Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Come And Make Your Call

These 2 ladies, Wennnn and Mott
Each gave me a tag, one day
They want me to share my lot
On the birth of my blog last May

What I want to say is nothing new
Guess, we all have time to spare
That’s me and you and you and you
We open our hearts and minds to share

An inquisitive mind, a curious eye
To read of thoughts ever so profound
Ditch the who, the what and the why
Just come and spread the cheer all round

Friendships are built far and wide
A life and soul is touched each day
Yellow or Brown, Black or White
Here, we are happy to have our say

A lonely laughter, a joke unshared
A lonely cry, the pain & hurt we bear
Friends I found are ‘gems’ so rare
There is always someone here who care

Hey, come one, come all
Does not matter if you’re big or small
Please don’t hide behind that wall
Just come right in, and make your call!

So Wennnn & Mott, I have completed the tag which both of you gave. Kamsiah.
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  At 1:52 PM Anonymous mott said:
wah..kill 2 birds with one pantun!!!


Kamsiah kamsiah!!!!
oh i remembered Nyonya's "miss kutu" entry!
  At 4:52 PM Blogger sengkor said:
these days so poetic geh?
  At 5:29 PM Blogger savante said:
GAsp. Another pantun! Pandainya nyonya ni!
  At 6:42 PM Blogger famil said:
whoa.. another side of nyonya...

  At 6:50 PM Blogger aceone118 said:
Wuah..pantun in english. Leng Ahhhh!!!
  At 8:37 PM Blogger Chen said:
nyonya indeed keng
must tag nyonya more liao :P
  At 11:04 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wahhhhhh pandai hor hor.... Learn from me one stone kill two birds at the same time hor.... Sayang Nyonya for doing the tag.. Okie la suda keng at pantun I accept la....
That is really good
I like it, I like it
terror berpantun wor... Macam once you start, cannot stop hor?
  At 5:16 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, OUTSTANDING! Very impressive. UL.
  At 5:39 AM Blogger may said:
this is a great way to answer tags! aiseh, I'm not as creative as you lar... can write puisi for me next time too? ;)
  At 7:52 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
A busybody, or someone who's so free,
Or simply someone who's keen
To share and care, to give a word of advice
Or to crack a joke and have some fun.

Friendships are built far and wide
Some are just pseudonyms without a face.
Yet we are happy to have our say
And bond with one another on the web.

Well, I am big on all counts
Impossible for me to hide behind that wall
I am coming.....I am coming!!!
Aaahhhhh..........!!!!! LOL!!!
wahahaha....ini bagus nie...i got someone to berbalas balas pantun...but i am no good in making english ones...only versi melayu.
am glad you like it.
kamsiah. :)

hi las montanas,
long time no hear. you apa khabar?
do drop by when you are free.

errrr....kenot write 400 words, then will have to make do with this short 'poem'. :)

terima kasih.

hahahaha....tipu-tipu nia lar.

hahahha....kamsiah. you wanna give a try too?

dr chen,
ada medicine for 'tag-allergy' ar?

hhahaha....you have to accept lar. gua mia brain foggy, cannot write long cerita lor.

tenkiu, tenkiu.
you try one also lar. :)

king's wife,
err....an easy way out lar...a few lines oni. :D

Hi Uncle Lee,
Thank you for your kind words. Still got a lot to learn. You can teach me or not?

hahahah...like I said, a great way to curi ayam ler.

hahahah....pandai jawab wor!
btw, i am waiting for your email to me. you have a nice day.

tenkiu, tenkiu.
balas-berbalas, macam-macam pun boleh. :)
  At 1:41 PM Blogger eve said:
wah..dem keng..*salute
  At 3:08 PM Blogger Tummythoz said:
Was curious abt d proprietor of the kuih-muih stall at Fatty Poh's Kopitiam & thot I'll come in for a look-c-look-c. Fuwuah, what a find! If only pantuns were this entertaining during schooldays, I would have been able to tie a few sentences today. *sigh*. Anyway, I'll b back for more 'lessons'!
  At 3:57 PM Anonymous JL said:
*kow tau

Satu lagi puisi Kak Nyonya! ;)
wah so poetic la...
tenkiu, tenkiu.

hi tummythoz,
a warm welcome to you.
thanks too, for your kind compliments. just feel free to pop by anytime and leave a word or two.
you have a nice day. :)

i still got a lot to learn from you. :)

hehehe.....you can put up a few lines jugak.
aiseh...ini nyonya mau jadi maciam ahpek. Manyak suka berpantun.
  At 9:11 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
LOL, you're on a poetic tag roll.

Why don't you try the 70 question tag in poetry style? Kidding kidding.. Ha ha
  At 9:46 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Already sent u email.....Hope it gets to u!
WAHHH very good very good!!!

*clap clap clap*

LOL...i read ur pantun in a rap manner ... quietly of cos :P