Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Notes? Soli, Habis!

I called the bank last Monday and enquired about the availability of new ringgit notes and was told that it would only be available starting Wednesday Feb 7. Wednesday came and I was so busy on that day that I completely forgot about it and only remembered when I was at the bank this afternoon to do some transactions.

I then approached one of the cashier but was told that, “Oh, Sorry, No more already.” “Not even a couple of hundreds in tens?” I asked. The cashier just shook her head. I then asked for some angpow packets and she shook her head again, “Sorry, habis.”

I then walked over to another bank just two doors away and the answer was, “We have only ones and fives.” I thanked them and said, “It’s OK. I need tens.”

To the next bank another 20 metres away; I stepped in and saw a big piece of cardboard with the words boldly printed “NEW NOTES”. Ahhh….I am in luck, or so I thought. I approached the cashier sitting behind the counter and told her my requirements. She said, “Sorry, exchange only starts at 3.00pm.” I looked at my watch and it read 1.00pm. I then asked her why? She repeated, “3.00pm”. I thought she did not hear me, so I leaned nearer and asked, “How come?” Her answer? 3.00pm!!

Adoi! I thought I was talking to a robot or something, programmed to give the answer, "3.00pm"

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May be that was a robot
A new model
Well it can be taxing running around chasing for notes and stuff
Happy hunting and Gong Xi Fa Cai
  At 12:55 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
The person's brain already programmed that. CNY I got angpow or not? :P
  At 2:00 AM Blogger angel said:
Come lah, I change for you... berapa lu mau?? :P
  At 6:20 AM Blogger ah nel said:
easy mar...when ppl visited ur house during CNY u told them bank say no more moniy n ang pow o put a notice at ur gate...
some time you need to yelling then 'they' will understand..
strange... people attitude
but better dont do that .
  At 8:58 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
alamak...all habit liao!!!! Babi setan week must go fast fast liao, or else got money oso kenot change.

Must shout at the fella one lah, or else their ears like block already
  At 10:07 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
5 X 2 =10 and 1 X 10 also = 10. 'Nya, I have 100 RM10 notes, brand new, still got nice, nice smell (Love the smell of new money!), you want? I change with u, RM10 u give me RM11. Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka!
  At 11:14 AM Blogger eve said:
eh use RM 1 notes oso can wat...say if u wan to pau RM10 , just put 10X RM1...make the ang pow a bit thicker..but then kalau nak RM 20 or more..err....RM 5 notes lor..aiyak..cakap je pandai , aku pun tak tukar week still got ar?..
  At 11:46 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiya I got ang pau or not ah??? Old noes also I accept one no nid new ones... I am okie with old notes...
  At 12:31 PM Blogger Sam said:
I think even robot can do other things beside replying 3 pm nowadays.
  At 12:39 PM Anonymous mott said:
I think all the banks already ran out of new notes!!! Ppl like my dad pre-order in advance..and take it all up! dad like the banks, he'll tell everyone, "HABIS!!!" and snigger snigger. Cheh!
  At 1:54 PM Blogger may said:
can gimme angpow in new Aussie Dollah also ka? ;P
  At 2:19 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Aiyoh I went to changed some and found out some notes in between are old ones! Especially the RM5. Anyway, don't care lioa... wait what my AhBeng will say when he returns.
  At 2:45 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Liddat i can sell new notes liao!! Hehe.

Y o u h a v e t a l k s l o w l y.
I'd expect a 'newer' model to perform better, ya. :)

i think she has ben repeating "3.00pm" since morning la.

i want sikit nia lar...a few hundreds la. change for me, pls.

ah nel,
pantang lar, itu. LOL

pisang goreng 115,nf
noooo....must be extra polite when you want to get things done. :)

next week still got meh?

new money, old money...semua gua pun suka....hahahahah...

no time to go and count the notes ler...summore it all stick together wan.

when collecting, old or new also nebermind.
but when giving leh, must give new notes lor.

hahahaha.....i suppose that one obsolete 'model'.

ya..ya...ya....i think must be your poppa sapu semua ler.

i go to money changer first.

angeleyes, lidat wan ar...old notes hiding in between?

hey, you another fella who sapu ka liao izzit? LOL
  At 7:38 PM Anonymous kat said:
Lucky my Malay neighbour works in a bank. Every year he changes money for me. And he gives me lots of angpows packets, too! There was one year, I forgot and he actually came and ask me whether I needed to change money or not! I LOVE MY NEIGHBOURS!!!
So action liddat, like you begging for money hor?
Angpow packets I got alot, u want? :P
  At 10:34 PM Blogger Will said:
why must be new notes leh? i never quite understand that... :P
  At 12:50 AM Anonymous famil said:
i have lots of angpau. u want?

plus its a standard for some bank to open its 'safe' at certain time. at that particular bank the head cashier decided to open them at 3.00. but then they only have another 30 minutes for banking hour. kinda stupid.
  At 6:19 AM Blogger ah nel said:
pantang a bit save a lot of $$$ worr!!!
  At 7:57 AM Blogger Winn said:
haha. isnt that normal? u are lucky she din repeat msians all-time-fav --> "DUNNO!!"
  At 9:30 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
no 10s can put 50s mah.
  At 10:57 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
OKie la pls reserve one ang pau for me ya!! I early early morning go knock on ur door on CNY okie!!!
  At 1:16 PM Blogger sengkor said:
it's ok.. i accept old notes ang pau one.. oh ya, gong xi fa cai :P
  At 4:40 PM Blogger Bernard said:
I didn't sapu that much lah... just a bit her and a bit there.. but got surplus lah. ;-)

Anyway.. here got supply lah. Not in shortage.
  At 9:07 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Last CNY, I got an angpow with a lucky pick ticket inside. :p

The problem was that I ain't lucky.. otherwise I am now a millionaire. ;)
  At 9:26 PM Blogger Chen said:
i tak pergi tukar duit woh...
use the new looking old notes also can, right?
malas pergi tukar :P
  At 2:33 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
i got alot of malaysian ringgit kenot be use here. mau change ah? lai lai
you have kind neighbours. :)

king's wife,
satu macam mia lor.

new year shoes...out with the with the new. :)

thanks, itu red packets gua ada...cuma duit tak ada. hahhhaaa
are you with a bank?

ah nel,
hoh yee thow.

hahahha....ya la...:)

ah pek,
another year...perhaps...


foreign currency pun boleh hor?
kamsiah for the new year wishes.

you got surplus summore ar? LOL

jemima, got a special angpow last year.
luck, you sure have's coming...wait a little while. So millionaire liao, mesti ajak gua makan ya?

dr chen,
get the bank to send over to you lar. :0

how come you bring so much RM there?
  At 2:17 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Maybe the 'robot' system crash gwa. Probably running on Windows 98.
alamak! i totally forgot!!!!!! OMG!!!! AYOOOOOO...dunno whether my fren working in the bank can help or not..ayooooooo
windows 98??? kakakakaka.....

good hor, to have 'connection'..:))
  At 7:09 PM Blogger William said:
Yiu can get crisp RM50 notes from the ATM machine. :P
You want ah? I got hell bank notes, new wan. Kakakaka!!

*ducks from nyonya penang's flying shoes*
ke sian!

i got alot alot of red packets here wo! gave them to me!..wahahaa

but when i give them to u empty don 4get to give one back UNempty ya ya ??

ya, i got those from atm too. :)

i put in the angpow for you lor. :)

pink cotton, angpow packets more than my cash woh!
  At 10:24 PM Blogger savante said:
The shipment of new notes probably comes in at 3 pm but then again, she was a pretty silly monotonous nut.
either that, or she does not understand english.
nyonya: you spoke to the clerk in english? like jonzz said, maybe the robot was in "hang" mode, so keep repeating the same message. :P
  At 4:46 AM Anonymous yenchiew said:
bodoh case: confirmed! :D