Sunday, March 18, 2007


So what have I been up to the past 2 days since I came back from Penang? Well, for starters, I have been catching up on lost sleep……ya, the sleep-debt is kinda enormous and I being someone whose brain gets all foggy when sleep-deprived, the best therapy would be to hug my ‘dakap-peluk’ tight and take flight to snoozeland.

I came home on Friday evening and I tell ya, nothing beats sleeping on my own bed in my own room with all the familiar and comforting scents and feel and was soon enveloped in deep slumber and I only woke up at about 12.00noon the next day. I could have slept on for a while longer if not for the incessant ringing of the phone and that monyet on the line dialed the wrong number. Hmmmfffppphhhhmmm….

Had a simple lunch and then tried to clear some chores and hoped to blog-hop a bit after that. Unfortunately, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak….I did visit a couple of blogs but somehow, I can’t seem to register much of what has been written, what more to leave my comments! Aiyahhh… I might just leave my friends bewildered with my incoherent ramblings. So shucks, I guess it’s better to come back later when I get my bearings right.

I tried to clear more of the sleep-debt on Saturday night by knocking in early at about 1.30am Sunday morning (ya lar,….my usual bed time is 3.00am) and only woke up at about 11.00am, this time by some extremely noisy music blaring from a few streets away. Haiyah…wish I got some dogs I can let loose at those noisy people.

Now it’s late Sunday afternoon and I kinda feel sleepy but somehow I can’t nap…..have not had afternoon naps for a long, long time already. So, what is better than to type out this short filler post.

And oh ya, Yinsi Yat 118 asked to see this which I got it when I was back in Penang a few days ago. Not nude, but only topless. Cute and Lovable, ya?

***Now, it's over to you Yinsi Yat 118...please show us your topless photo too.***
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  At 6:59 PM Blogger Chen said:
glad u managed to get yourself some quality sleep :)

cute BB
*cubit face again* :P
  At 7:10 PM Anonymous mott said: corour somemore!!!!

  At 7:23 PM Blogger may said:
welcome home to KL! glad you caught up on your much needed sleep. did you lie on your tummy like you did when you were a babe? look so comfortable loh...
  At 8:27 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, glad to see you back in action. And that cute pic attached, got lots of future potential. Arhaaa ha ha.
If got 'Baby Playboy Magazine', can be in centrefold.
You hacve a nice day. UL.
  At 8:35 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Show us the baby photos of your 2 boys. :p

I hope you'll sleep well again tonight.

Take care & HUGS!
  At 9:14 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Yah... sleep is very essential. You should get more rest after rushing for so many things this few days. See how good me this 'K-Kia' (u ask for it that night, u remember? LOL).

Is that your pic when u were baby? Cute ahhhhhhh
dr chen,
In fact i was already nodding my sleepy head while in the car travelling back to KL. :)

sure got corour lar...pic taken at the studio wor.

errr...sometimes i do sleep on my tummy macam kayu-balak lidat. hahaha..

Uncle Lee, come my poppa never thought of 'Baby Playboy Magazine'? Could have made some money hor?
Now missed the boat liao. hahahha..
You have a pleasant day too. :)

baby photos of my 2 boys??? hahaha...i gotta ask permission first lor.
and thanks, jemima, i sure need more restful sleep. :)
**sayangzz to you**

i ask u to be my k-kia ar? aiyoh, must have gone mabuk drinking too much chinese tea lar. kakaka... nonetheless, i don't mind you calling me k-mak jugak. :D
  At 11:12 PM Blogger aceone118 said:
Welcome home Nyonya. Wuahh!! you really go and hunt that pic for me ar? Phewitt!! Err..looks like your son only geh!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!!!!!!okay, try to hunt mine see got anot! LOL.
Sudah balik ah?
Oh, I also really enjoy paying off sleep-debts. Hope your brains are no longer foggy. :)
any topless one will do....the most current ones pun acceptable. kakakaka...

king's wife,
ya lor, this kind of 'debt' gua more than happy to pay jugak. hehehe...
  At 12:47 AM Blogger angel said:
Welcome home! Hope you are feeling fine...

Gua semalam oso pay back itu hutang zzzzz... pay back nearly whole day! Haha...

Waa... itu baby pic already got karer wan?? How come gua mya tarak karer wan as far as I remember??
  At 12:52 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Nyonya was in penang???? Y never talipon lar????
  At 9:40 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
hutang tidur! reminds me alot of SPM. ahhhhhh. biology, so hating it
  At 12:08 PM Blogger William said:
Lost sleep is quite impossible to regain, no matter how much you sleep. Not exactly a 1:1 ratio. Hope you will recover from the lost zzzss soon. But until then, the land of the walking dead. Haha.
  At 12:44 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, reading about your 'sleep' brings to mind Snow White sleeping after the bite on an apple till a handsome prince arrived on a white horse and woke her with a kiss.
Have a nice day, Nyonya. UL.
  At 1:34 PM Blogger eve said:
wah...itu mata..yuin lok kiut...i think sleep hutang..sampai bila bila oso kenot pay back la..
  At 2:36 PM Blogger Sasha said:
i cann see ace's baby picture, dunno got wear specs wan or not.hmmmm
welcome back! ya ya go catch up on sleep cos we women need our beauty sleep! wah u actually post the photo how come got carerrr one...not ur son kua??
  At 6:19 PM Anonymous yenchiew said:
sleep it all away..
sleep debts.. accumulated alot of them alright..
nice nice topless photo.. ;)
hahhaa....bayar sleep mia hutang...adoi tak habis-habis lar gua bayar.
hutang too much hor, gua muka berkedut-kedut liao. :(

the colour pic was taken at a photo studio. gua pandai pose hor. kakakaka

lu apa talipon nombor? can email to me at:-

oooh....spm mia hutang tidur sudah kautim ledi. now azhan kat USA, no hutang hor? :)

you are absolutely right! no wonder lar, the more i sleep, the sleepier i get and a puffy face too. :(

Uncle Lee,
I would prefer my prince to drive up in an S-Class because I can't ride a horse too well. hahahah....
You have a good day too. :)

my eyes still look the same now?
your sleep hutang ar? slowly but surely you'll settle it. :)

you've seen babyace??? where?? topless or nude??? LOL

Today went back to work much paper to clear, sampai dunno how to feel sleepy. LOL

yenchiew, also got tidur mia hutang ar? cepat-cepat cuba bayar lor.
you have any 'topless' pics to show us too? :)
The colour pic taken at photo studio and NO, the baby is not my son.
The baby is my son's Momma.
aiksss....soli, soli,....the last part or my reply at yenchiew's is for laundryamah.
see lar, foggy brain and foggy eyes and foggy fingers....type and key-in pun salah. :P
Didn't know NyonyaPenang came to Penang :)

Cool picture, btw...
  At 1:19 AM Anonymous kat said:
So kewt, nyonya. Then kewt. Now still kewt!! :D

psst...nyonya, are you related to Jocelin Tan, the Star columnist?
  At 4:02 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Take your time Nyonya, no need to rush yourself, we'll still be around for you as always.
giddy tiger,
i do go to penang every couple of months.
thanks for the compliments.

kewt leh! hehehehe...
errr....not related to the columnist.

firehorse,'re so kind. gua sayang you banyak-banyak. :)
Hope you are ok by now :P
If you so groggy, then all the password also forget again
Yes, sleep is important
Get more rest to yah
A little not ngam children edi, but then I like, so cute leh
Coincidence lah! I too sleep deprived...too much thinking about ghosts!
i think my sleep debt is overdue...last week itself i slept about 3 hours everyday...*sighs*...gerori~
  At 1:58 AM Blogger _butt said:
wahh.. so cute!! feel like cubiting the cheek hehe

why so late only sleep leh? usual bed time 3am?
  At 11:20 AM Blogger sengkor said:
lack of sleep is very sanfu.. especially if u r doing something boring in the office..

can i pinch that baby's cheek? pweeasee..?
it's funny how come can remember certain things but simply forget some others. :)

it sure is very important to me. :)

you don't feel the effects at all ar?

tunku halim,
on overdrive mode? take care and have a nice day. :)

i think i'm kinda nocturnal.

it sure is sanfu, especially attending boring meetings.

err...cannot pinch la...can kiss oni. hahahaha....