Monday, April 09, 2007

Let's Do It Again Next Year!

Dear Son,

You surprised me yesterday when you suggested that we go for a steamboat dinner. I was surprised because I know to you and kid brother, having steamboat means a hot and an uncomfortable affair which can stretch on for hours and this is definitely not your favourite feeding style. To you, a simple finger-licking-good nasi kandar dinner is always tops but yesterday, you decided to indulge momma.

So a steamboat dinner it was. We piled the table with plates of seafood, meats, tofus, eggs, noodles, seaweeds and loads of vegetables and then cooked them in the pot of boiling stock. We ate, we chatted and we sweated and we ate some more, we chatted some more and we sweated even more.

I tell you son, I enjoyed this dinner very much….it somehow tasted good but NO compliments to the chef in the kitchen. I believe it tasted so divine because this is the first birthday dinner you bought for momma. You and kid brother are big boys now and momma is so proud of both of you. It brought a tear to my eye, son, as I wished God had granted me this privilege too, to buy my momma a birthday meal. And I am so happy that I am able to share and enjoy this with both of you. Let momma say thank you and repeat what momma said in the car, “Let’s do it again next year!”

Your response, “Sure, and many, many more to come.” Awww….you are sweet and I love both of you to pieces.

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  At 2:09 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
WooooooWeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm the 1st to comment!


Your anak sooo sayang sama you ler... belanja stimboat! I suka stimboat also leh... when Big-boy can belanja me and Darrius??? :P
  At 4:04 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Happy Birthday & many many many more, Kak.

My Mum told me that to love one's children & to be loved by them in return is the greatest joy in the world.

You've proven her right with this post. ;)
  At 5:32 AM Blogger may said:
I think you have wonderful sons and I feel your love for them here! makes me love them to bits too... :)
Happy Belated Birthday !!!

I'm sure the dinner tasted ultra gooooood one ... heheheh !!!
  At 8:51 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Happy Birthday Nyonya Sayangzzzz..... how sweet ur boys... Sayang mama... OK ok next time Ah Wennnnn come bek we go steamboat together gather okie...
  At 9:44 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, Many happy returns of the day, and many, many more to come. Happy Birthday to you.
May you be as happy tomorrow as you are today.
My very best regards, UL.
  At 10:22 AM Anonymous mott said:
sayangssssss nyonya.

happs happs birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your boys sure have a very very special spot in their hearts for you!!!
  At 11:38 AM Blogger AceOne118 said:
HAPPY BIRD-DAY NYONYA!! Come..come we go stim boat again and kalaoke! I sing ledi and hand you the mic!! wakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!
  At 12:50 PM Blogger Sasha said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NYONYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  At 1:30 PM Anonymous JL said:
Happy Birthday Kak Nyonya!

Wish you all the happiness in the world :)
  At 2:33 PM Blogger famil said:
happy birthday nona...

touching one.. but tak kan every year u want steambot kot?
Your sons so the sweet n thoughtful. Luckily we din have a heavy lunch hor?
Happy Birthday to you!!

*seconds Angel's suggestion* :P
  At 3:47 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
happy birthday nyonyaaaa!!! my last birthday also my kids belanja me steamboat. You are so blessed!
  At 6:00 PM Blogger Chen said:
so sweeeeeeeeeettttttttt....

Happy Birthday Nyonya :)
next time u balik Penang, we go makan steamboat :D
  At 6:09 PM Blogger angel said:
KW, errr... what I suggest har? *blur*

Ohh... you like steamboat wan ka? Why never say early early??

To Sons of Nyonya... psssttt!! Mother's Day kambing soon... ;)

Otanjoubi ni omedeto gozaimasu!!!
happy belated so blur didn't even know when we had lunch! pai seh!
  At 7:09 PM Blogger alison said:
ayoo... so touching... *sniffle* mata gua berair. :)

happy birthday to you nyonya!

i want my mummyyyyyy!!!
nyonya jie, you really bring them up well.
Need to ask you how to bring up kids liao
  At 10:39 PM Blogger sengkor said:
i love ur sons! (aik, cannot, sounds so gay)

i love nyonya!! (aik, cannot also, sounds scandalous)

i love malaysia!! (ok, this one is safe)

happy birthday nyonya!!
  At 10:59 PM Blogger Winn said:
happy birthday many good returns!
  At 12:28 AM Blogger doc said:
happy birthday, nyonya!

& you did well with your kids!
  At 12:36 AM Anonymous mashimaro said:
happy birthday... your sons are so good!! wishing you a wonderful year ahead of you!
angeleyes, are nocturnal. LOL
Thanks so much for your kind wishes.
Belanja Darrius, Darrius' mommy and arranged. :)

Thank you.
You momma is a very wise lady. :)

thank you for your kind words. am sure your parents have wonderful kids too. :))

moz monster,
thanks for the kind wishes.
it was a 'pre-birthday' dinner. nonetheless, I enjoyed very much. :)

kamsiah for the kind wishes.
sure, we go steamboat, shabu-shabu, shalalalalala....again. Jon & you are great company. :)

Hi Uncle Lee,
Terima kasih banyak-banyak for your kind wishes. A year older now, I hope a year wiser too. :D
Have a nice day, Uncle Lee.

thank you.
i guess at the end of the day, as parents, all we wish for is not gold or diamonds but just to be kept in their hearts. :))
have a nice day, mott.

thank you.
steamboat? boleh, boleh.
karaoke?...errr....i bring my own mike ler. hahahahha....

sasha, loud ar, your wishes....i can hear it 5 kilometres away. LOL
kamsiah banyak-banyak. :)

terima kasih seribu.

terima kasih.
steamboat or nasi lemak or mee rebus. or bubur..i know all will taste just as divine when the kids indulge in their momma. :))

king's wife,
thank you for the kind words and wishes.
well, i suppose when you're 'hoi-sum', can makan a lot jugak. :)

kak teh,
thank you for the kind wishes.
oh...your sayang mama brought you for steamboat too. must have tasted real sedaps. :)

dr chen,
thanks for the kind wishes.
you wanna do steamboat in penang? what's that place in kimberly street..'Goh..something..something'...ver
...used to be famous for steamboat.

food....semua pun can try...semua pun suka...especially with good company. :)

oh no, no nid paiseh....not belated. that was a pre-birthday makan. thanks so much for your wishes.

thank you.
**my sayangzzz and hugzz to you**

thank you for your kind words and wishes.
i know you bring up your kids well just wait and soon, the day will come in your honour. :)

terima kasih banyak-banyak.
gua sayangzzz lu! ok lar hor? not scandalous la lidat. hahahaha...

thank you so much for your wishes.
must 'invest' more to get more returns. :D

thanks so much for your kind words and wishes.
last time learn from others how to be a 'good' parent; now STILL learning from others and ALSO learning from my kids! :D
hi mashimaro,
so nice of you to pop in once a while; i appreciate it very much.
and thanks alot for your kind words and wishes.
may you have a good year ahead too. :
  At 8:17 AM Blogger ah nel said:
Hepi Birthday!!!

steamboat gv more merrier n joyful taste...ur son hv a rite choice ;)
ah nel,
thank you so much. :)
Happy Birthday!!!
They are so sweet
You are so happy
Yay, happy happy family
  At 12:10 PM Blogger William said:
Happy Birthday! It's good that your kids spend quality time with you. And to just talk about everything and anything over a hot dinner... that's priceless.
  At 3:55 PM Anonymous _butt said:
happy belated birthday kak nyonya!! muah and hugs! wish you many happy returns!


I'm so touched reading this post.. *sniff sniff*
  At 5:06 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Happy Birthday!!!

Aiya.. I feel hungry reading about the food for your steamboat. *Growl*
thank you.
happiness is having friends like you. :)

thanks for the kind wishes.
happiness is also about building meaningful relationships. :)

_butt,'s not belated. it's TODAY! anyway, thanks for the kind wishes. :))

tenkiu, tenkiu.
come and join us, sometime. :)
  At 6:43 PM Blogger just me said:
Happy Birthday!

...waiting patiently for my son to grow up to give me the same treatment ha ha
just me,
thank you for the kind wishes.

your birthday feast will come soon enough. :)