson?
the day will come just too soon. :)

must ikat properly tau? :D

ah nel,
senang nia la. just lompat sikit, goyang sikit can ledi. :)

aisehman, afturds i spoil their fun and all of them run away la.
O_o_O_o.....any suggestions on the name?

come, come i tunggu you. :D

king's wife,
OK...oK...u pegang mike, gua joget.

sekalang semua moden style veli senang wan. just lompat and goyang can ledi. :D
  At 10:00 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
nyonya, i go kl sure call u go poom-chiak-chaik lamsing wan! If Big Boy call...and u run home, don't drop glass slipper, ya? LOL!
  At 3:07 AM Anonymous _butt said:
jom, kita pergi new year countdown!! :D
  At 9:00 PM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
"WHOOOOHOOOO! Wheeeeet..Wheeeewww!
Ahhhouuoooo...oooo", Canadian lone wolf looking for mate to party!
  At 11:34 PM Blogger ah nel said:
wuahhh...nyonya manyak terrer...when wana teach this old men ler?
  At 3:35 AM Blogger plink said:
*Party kuat-kuat!*