Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I was having some drinks with my friend N, an insurance agent when her phone rang. She took the call and ended it after a couple of ‘Yes’ and Nos’. As she was about to dig into her roti canai, the phone rang again and with a furrowed brow and a loud sigh, she picked up the phone. This time around she got up from her chair and walked out of the noisy restaurant to speak to the caller and only came back about 5 minutes later. Another loud sigh and some unprintable mutterings. She related her phone conversation and it went something like this:

Caller : So, if use credit card hor, have to pay extra charges or not?

N : No charges.

Caller : Can I just go to the branch and swipe my card ar?

N : Can.

Caller : Sure or not? Last time they said kenot wor?

N : Last time system not up yet lor. Now OK ledi.

Caller : But you said need to fill forms and I hate that la.

N : If you go personally to swipe your card, no need to fill forms.

Then every year you come personally to swipe la.

Caller : Tsk…so mahfun wan.

N : But if you fill the forms, they will charge this year and auto-bill next year.

Caller : Aiyoh, lidat how can? Very dangerous la.

N : Huh???

Caller : Afturds my mom die liao, they continue to charge my card. How la?

N : Huh? You mean, you won’t want to come and claim the money izzit???

Caller : Errr…hehehehe….

**slaps forehead**

Some people are just….just….DUNGGU lar.

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  At 1:09 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
LOL... really so dunggu la that fella, ask him go long piak better LOL...
  At 7:21 AM Blogger Will said:
hehehe... some ppl a bit slow... have to forgive them ma :P
  At 8:26 AM Anonymous may said:
LOL!! so dunggu wan!!
  At 9:56 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
stupid fella.... just becoz mafan he never think properly....
  At 10:53 AM Blogger Sasha said:
So dunggu wan
  At 1:09 PM Blogger angel said:
Aisay... all of you misunderstood him liao la... he's not dungu wan... it's just that he's got the Melayang-layang Syndrome... poor chap...

Merry Christmas, nyonya sayangz! ;)
  At 3:14 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
oh dear, i orso dunggu. have to read several times to understand!
  At 5:19 PM Blogger titoki said:
It takes two hands to clap. ;)
  At 6:39 PM Anonymous mott said:
*slaps forehead* I aso blur leh.

sigh.. dengue dunggu.. sigh....
  At 7:08 PM Anonymous famil said:
'dungu' should be spelled with only one 'g' leah :p
  At 9:15 PM Blogger savante said:
For that we have the L sign on the forehead. Duh.
thank goodness lulu not kiasu. as it is, lulu already so dungu. if tambah kiasu, then these dungu moments would be more frequent.
nyonya, have you switched to the new blogger yet-ah? lulu asking cos the identity style question different from lulu's. don;t have the "switched to beta" prompt.
  At 11:31 PM Anonymous JL said:
wah... i tot i'm hopeless blur case, this fella lagi teruk. So i can officially hand over the dunggu crown to him *cabut fast fast* ;)
  At 12:08 AM Blogger ah nel said:
ask tat caller wrote my name as the claimer...
  At 12:15 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
aiyo so dongkoi ah?! haprak betul!
  At 12:31 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang, I need a dictionary to catch some of the words here...but learning fast. Guess "dunggu" more diplomatic than "bodoh", huh? UL.
  At 12:37 AM Blogger AceOne said:
So dunggu!! slaps forehead again!!LOL
  At 6:47 AM Blogger just me said:
The insurance agent has to deal with all sorts of people, so patience is indeed a virtue she must have!
nyonya, I respect your friend.
She can still keep her calm in such situation.

p/s I thought you write 'dunggu' as 'tunggu'. Haha
  At 1:09 PM Anonymous Vern said:
Adui... such people memang me-mafan-kan. Kudos to your friend though, cool like cucumber. :D
  At 6:15 PM Blogger Winn said:
hahaha!!!!! u always have the funniest phone convesations !!!!
  At 7:13 PM Blogger William said:
Nowadays hard to say who will die first... heh.

u have interesting people all around you~ =)
dis type very farn wan la. dunno but want to act like know alot lidat ler.

my friend tried to be helpful and give her solutions la. but she behaved macam my fren wanna con her ler.LOL

she thot she veli crever wor. LOL

susah to layan dia la. :O

talk without thinking wan.

errr....lidat very susah mau layan lor.

happi new year, sayangzz

kak teh no dungu. just that this cerita a bit confusing re: the local payment systems here.

agree, agree. :)

soli, soli, make you blur pulak. :)

soli, time spell betul ledi. :)


what a lulu,
hooray, i up for lulu - not kiasu. gua leh, kiasu pun ada, dungu pun ada, lembab pun ada...macam-macam ada wor.
gua masih pakai old blogger. :)

jangan macam ni ler. kalo you rampas tempat no. 2 gua pun tak berani cakap gua tempat no. 4 wor. gua ini mesti jauh no. errr.....100 la.

ah nel,
you jangan cakap besar ar. nanti dia betul-betul CELCOM you, baru you terkejut nanti. LOL

apa itu haprak? new powerrr mia words ah?
ikanbilis belum pi US ar?

uncle lee,
wuaah, uncle very diplomatic la. gua suka. :)

you think lidat got medicine to cure or not? LOL

just me,
sure, sure, sure. no patience means early, early commit suicide liao. LOL

my fren practice meditation mia la. LOL

my fren dowan free 'bad press' from this fella lor. :)

if not sure boring ler. :)

no fix rules wan lor. :)

pink cotton,
ya, they supply me with 'bloggable' cerita. LOL
  At 1:21 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i no scared coz i got u the supre nyonyapenang... ;D
  At 1:40 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Another dunggu got question: I tot you can claim insurance only when it's accidental death lah, if death by natural causes macam heart attack then cannot claim leh. Dat's why people say dun take life insurance becoz unless motokar gelek mati or somtin lidat then can claim, take the other policy where if reach 60 year old not chyet die yet then can draw money go puak kieow.
  At 2:48 AM Anonymous TUX said:
This is too funny!! Guess people worry so much that they forgot the obvious.
  At 10:11 AM Blogger Will said:
firehorse: i think you got a bit confused :P

life insurance cover almost all deaths (even suicide if the policy is after a certain period)

personal accident is the one that only covers a person if the death is by accident

hope this helps :D
  At 11:10 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
will: Oh macam tu kah? Thanks for clearing that up. :0)
  At 1:25 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Happy New Year to you & your family, Kak Nyonya.

May 2007 fill our lives with good health, peace & happiness.. & get rid of any dunggu-ness in all of us. ;)
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