Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Heart Overruling The Head

Last Sunday afternoon, a friend invited me to join her and another friend for some jalan-jalan and shopping. Ah…the word ‘SHOPPING’…who can resist! Even I, who most times would be too lazy to traipse the malls, would once a while, indulge in shopping therapy, especially when you have good company.

First stop was Lot 10 and really, this place, I have not been there for ages. One friend was looking for a good pair of comfortable slippers, so we browsed around the footwear department. Hmmmm….shoes…shoes…I have to remind myself that I do not need any more shoes...there are soooo many pairs lying in the house and some I have not even opened the box since I brought them home like…like….errr… when, I also cannot remember. “No more buying, just see and don’t touch”, I told myself. Then, my eyes settled on a pair of cute leather court shoes and automatically the hand reached out for it, put in down on the floor, slipped my foot in and I instantly fell in love with the shoes.

“I want it, I must have it, I must buy”, my heart screamed out. My head then told me to take a good look at the price..it read RM319 …..it took my breath away. A ‘Heart to Head’ talk ensued:-

Heart : Aiyoh, you like it so much. Buy only lar.

Head : Look at the price!

Heart : You look good. It’s so elegant. Buy lar.

Head : Do you need anymore shoes?

Heart : See, you don’t always find court shoes that you like.

Now you have one pair that you like so much, buy lar.

Head : Don’t be mad. Move away!

I am a head-rule-the-heart person, so I just put back the pair of shoes and walked away but I could almost hear the shoes calling out my name. My friends and I then walked someplace else and I don’t remember how many shoe shops we went into but somehow, all the myriad pairs of shoes does not entice me at all. My friend then commented, “It’s like that lar, Nyonya. Once you saw a pair you like, nothing else will come close.” How spot on! Only a woman could understand another woman.

Anyway, I came home without any loot and I was actually quite pleased with my self-control. Monday came and I was at work….somehow my mind wandered to that pair of shoes at the shoe-shop and I kept thinking about it. Whole day I was thinking about the shoes and Tuesday came, I was still thinking about it. Haiyahhhhh…I just can’t get it out of my mind and …and … then I just went straight to get it off the shelf.

A case of The Heart Overruling The Head.

p.s. Finally managed to get the picture uploaded on the 4th try. :))
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  At 12:29 AM Blogger doc said:
why don't you show us a photo of the shoes (without your feet, if you are too shy) & let us see if it's worth the aggravation you went thru. of course, our opinions would not matter at all - if the heart can overrule the head, it can steam-roll thru any biased views.
I guess, it's apparent that this things happens
The mind and the heart does not really work together hor
  At 12:51 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
come in look around.. okie nyonya sayang u hv just been tagged pls go do homework okie.. thanks to chen who tagg and Lb and I got tag so now I must tag U along... heehehhe.. cum bek later to read post.
  At 12:54 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
aiyo head overuling the heart becomes the heart overuling the head.. is always lidat la... song also got sing la... "Listen to your heart"" where got U hear ppl sing listen to ur head???
  At 1:09 AM Blogger Chen said:
at least u dun need to melayang-layang liao after u bought the shoes :P
gua baru transferred to New Blogger. gua uploaded the pic 2 kali but somehow it did not appear. dunno sesat kat mana liao. :(

if only....both work together, then things would be much simpler.

adoi....apa tag-tag semua ni!
re: the song, maybe shud sing lidis, "listen to your head...follow your head..."
dr chen,
the shop gave me RM50 voucher...so i suppose i still melayang-layang sikit.
  At 2:41 AM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha... lei hai tak geh! Now happies liao lor, si mm si??

Got voucher summore! Shop more!!
  At 9:24 AM Blogger may said:
those are so lovely! you have good taste, madam... ;)

thank you thank you thank you once again for the early angpow!! heartchuheartchuheartchu!!
  At 9:26 AM Blogger alison said:
pretty shoes rulezz!! :D
  At 9:48 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
LOL... I discovered that most female really cannot resist with nice shoe.
  At 10:13 AM Blogger sengkor said:
i hv been thinking days and nights now if i shld buy that nike at rm359. i think my case is so far The Head Overruling The Heart.
  At 10:27 AM Blogger William said:
Goodness, sounds like me... :P
  At 10:58 AM Blogger eve said:
aiya..once a while , nvm la..indulge ma..like u say , it's a therapy...BTW , the shoe is really nice..
  At 11:06 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Ah...and wat did u buy for me for Valentine's Day? Nuthin kah? Sob! Sob! Happy Valentine's Day, anyway...and in advance, Konsi Fa Cai, so when u fa cai, must kongsi with me, ye? Ka ka ka ka!
  At 11:08 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
If you're not a 'professional' shopper, you should buy what you like if you see it. Nothing wrong with the heart overruling the head once in a while as long as you don't get into trouble with the 'dai yee loong'.
  At 11:41 AM Anonymous Prometeuz said:
If $400 can give peace of mind and satisfaction, that's money well worth spending.

Happy Valentine, nyonya.
  At 12:35 PM Blogger FireHorse said:
Happy Valentine's Day Nyonya, soli cannot stay too long must go home clean house ready for sin chnia. Kong Hee Fatt Choy!!
ya, veli happies. hahahaha...

thank you.

re: early angpow...my pleasure, May.

thank you.

somehow, see already must buy, buy buy. :)

hahaha....your go karaoke sing this song..."Listen to my head..."

you too? hahahaha.....


chocolates, can ar? but you have to claim it in PJ. :)
keong hee huat chye to you and family.

thank you for your kind words. :)

i agree with you wholeheartedly. :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and

kamsiah. gua pun wish you happy valentine's day.
  At 2:40 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
hehe nvm nvm...once a year oni heart overrule the head :p
Show us your picture in fish net stockings lah.LOL

Happy ballantine's.....muaks!
Omg! You went back to get it. Yay!!
Once again, it's really very nice.
So, u got the smaller or bigger size ar?
  At 10:54 PM Blogger Fashion said:
I think it's absolutely gorgeous!!!
Love it!!
err...it's like more than once a year lor. :))

king's wife,
cannot sleep lor...have to buy. :)
got the smaller one.

cocka doodle,
aiyerr....your fashion taste...LOL
happi valentine's day to you too. :))

thank you. :)
it sound like a person with a red suit holding a trident


a person wearing a white robe holding a harp

wau! you can hear that?
  At 1:18 AM Blogger Winn said:
wah so expensive....but as long as u like it....then just buy it!! thk later !!

cny oredi u got excuse to buy ma:P
  At 1:22 AM Blogger Winn said:
LOL @ wennn
  At 1:45 AM Blogger Erika said:
the shoe do look great! good buy! :) now, for the matching dress...... ;)
  At 7:04 AM Blogger Will said:
just once in a while is ok mar... reward yourself a bit... ehhehee

plus like winn winn said, CNY mar... got excuse to buy :P
I have to agree. The shoes looks good.
(still no need to keep thinking about it for few days guar)
(no offense hor, nyonya)
  At 2:22 PM Blogger ilene said:
Ah ya, Nyonya, now you do lidat, I'm also going back to One-U (Primevera) to get that pair that I've been contemplating like you. Why shoes these days so costly wan ah?!

thats wat we ladies do best!!!!!
  At 5:13 PM Anonymous JL said:
so clever hoh *clap clap clap*

BTW nice shoes, can wear it go goyang badan hoh ^_^
  At 10:09 PM Blogger famil said:
Sorry Nona Manis, you've been tagged by me.

Tried not to, but i've no other people to tag oo.

Read my blog for instruction.
  At 10:10 PM Blogger famil said:
and oohh.. happy new year yeah :p
  At 12:28 PM Blogger Sasha said:
HEHHehhe SO W.O.M.A.N!
  At 2:35 PM Anonymous mott said:
What heart what head? You are woman...Must buy shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

Hee Hee!

Anyway, just wanna wish u and your family,

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi

Drive safe and keep healthy!
pisang goreng,
hahaha...you are funny.

ya lor, suka sampai cannot sleep. :)

thank you.

ahhh...excuses...i think i can come up with loads if i want to buy something. :)


gua ini, memang will think and think and think until sprout a few strands of white hair. :))

hahaha...cepat-cepat pigi. :)
ya, some shoes are on the pricey side; hope it is of better quality.

pink cotton,
you'll understand lor. hahahaha...

hahahah.....you mau teach me to goyang ke?

adoi.....tag ar? kasi chance sikit, hor?
and thanks alot for the new year wishes. :)


mmm....trying to justify the purcahse lor. hehehe...

here's wishing you and all at home a very happy and prosperous new year. KEONG HEE HUAT CHYE.
  At 8:53 AM Blogger Sam said:
  At 11:07 AM Blogger Winn said:
happy cny nyonya!!
Gong Xi Gong Xi!
Happy prosperous new year, nyonya!!
  At 5:48 PM Blogger alison said:
happy new year to you and loved ones! gong xi! gong xi! :)
  At 6:38 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
Kung Hei Kung Hei! wishing you and your family a prosperous Year of Boar.
  At 8:16 PM Blogger Inevitable said:
Year 2007, I wishes you Dragon Horse Sperm God!!!
wah! how come u can actually walk away first time round? if me, no head one...heart rules all the time! kakakaka...
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