Sunday, February 04, 2007

Clueless Momma

I put up a post many moons ago about how I hate reading manuals – hated then and still hate now. How lar, to fall in love with something so dry like the Kalahari Desert and to read and enjoy as if it is the most thrilling fiction that ever reached the bookshelves. **sighs**

You see, my old faithful of a handphone died on me two weeks back and I just went to the shops and got myself a new unit. Ya, new means new problems and new headache and new heartache for me and of course, with my lack of affinity for reading manuals, the headache can turn into migraine. This new unit, according to my no. 2 is pretty basic only; it comes with the usual camera with video recording, voice/sound recording, mp3, speaker, bluetooth (whatever this is), radio (oh, got radio jugak) and of course lar, I can make and receive calls and can send and receive messages. Very basic, right?

Err….for me, it’s a kinda of new learning process altogether. Of the above listed features, I only know how to use a few and for the other few, I practically have to hand the phone over to whoever is next to me to help me sort it out. Some of my blogger friends would have noticed this. Please don’t laugh at me lar, ok?

And past few days, I noticed that sms’es reached the phone without me realizing it. How? Why? I thought there is a default message notification tone but of late, I don’t seem to hear a buzz or anything…mmmm…the sms must have came in when I was at someplace noisy or the phone must have dropped very deep down my big bag and I didn’t hear a thing. So, I badgered no. 2 to put in something a tad louder and he let me sampled some ‘buzzes’ which I seriously find annoying…no, not this one…, dowan this one….no, this one tak sedap. Throwing his arms in exasperation, he then asked, “Momma, tell me what is it you want?”

Me : Some catchy music can ar?

Son : Which one?

Me : Err…catch-catchy one lor?

Son : **roll eyes** Who’s the singer and what’s the name of the song?

Me : There, that one we heard at the hair salon the other day.


Son : Aiyoh…Momma…that was like a month ago lar. How to remember?

Me : **putting finger to mouth** Okie, we do lidat lar.

You play the songs you have on your pc and let me choose lor.

Son : **turns on his media player**

After like 5 minutes or so with me standing next to him and asking him to skip this song and that and then I went. “Ah, this one, this one.” As no.2 was in a hurry to go out, he told me he will work on the phone for me when he comes back later.

I forgot completely about it and this morning, I heard a tune coming from my phone and I just picked it up, pressed the ‘Answer’ button and in my sweetest voice said, “Hulllooooo…, hulllo…hulllo…” Aikssss! Why no sound one???

No. 2 who was standing nearby, was like rolling in uncontrollable laughter “kakaka….aiyoh, Momma, that one your sms tone lar…kakakakaka…You asked me to put in for you mar, the song ‘Buttons’…kakakaka”

It took like a good 10 seconds for me to catch my sheer cluelessness and I also burst out laughing.

KAKAKAKAKA.....KAKKAKAKA.... Adoi, gua ni kelakar betul.

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  At 10:49 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
You are one HAWT Momma!!!

Buttons by PCD for your sms tone pulak.. hehe

So, what song have you got for the ringing tone, Kak? ;)
ADUI!!LOL!lu memang kelakar la u!AHAHAH

hey, i hate reading manuals too, i owes explore and ask.
I noticed, or aik I also got help help
Next time ask me la i help k
  At 12:30 AM Blogger angel said:
Itu apa lagu "Butang" har? Gua tak tau wor...


Psssst! U beginning to sound like our Blur Sotong iDoc! Haha...
HAWT leh.....kakakakaka
my ringing tone, currently using 'SHALALALALALA' ....gua sukaaa...

13th Panda,
ya lor, gua memang pandai go ask and ask and ask....and hey...where's everybody??? don't cabut...come back!

thanks so much for your patience and help. :D

itu lagu hor, suruh buka semua butang mia lar. best mia.
eh, itu lokter no blur la, only dia mia pet sotong blur sikit nia lar.
  At 1:51 AM Blogger Sam said:
Wah... so canggih your phone!

Rarely do the elder generation own better phones compared to the youngsters. Guess they prefer to do without the headache of Bluetooth and what not. =P
  At 1:56 AM Blogger ilene said:
NyonyaPenang, welcome to the modern age world! Eh, now hand phone got camera can take pictures and blog on them lor. You more up to date than me lah - my hand phone no camera wan! hiek....hiek....
  At 2:37 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wahahahaa... Nyonya glad to see you back with your laugther lar... I din know sms also can have song tone one leh... I lagi suaku!
  At 8:38 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Don worry, 'nya...don't we all learn by trial and error??? If not successful, try and try again!! That's why they say! Best to marry teachers: they make you do it again and again and again till u get it right. Don't marry bus drivers: they always say, "Cepat! Cepat masuk!....Cepat! Cepat keluar!!!" LOL!!!
Nyonya jie.
No need read manual lor.
You got bigson, no2..... right?

p/s PCD for SMS tone, tabik
too 'canggih' sampai dunno how to use. kakakaka....

am still getting to know the phone. :)

i asked for tolong lar...gua dunno how to do all this.
gua ini suakoo numero uno. kakakaka

suituapui,'re sooo farny.
hey, when you gonna start writing on your blog?

got 2 boys and a few 'khai chais' too. can harass them hor? LOL
  At 9:21 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
LOL, a full song for an SMS? Not surprising you mistake it for a call.
  At 9:30 AM Blogger Will said:
that's the reason why i never put long long tone for SMSes... can be very confusing :P
Far from clueless, I think you're pretty cool =)

I just use the normal ring tone for me phone - anything else would be too distracting.
  At 10:19 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Hallo? Hallo??? U so funny la!!!!
  At 10:30 AM Anonymous mott said:


I'm more clueless than you!!! I dn't even know what "buttons" is!

  At 1:55 PM Blogger Winn said:
i used to put the doorbell ting-tong for sms ringtone. and for a couple of times, my collleagues actually went to the door when my sms rings...hhahah
not full song lar, just that part, open up my buttons, babe.

too short like the **teet-teet**, gua missed out leh. LOL

moz monster,
last time the old phone, the default tone was ok, but this one, dunno why missed out so many times.

gua pun rasa gua ni kartun betul. LOL

dat song 'buttons' hor, can shake backside wan. veli sedaps. :)

macam-macam mia tone. hahahaha...
  At 4:43 PM Anonymous eve said:
err..i oso..i got canggih mia phone but dunno how to operate the other functions..oni call out n receive calls nia...
wahahaha...of all the songssssss???? Buttons!!! LoL~! ...that's a good choice tho!
"Buttons"..nice catchy tune.
Now you gotto learn the dance ala Pussycat Dolls!
  At 10:07 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
hahaha...i can imagine that, lucky u at home :P...
  At 10:13 PM Anonymous JL said:
Buttons...wah so hawt!!!

who mia buttons lu mau tekan tekan ni ;)
i thot you more high-tech than me? LOL

gua suka the beat. :D

king's wife,
dance ar? adoi...kena practice very hard lor. you wanna join? :D

atcherly, there was another time, but luckily, gua in the car. LOL

hehehe...HAWT leh!
dowan to tekan buttons...mau buka nia lar. the song goes "open up my buttons, babe" sedaps
  At 9:23 AM Blogger Bernard said:
nyonya, aiyoo.. same like my MOM lah. ;-)

tumpang lalu,

eve.. you dunno how to use it .. give it to me can ah?

suituapui... hilarious-lah!!
  At 10:59 AM Blogger famil said:
wah lau ehh, got bluetooth somemore :p
same-same hor? LOL

why they call it bluetooth?
  At 6:35 PM Blogger famil said:
"The Bluetooth Protocol, named after the Viking Crusader Harald Bluetooth who unified Denmark and Norway in the tenth century, is a wireless technology that uses low-power, short-range radio frequencies to communicate between two or more devices, Bluetooth uses 2.45GHz." - Data Communications & Computer Networks: A Business User's Approach By Curt M. White

My phone also dont have bluetooth :p
  At 6:37 PM Blogger famil said:
Ericsson was the first to develop that protocol. So, its natural for them to name it after their national hero.

Imagine if iBerhad develop. SemiValue Tooth?
thanks so much for the info.
and really, your mind works fast...semivaluetooth, pulak.
  At 12:04 AM Blogger Chen said:
There was once when I changed to a new handphone (few years back) & when my phone was ringing, I even asked my friend whose phone was ringing? Later when the phone rang the second time, then only i realised...

it's my phone ringing !!!
so liuuuuuuuuuu
  At 12:50 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Don't hamtam me ah... I just wanna say... I wanna say... nonono... I just wanna....


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dr chen,
hahahaha....nasib baik itu talipon nia lar....Can you imagine if it was Ah Boy calling you and you kenot recognise him?

hey, come back...dun cabut...apa lu mau cakap? kakkaka
Whoa! Buttons by Pussycat Dolls ar? SUI~ HAHA!!
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