Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Am Flabbergasted

A couple of weeks back, I came across a notice in the newspapers calling for owners/carriers of ‘old’ toll-payment cards to get the cards replaced. According to the notice, the first generation cards issued have a lifespan of 10 years and are due to expire in May 2007. I quickly checked my card but nowhere was it printed the expiry date unlike that you see on credit cards. All I can see was a serial number and an old seven-digit telephone number.
Then a couple of days ago, I passed a toll booth and then decided to turn in to the Customer Service office to get my card replaced.

Me : Hi, Good afternoon. I’d like to replace this card.

The Customer Service executive took my card , slot it into a reader, took it out and handed it back to me and then told me that I do not need to replace it.

Me : Why? I read the notice in the papers.
CS : Yours not due yet…due only in 2008. You continue to use until it expire.
Me : Oh. How would I know and remember when?
CS : Ah…..when it expire, you’ll not be able to pass through lar.
Me : Aiyoh…Lidat sure kena marah teruk should I be stuck there and holding up traffic.
Me : Since I am here now, you upgrade for me please.
CS : Then you have to pay RM10.
Me : Wahhhh……


I went to the telecommunictions office to do some transfer/change of name for the phone line. Filled up one simple form, paid some money and it was done. Then I told them to transfer the broadband account too.

CS : Cannot transfer lidat. You have to cancel the first account and reapply.
Me : Okie, let me sign the forms now.
CS : It takes 3 days to cancel and another few days for the new line to be activated.
All in you will not have internet access for about 7 days.
Me : SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!! 7 HARI!!!!!!! WHY????? I thought do some paperwork only!
CS : This IS the process.
Me : Okie. No need to transfer.

The above 2 incidents left me flabbergasted. What funny systems they have there.
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  At 5:55 PM Blogger famil said:
i have this call record from TMNet customer. he was so dissatisfied with the service and stupid answer given.

wish could hsare with u.. that fellow kena marah kaw kaw.
  At 6:32 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
My house phone line still uses my late father's name. Tried to transfer to my name before but like you, I was told I needed to cancel old account first and then reapply which would take a few days. Like that a few days no line lah! So finally I decided lantak pi lah guna my father's name sampai bila-bila...
  At 6:36 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Bolehland punya pasal lah!

here company not like company one... everyone own their operation so that's why systems all rojak! LOL
  At 6:52 PM Blogger Chen said:
very sianz huh?
damn mah huan...
so many paperworks...
and wait, wait, waitttttt..

  At 7:02 PM Anonymous angel said:
One word I use in zewt's blog...

M I G R A T E !


Psssttt! Good ler you... in a few days' time, someone from TMNut will call you liao and say, "Hello, are you Nyonyapenang?" Kakakaka... lei hai tak geh!
  At 8:56 PM Blogger zewt said:
trademark of the malaysian ways....
It's as if these customer service people are put there to purposely annoy us!! Instead of being helpful, they provoke instead!! Grrr...
  At 9:38 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Maraysia Bolih!!!! kekeke
  At 10:26 PM Blogger daniel said:
my goodness... YOUR country is so farnie!
oh ya, that recording... i think i have heard it from someone's blog.
the customer was really, really angry lar.

hi pidani,
a warm welcome to my humble blog. :)

ya, just cannot understand them kan? a simple transfer pun buat macam...macam..entahlah apa....

thanks for dropping by and you have a nice day.

the systems...aiyah...
**shakes head**

dr chen,
the sien part is when they tell you '7 DAYS NO INTERNET'. :(

you migrated liao?

sei lar...what if the NUT calls???...i better change name, errr..any suggestions?

"..pushing you from pillar to post..." :(

king's wife,
the answers we get from them, dunno to laugh or to cry.

yay...yinsiyat 118 pun boleh!!!

because we believe in LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE
  At 12:12 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
All I can say is... Malaysia Boleh! This is how they work. Same case with my internet access, took 5 days only come and repair it.
  At 9:07 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, Had to shake my head read your 'flabbergasted'. I think maybe more 'flummoxed'. I read the country now gone hi-tech with 'Hi-Tech Valley' or 'Big Valley', not sure etc? Kenny Ng say took 5 days to repair Internet? Or 7 days? Holy Smoke!
Here every house, apartment has telephone jacks, every room. Say you baru sampai fresh off the tongkang need phone and Internet? Okay, First go buy your phone or phones. If you got 5 kids, then 5 phones each room from a phone store. Apa shape, design pun ada. I love the one looks like grand piano.
Okay, next go to Bell Canada or one of the phone kongsis, fill a form, nama, address, pay the $26.00, get your number. Go home, just connect the phone or phones to the phone jacks, very simple, 5 year old can do, just push the jack in the slot, kow tim, half hour later, "rrrrringgg", they phone you, "Miss Nyonya, you are connected, have a nice day". You say 'thank you', terus can already phone Angel go for dim sum.
Internet naik angin? Phone the kongsi, they radio to nearest mobile repair crew, if happen near your vicinity, ten minutes, its, "can we help you"?
BTW Nyonya, if you here want to change your name from eg, 'Nyonya Chan Tek' (in your country passport) to eg, 'Dixie Chan Tek', no problemos, when apply for your citizenship, bring proof people address you as 'Dixie', or bring 3 letters from Angel or Wenwen with that name, fill your 'name you want on your citizenship' i.e. Dixie....itu la dia. This like in Angel's blog about 'chi'. Maybe tarok new name good chi masuk?
Okay, you have a nice day, Nyonya. UL.
  At 9:48 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
Haiz, all this redundancy and red tape enough to drive you nuts.

It's like if you want to go from KL to Penang, they send you to Singapore first.
streamyx has a 'no transfer' policy for its package. It caused a lot of trouble for me, the last time I transfer my phone line.

And no, it is not 7 days. It took 10 days for them to fix that.
Ah ... the good 'processes' that world class Malaysian organizations put in place.

No wonder we have 1st world infrastructure that work like 3rd world stuff ...
  At 12:19 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I don't know bout the first incident but the second one is outrageous
Where can like that, it should be on the spot coz it's transfer of ownership, but then both party must be there la to sign the form on the spot
It take less than a minute to deactivate and change name and reactivate
just cannot understand them, kan?
why 5 days? why? why?

Uncle Lee,'s different here. You shift to a new place, then you go to the various agencies to apply for your utilities and then wait for them to install. after a few days, they don't turn, then you go and call them again and you'll be told, 'Sorry, no lines to your area.' Then you asked why and the answer is 'DUNNO' or 'NOT SURE'.
And don't even ask about changing names. And now, I heard you cannot simply give your child any name you fancy. Remember those long-ago favourite names like, Too Kia, Kow Kia, Or Lang, etc... all not allowed now. talking about positive chi...maybe I should go consult some fengshui master re: this name nyonyacomel. And Uncle Lee, this name does not imply a nyonya riding a female camel. hahahaha...

You have a great day!
they cannot convince me, then they confuse me lar. hahahah

just cannot understand hor?
and you said 10 DAYS!,....I think I'd go mad liao. :D

moz monster,
i suspect they are kinda sadistic lar. hahahah...

the first incident, I almost laughed myself silly when I was told that I will know my card already expired when I am stuck at the toll booth. so stooooopid ler.

2nd incident...why in heaven's name they need sooo many days to do a simple transfer????
wah i never knew about the lifespan of the toll card lei! thanks for this info!
  At 6:23 PM Blogger sengkor said:
i tell u tht toll card is full of bullshits.. so many hidden charges one!
  At 9:56 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Really Malaysia Boleh lor... I dun think so la. Is Nyonya Boleh lor...
  At 10:47 PM Blogger Winn said:
eekek i like the red dog!
  At 11:07 PM Blogger Will said:
ah... the efficiency of the systems (or the lack of it) :P
Doesn't this all sound so familiar??

All I can say is...

Welcome to Malaysia!

  At 10:00 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Human beings also like dat! No expiry date! When some parts stop functioning, yunno lah! LOL!!!
better your card lor. if not, kena stuck at the tollbooth...ada sikit jialat lor.

they still have the RM15 deposit per card issued....just imagine the amount of $$$$$$ collected.

hahahaha....wenwen pun BOLEH! :)

i think liucas' will look good in red also. :)

ahhh....the new meaning of the word 'efficiency'....

day-dreamer, mean i've been away all this while? hahahha....

that's why it's a good idea to go for regular servicing and maintenance.....tweak here and there abit and maybe can work as good as new. hahahaha....
  At 2:08 PM Blogger William said:
We are at their mercy...
  At 3:49 PM Blogger JL said:
i know... it's called boh-sistem... same thing when i want to transfer my old phone line to my new place..

sigh... so efficient hoh...

ada sistem's to make our lives miserable. :(
  At 9:04 PM Blogger said:
ah jie, tell me about it.
I survived that 10 days on dial-up
  At 10:31 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hello Nyonya, re your comments here, out of curiousity, are phone enquiries to these authorities recorded on tape? I mean the conversation between customer and kongsi personal?
Here all calls to various authorities are recorded incase of dispute, poor quality service, customer or personal attitude etc and for whatever reasons experienced and action needs to be taken, there's always the recorded proof.
  At 11:26 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
wahh...why the toll thingy so funnyone...if wait till expire oni change, then cause a lot of jam and ppl cursing behind lor
dial-up??? have the patience of a saint. :)

Uncle Lee,
I think a few big kongsis here record the phone conversations.
There was one instance many moons ago whereby I was so unhappy with one telecommunication provider. I called them up so many times to state my case and finally someone from 'higher-ups' helped to settle for me after listening to their tape recordings.

that was the brilliant answer given by the CS personnel. can you beat that? hahahaa....
  At 9:23 AM Blogger savante said:
Do not try to understand how our bureaucracy works. IT'd drive you insane.
come to think of it....trying to understand a woman is so much easier.
We can have all the cyber this, cyber that.....'smart' this, 'smart' that, but unfortunately we have very stupid people running the show.
nyonya, whenever I complaint, Bernard will remind me: patience is a virtue
cocka doodle,
i dunno lar. i rest my case. :)

indeed it is. :)
  At 5:08 PM Blogger J.T. said:
We get so used to service like that that we start accepting it as the norm.
Customer service in Malaysia needs a lot of improvement. It is very frustrating dealing with them in a lot of places.
the answers we get from them.....sure boggles the mind.