Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Brain Fog

‘Normal’ times are back but I somehow realized that my brain is still behaving abnormally. Why?? How come?? I also no understand. Oh ya, of course, I cannot understand because my brain refused to behave normally.

I put up a post on Sunday 'merepeking' how glad I was that Monday is coming right after Sunday and how I looked forward to some semblance of normalcy. Yesterday was Monday and as much as I detest waking up early, I psyche myself that, “YES! Today is the day….I’m gonna embrace this glorious ‘normal’ Monday…I’m gonna crank that semi-comatosed brain back into life again."

First stop…to the office and as I stepped out from the lift, walked to the door and let my fingers run through the door key-pad (oh ya, the office is still using the manual numeric keypad lock) and I then pushed at the door and absentmindedly banged my head hard against the glass. Ouuch…..I tried to walk right in when the door is not even open…I had keyed in the wrong lock number. One hand rubbing the bruise on my forehead, the other hand tried to type in the number again…still tak jalan. Aiyah…I had not been to the office for a few days and I have forgotten the lock number! This is what too much chilling out away from the office, can do to me. I had to ring the doorbell.

I then checked out my personal emails (3 different set of passwords)…hmmmm…no problemos…very good. Next stop, my official company-given email, and you guessed it right…I keyed in all wrong…..I think 3 or 4 times and I got locked out. Aiyaahhhhh…..
Nevermind, I just let it be and then proceeded to go in another site to retrieve some work data, keyed in the right ID number but used the wrong the password again. Another aiyaaahhh…..I then walked away from the pc and tried to do something else and at the same time tried to will that mumbo-jumbo of a password out of my head. Tak jalan jugak. I sat my self down and tried writing it out on a piece of paper all the ID numbers and passwords and access codes that I use and I surprised myself that I can actually store so many sets of numbers/alphabets in my head and all these, not including those bank Personal Identification Numbers. And for security reasons, we are advised to change passwords and PIN numbers regularly and this only add to my misery.

I need a little bit more time and I am certain my brain will slowly crawl back to being normal again.
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  At 11:47 PM Blogger Sam said:
It's one of those bimbo days. Happens to me also sometimes - walking into a glass door. :P
  At 12:33 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, You sure you did not have more than 2 Southern Comforts during CNY?
Brain not activated? Maybe too much sleep? Not good sleep late, brain gets delayed too...
So you doing some Chup Goh Mei prayers? I really miss these Chup Goh Mei nights.
You have a nice day and watch out for glass doors. That shows your office cleaners did a good job! UL.
  At 12:59 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wah Nyonya... a few days of leg shaking sudah kepala pusing until otak kosong ah?

Take a break and have a KitKat and try the PWs again! LOL

Kong Hei Fatt Choy!
  At 1:00 AM Blogger angel said:
Waaa.. jialat loh... only one week u sudah liddat... but but but the last time u went for horniday that time was more than one week but everything ok oni...

Hmmmm... u losing steam? Or izit the other way round? Oops...

May the "real" normal days come your way again soon!
hahaha.....brain not functioning properly lar.

Hi Uncle Lee,
Long time no hear. Lu apa khabar?
No Southern Comfort for me during CNY lar. pssst....when you going to buy me that drink? kakakakaka..
Chap Goh Meh...simple prayers during the day. I suupose it will be quite lau juak in Penang. :)
Re: the glass doors, ya lar, it was my fault..brain all foggy from to much pigging out during CNY. :D
i forgot to activate the brain kuar? LOL

that time horniday lar...buka mulut makan angin.
sekarang CNY, buka mulut makan pineapple tarts and pineapple tarts and more pineapple tarts.
hmmmm...must be the pineapple tarts doing this to my brain. kakakakak.
ooopsss....i missed out on your other comment...re: gua losing stim...which I believe so too.
Gua tarak faham leh....how and what you cakap "the other way around".
and "real" normal days....adoi...must be my brain fogging up again now. kakakaka...
  At 1:19 AM Blogger Wingz said:
nyonya!!! i inbite you to come party! leng mou?!!
hahaha ... those darn passwords are so inconvenient, hor? and have to keep changing too ...

had those all sorted out, i presume ?

i had 1800 emails waiting for me after my CNY break. It took 2 hours just to download the emails !
  At 5:22 AM Blogger may said:
I've been here a week and a half and there's still a perpetual fog going on in my brain! don't think it'll ever end...
  At 7:49 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Like car long time no jalan, must warm up first lah! If too long no jalan, cannot even start!!! Use it or lose it!!!
P.S.: So far nothing on in KL, so dont think I'll be going anytime in the near future. May be going Penang middle of March but no confirmation yet. If go KL, sure will let nyonya know and we can go minum kopi!
Blame the office. Blame the PC.
Ask them switch to retinal scan ^-^
  At 12:03 PM Anonymous JL said:
aduh Kesian...

hope you'll get your groove back soon ^_^

Take care ya :)
  At 1:59 PM Blogger William said:
I've been slapped back to reality. No time for fog!!! :'(

Try one part chicken essence. 1/2 taels wolfberry. 1/2 tael ginseng. 6 bowls of water double-boiled to 1 bowl. Hehe.
  At 3:21 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Passwords and PIN numbers are such funny things. Sometimes only our fingers and some funny part of the brain remember them... the day we consciously force ourself to remember them, somehow we forget.

Or maybe it's just me, LOL!
  At 3:21 PM Blogger sengkor said:
get a new pda phone lah.. jui dor ur current high tech phone i half price buy from u..
  At 4:39 PM Blogger ilene said:

You know why you the behaving lidat? Answer: "low liow" ! heheheeeee......

Psssst ... your son going to throw oranges kat mana? Wanna send my daughter there lah!
Wei, thinking of another pair of shoes, issit? :P
Pssst! Tell me your ATM pin number. I remember it for you.
  At 9:08 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Wahhh... so fast forget so many things ah? Can forget me or not? :P
  At 2:40 PM Blogger eve said:
kesian..like me la..can never remember wat time i fed Cayden at night..next time must write it down la..
ayo..me till now oso still haywire and in CNY mood still leh..
  At 12:32 AM Blogger doc said:
if you have to psyche yourself to go to work, obviously you are not ready for it. who can blame you - who doesn't want to lepak some more, esp when there's 15 days for celebrations.

i mean, when you stay at home, do you forget where the fridge is, or what your children's names are?? i bet you remember all your passwords when you want to read your emails from home!!

no wonder your "normal" is in inverted commas!
  At 2:14 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
kekeke break too long lazy go work liao huh
  At 9:36 AM Blogger Bernard said:
Perhaps you could have a few standard passwords... and rotate among them.

Or write them down. :-)
  At 11:11 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Happy Chap Goh Mei, Kak.
  At 1:13 PM Anonymous ah pek said:
u hv been tagged!!
kamsiah-kamsiah very much for the invite. :)

moz monster,
hahaha....tell me about it. LOL

hi...you also got fog there ar? LOL

you are absolutely right! either use it or lose it.
p.s. Minum kopi in Kl - my pleasure. :)
and you'll be in Penang in mid-March? I may be there too.

ahhhh....this is the art of blamelogy. LOL

hmmmm....macam something tak kena lor.
anyway, thanks for your kind words.

that recipe is to help clear the fog ar? thanks alot...i need it. :)

all fused up. :(

current phone also got problem mau pakai liao. lu recommend PDA fon summore ar? hahhaha...

must go book retirement home liao hor?
aiksss....gal throw oranges lar....not the other way around. kakakaka

king's wife,
err...atcherly bought another pair on CNY's eve. :P

cocka doodle,
if only i can remember to tell you.

no worries lar....i think i got selective amnesia only. kakakaka..

adoi...see lar, what night feeds does to you. LOL

good for you....good for you. :)

hahahah......i think you got it spot on. i guess i still wanna 'ular' around summore.

psssst.....lazy but dowan to admit lor. :)

that was what i used to do long, long time ago and i confused myself further. LOL

happy and romatic chap goh meh to you too. :)

hi ah pek,
long time no hear.
TAG???? :D
  At 8:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Been reading yr blog, gelak habis,
btw, sibuk sikit, you write abt
sons, nothing of yr better half,
sorry to sound kaypoh!