Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cash Award

The bank called 2 days ago and asked that BigSon bring over his savings account passbook. As BigSon is unable to attend to it, I went instead.

This is what BigSon got from MAYBANK - a cool RM1000 Cash Award For First Class Honours.

Kamsiah, MAYBANK.
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  At 1:21 AM Blogger doc said:
your BigSon must really make you proud. hope he gets a good job!
  At 2:13 AM Blogger angel said:
waaa!! keong hee keong hee! keong hee huat tua chye!

a few days later, u'll be getting a call from maybank again, asking YOU to bring your passbook to the bank pulak! to "award" u for the free publicity haha!
  At 3:38 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak Nyonya: "I'm so proud of BigSon!"

BigSon: "I've made my mother 'kembang'."

TigerBank: "Should have given more, then Nyonyapenang would have written 'TigerBank is the best bank in Malaysia.'"

Taniah to Kakak & Bigson. :p
  At 3:38 AM Blogger Bernard said:
Congrats to BigSon.
  At 5:35 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Very happy for BigSon. I know you must be so proud of him. Didn't know Maybank had such a "cash award" program, good for them.
  At 8:52 AM Blogger may said:
congratulations to your BigSon!! hou yau poon si!!

*LOL @ angel's comment*

free publicity maaaaa... this one good one summore!
  At 9:01 AM Blogger sengkor said:
can cut a portion and buy us drinks ah..?
  At 9:03 AM Blogger Will said:
wah... congrats!
  At 9:03 AM Anonymous _butt said:
congrats to kak nyonya and BigSon!! :D
  At 9:34 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Lucky U! I opened an account 4 mu daughter and when she got straight As in her UPSR, they said the account wasn't 12 months old yet, so not eligible...and just before her PMR, the bank wrote a letter saying that they'd stopped giving cash awards for outstanding students!!! Memang sial!!!
  At 9:39 AM Blogger Sasha said:
kiong hee kiong hee..wat did u feed yr son ah ? So pandai and good boy wan?
  At 10:23 AM Blogger William said:
Wah! Apasal got cash reward one? You kerja MBB ke?
ya, i'm 'shamelessly' proud. hahahha..
he has started work with an MNC and i pray for a bright future for him. :)

kamsiah, kamsiah.
hope lar, this blog flemes enuff. kakakaka

hahhahaaaaa.......ya lar, sooo stingy lor. can pay more also, hor.
and thanks for your wishes.
wahh!!! $$ __ $$
  At 11:37 AM Blogger famil said:
wah lau weh.. congrats Nyonya.

usually its the bank who sucks us dry...
kamsiah chay-chay. :)

thanks alot.
i think a few banks have it too, not sure how's their offer like though.

thanks alot.
pssssttt....know anybody in Maybank ar? go gib a lttle tip and direct them here la. hahahaha..

drinks? no problem wan. you bila mau join us?

tenkiu veli much. :)

tenkiu, tenkiu. :)
  At 11:56 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
kaya lah, wei!
wah, so syiok one? Apa kena-mengena with Maybank ah?
oops! sorry. Forgot this...Congratulations to BigSon!!
  At 1:11 PM Anonymous mott said:
wah..BigSon is in Big Bucks eh? Better belanja your hip n happening Mum eh?
  At 2:05 PM Blogger JL said:
*gasp* RM1000 from HarimauBank! Ecstatically Fantastic.

Congrats to Ah Tai & Kak Nyonya too. Mama rawks, anak also rawk! :)
  At 2:37 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Congratulations to your BigSon. Why Maybank talak kasi wa also ah? I so pokkai now wor... :P
  At 4:18 PM Blogger Winn said:
wah congrats!!
can ask bigson to bring me see gold fish liao!:P
  At 4:23 PM Blogger Vern said:
wow, congrats! i can imagine a very very happi mama gleaming with joy!
wah RM1k award!! u must b one proud mama! ayo for me, my son pass oso i think i will celebrate la, dun even talk about honours! hahahaha
  At 5:59 PM Blogger Chen said:
happy happy loh :D
I can see a proud Nyonya
congrats congrats

pssss.. bila nak belanja makan?
LOL do fall from the sky
  At 8:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
wah congrats congrats!! good good good:D gong xi fa chai. i c the PM's return has brought u good luck ;P
  At 8:53 PM Blogger alison said:
wow! syoknye maybank!! (ala.. telekom advert "syoknye raya" style.)

congrats bigson!
Congrats Bigson! Mama would be so proud of you.

Err....another round of Baskin Robbins?? When? When? *hopeful eyes*
  At 9:09 PM Blogger alison said:
wow! syoknye maybank!! (ala.. telekom advert "syoknye raya" style.)

congrats bigson!
i think for maybank, the awards start from PMR upwards. now doter in form five or in college already? all my best wishes to her. :)

errr....chilli padi. LOL

errr...i told them la - gimme the marny and i'll blog about it. kakakaka.....
atcherly, the awards is for account holders who get good results for PMR upwards to Uni.level. :)

las montanas,
can certainly use the $$$$$$. :D

terima kasih.
that's why must 'squeeze' them back given half a chance. LOL. this is the second time already.

ah pek,
the $$$$ certainly came in useful lor - dia baru masuk kerja belum dapat gaji yet.

king's wife,
thanks for the wishes.
errr...pssst...gua 'bully' them into paying lar. kakakkaa..

we went for some cakes during tea time this afternoon. bigson was still eating when i went to settle the bill. bigson then said, "why you pay so fast, i atcherly want to belanja mama." :D

kamsiah for the wishes.
gua pun rasa veli seronok la. quite a decent amount hor? :)

quick, go ask from them. no nid gib them face wan. :)

tenkiu, tenkiu.
i'll tell him winn cheh-cheh like goldfish. :)

kamsiah, kamsiah.
you also remember to go an claim for it when your final results are out.

RM1000 - quite ok la, hor?
no worries, about your son & daughter - things will just turn out beautifully. :)

dr chen,
kamsiah, kamsiah.
gua 'shamelessly' happy lor.
bila lokter datang kolumpor lagi?

i have been standing and waiting for sooooo long already. LOL

kamsiah, kamsiah.
i'd notice the returnee more if he kasi award jugak. kakakakak....
aiyoh, gua ni thick-skin betul.

terima kasih. :)

cocka doodle,
tenkiu, tenkiu.
the RM1000 comes in handy for his first month at work.
  At 11:59 PM Blogger Syafique said:

am a new reader of ur blog =)

  At 12:22 AM Blogger ilene said:
CONGRATULATIONS to BIGSON! You must be very proud of his achievement. Shioknya! Pssst...BIGSON got girlfriend oledi ah?
  At 2:27 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wah... Congrats to your BigSon...
How come Maybank so good one ah?? Got cash reward some more... Good lar, can ask BigSon to treat mama go makan makan.
Congratulations to BigSon!! You must be one proud mama. Keep up the good work, BigSon.
  At 11:30 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Congratulations la Nyonya... Solli Wenwen came late lor!! But veri happi for U!!!
  At 2:16 PM Blogger savante said:
Ooh. WHy didn't they have an offer when I was back in university!
hi syafique,
a warm welcome to you.
thanks for your kind wishes and please feel free to pop by anytime. my pleasure for meeting you here. have a good weekend. :)

tenkiu, tenkiu.
adalah 'kembang' - muka macam meekoo sikit la. LOL wanna be 'matchmaker' ar? LOL

tenkiu, tenkiu.
Maybank gives awards to their account holders. Darrius got account there ar?

thanks alot for the kind wishes.
got lar....proud, proud little bit. LOL

kamsiah banyak-banyak. late or no late nevermind mia . gua tau wenwen very 'oo sim'. :)

got lar. you forgot to claim izzit? LOL
  At 3:16 PM Blogger ilene said:
Eh Nyonya, I think my daughter qualify lah! Only thing, maybe BIGSON got better fish lei! Aiyo, hope my daughter doesn't see this comment otherwise.......finish! My parquet flooring, aledi coming out, will break into 2 and the hinges on the door sure come out by now! Vern's panadol cannot help either one of us!! hahahahah
  At 5:48 PM Blogger angel said:
Pssst! Puan Senduk arr... lu kena tag by gua lar... heh heh...
  At 7:48 PM Anonymous eve said:
wahhhhhhhhh...can spend liao..congrats to bigSon...
Wah ... BigSon must be making you BigTimeProud.

I wish they had those kind of things when I was a student. My parents would have appreciate this sort of assistance loads.
  At 6:28 AM Blogger just me said:
Looks like I should switch banks?
WAH got such incentive wan meh????

too bad im no longer studying :(

  At 1:09 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Chinese New Year bonus kah tu?
  At 1:36 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, my very best congratulations to your 'Bigson', well done.
Thats nice of the bank too.
Best regards, UL.
  At 7:02 PM Blogger dreamie said:
congratulations to your BigSon !
hahaha....this mommy veli cute and veli sporting la.

okie, okie, gua pass message to pn senduk for you ar. LOL

kamsiah, kamsiah.
you're back ledi?

moz monster,
hehehe....adalah kembang macam kueh pau lidat lar. LOL
maybe last time you didn't check with the banks izzit?

just me,
if you wish, you better do now because the banks have some conditions like you have to be an account holder for a certain period.
best of luck to your children. :)

pink cotton,
tenkiu, tenkiu.

hahaha.....this one comes in handy now as he just started kerja, belum dapat gaji lagi.

Hi Uncle Lee,
long time no jumpa wor. how are you?
thanks alot for your kind wishes.
and ya, we appreciate the gesture from the bank. :)

tenkiu banyak-banyak. :)
  At 11:00 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
I don't quite like MB leh... servive very teruk lar... can Q here then told to Q other counter then asked to Q back in the 1st counter... macam play ping-pong like that! My PB says we can forgo the $1000... :|
  At 1:34 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
wahh so syiok onee...i also want!!
  At 12:02 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
My daughter finished SPM lah, 'nya and now in Khidmat Negara! Luckily in same town so can see Sunday when go to church!!! Empty Nest Syndrome...sit at home, see wife, wife see TV!!! So kesian! Sob! Sob!!!
  At 1:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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With best regards...
  At 12:27 PM Blogger Sam said:
Sadly, 1000 bucks can't buy a PS3. Sigh... =P