Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Lidis

It’s like this. The bills came yesterday and I being someone who dislike to handle a piece of paper more than once, decided to go over to one of the ‘companies’ to settle all in one go…the electricity, water and phone bills.

I walked in, looked at the queue number machine and OK, Button ‘A’ for ‘Payment' and Button ‘B’ for ‘Installation’ and I pressed **teeeeet** ‘A’. Okie, just 3 more numbers to wait. Heard my number called and I plonked myself on the chair in front of the cashier. I saw someone paying with credit card and I too whipped out my card and gave the stack of bills to the cashier.

Cashier : Dis and dis, phone punya can use card. Itu water and letrik punya, you pay cash.

Me : Why?

Cashier : It’s lidis.

Me : Ok, nevermind. I'll pay cash for all.

Me : And I want to pay for this phone line too. The bill not arrived yet. Dunno lost or what.

Cashier : I cannot check. You go reception and check and come back here and pay.

Me : Why?

Cashier : Because the system is lidis. Only can collect payment. Cannot checking punya.

To the reception I went. And queue up again lar. While waiting for them to print the latest bill for phone line no. 3, I realized that there was a mistake in the other bill for phone line no. 1. The receptionist printed the latest bill for line no. 3 and I was to pay at the cashier’s and as for the other complaint of wrong billing, I had to take another queue number from Button ‘B’ for ‘Installation’. Whatever lar.

But Holy Cow, I was like 19 numbers away and let me tell you, to move one number, it takes an average of 20 minutes, and a few I noticed, been stuck on the chairs for more than 30 minutes, and I saw too, a customer at one of the counters yelling his head off. Wah....I felt my temperature rising already. I stood there for about 10 minutes or so, my eyes staring intently at the numbers flashing on the screen, as if to will them to skip and jump 18 numbers faster.

Anyway, 2 numbers down and I then heard another 2 consecutive numbers being called but no takers, so I just walked to the corresponding counter and sat down there. I told the service executive that I was at this office last month in April to sort out everything AND her colleague who attended to me assured me that the transfers has been done AND that the bill for the new package plan would be effective May 4 2007 BUT now the bill in my hand dated May 4 2007 still showed the old billing! Then she said to me, “Sabar, sabar (Be patient)…let me check.”

So she check-check here and check-check there and check-check everywhere and then told me the new billing will commence on June 10 2007. What? Why? How? I wanted to know.

Executive : OK, I go ask my senior.

She walked inside and got a senior to come to the counter. This senior came and keyed in some buttons on the computer and then told me the same story…something similar to 'that your mother is a woman'. As if I don’t know. **roll eyes** Get the drift? You all, my frens, I know you know. **geezzzz***

I shot my questions at the senior and she tried to give some convoluted explanation which I of course don’t buy lar. **tskkk…tsskkk…** And she then got another gentleman to “tolong explain, sekejab” to me. if I am so dense or thick or what? Wahhh….I felt smoke coming out from my ears already…..

The junior executive had to brief the gentleman again, the story beginning from April 24 2007 and I had to take a piece of paper to write out why I think the billing dates are all wrong and I want them to correct it pronto. He nodded and then asked me to fill in a complaint letter and then only they will investigate and then only do the adjustments.

Me : When?

Gentleman : Wait. We check and call you.

Me : When?

Gentleman : Dunno yet. We check first.

Me : Whatever. But I expect a full adjustment.

Executive : Meanwhile, now you no internet for 24 hours.

Me : WHY????

Executive : It’s lidis.

Me : **slaps forehead**

The dispute is regarding the BILLING for the phone line. How come the physical line is affected? Oh, I forgot, “IT’S LIDIS”
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  At 2:12 AM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha!!! Welcome back, nyonya! I've missssssed you! Kakakkaka...

How come you always kena lidis wan har? *garu kepala*

Oh.. ya... It's memang lidis wan hor?


ps: Be prepared to receive another surprise phone call in the next two three days? ;)

pps: You forgot to write the company's name BIG BIG ler... dia orang mya Internet surfer won't be able to 'spot' u if tarak nama company... :D
Such a typical Malaysian case. *sigh*
I can understand how you felt nyonyangpenang, coz hubby n I had problem with our phone billings too..called EVERYDAY to the phone company to 'complaint' and for 3 months, they got our billings wrong,each time we had to call and made adjustment. Until finally I guess the 'complaints' we filed were sooo much that whenever they look at our a/c, they got headache. The 4th month, they finally got it right :)
  At 5:50 AM Blogger may said:
at first I thought what sotong talk, it's lidis... then I realised, ohhhh, it's lidis!! hahaha! really pengsan sometimes, how those people work. then again, it's lidis...
  At 5:52 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hello Nyonya, Are you talking about this happening in Malaysia, KL? Not in a 4th world country somewhere?
Holy Smoke! I had to read twice to fully understand. You mean the system you guys having there THAT! PRIMITIVE? Everyone playing musical chairs with the "lidis" song"?
Don't the kongsi you dealing in have computers?
Oh my gosh! That many persons to handle just one bill problem? I honestly cannot believe what I was reading, honest!
I just can't believe you talking about KL, Malaysia?
25 years ago I can understand, but today?
I guess its like that joke of "how many persons needed to install a light bulb..", huh!
I would think that all it needs is to key in your phone number or your account number on a computer, straightaway access your files, check out the problem, remedy it immediately...5 minutes at most, and then say, "thank you Ms, you have a nice day". I person, one computer, 5 minutes.
And you had how many people to handle your problem? And the long wait?Wow! UL.
ps, and I bet you had to pay for parking too?
  At 6:18 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiyoooo Nyonya U always the one tat kena all these ya!! Becoz why?? It's lidis!! Kenot be help lor!!
  At 7:27 AM Blogger Will said:
alamak... mareshia boleh

i also had problems with them last year... called them so many times and screwed them up nicely before they finally solve my account issues
  At 9:13 AM Blogger ilene said:
NYONYA, how I wish I could also explain lidis wan to my boss when the same scenario happened to his phone bills!! Simply, simply this telephone company would billed onto you some packages which they purportedly claim that you've agreed to accept it! Then the hassle of getting it all reversed. I truly understand your predicament.

BTW, thanks for your concern NYONYAPENANG. Am still in one piece though aching and tired all over and my mum seems to be maintaining well. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Aiyah, life lidis wan lah! hahahaha!
  At 9:53 AM Blogger William said:
It's so annoying, but for the sake of our blood pressure have to lidis lor....
  At 12:08 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Nyonya Penang... next time just bring your penyapu lidi and when they say, "It's lidis" you just show them your penyapu lidi lah... lots of lidis there! ;)
  At 1:00 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Luckily I'm paying my bills online. I had enuff with the counter staffs ledi! LOL
  At 2:45 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Aiya what to do it's lidis one lar....

GRRRRRRRRR.... know the stupid feeling trying to resolve a problem and being led round and round and round.

Love that cartoon by the way. Such expression!
hahaha...hey u can pay all the phone bills + a lot of other bills via no problem one cos I've been doing it for a couple of years now. as for electric i still go back to good ol tnb itself to pay...
So hilarious!

This type of thing happens in Singapore also... in fact - everywhere!

They potong your internet line becos of your complaint?
you missssssssssssed me ar?

how come I always kena lidis wan?
well, it's lidis's because i check my things and i suffer no fools and i chiak pah siaw eng and blog about it lar. hahahaha...
and see the other comments...a few of our frens also kena lidis.

**pssstt...**tulis itu kongsi mia nama BIG-BIG ar? dowan lidis lar. i dowan to be flamous .. :D
yup, it's lidis wan. :)

oooh....4 months to get it right?
so jialat ar?
just cannot understand how a simple thing takes so much effort and time and yet they get it wrong again and again.

maybe they are trained to use this 'key-phrase' to explain everything 'unexplainable' and to drive the customers round the bend.
Hi Uncle Lee,
hahaha....Nice top of the chart song 'It's Lidis we have here, ya?

And i suspect they practice this philosophy too, If You Cannot Convince Them, Then You Confuse Them. And the many number of personnel required to solve a problem, itu la...full employment.

What I cannot stand is the lonnnnggg wait......

You have a nice day, Uncle Lee
hi wennnn,
not so much that i always's more like gua beh tahan and i blog about it lor. :)

it's lidis.....i no scold them. i merely asked 'WHY???' 'WHAT??' and 'HOW???' and see lar, what answer i get! :)

hi ilene,
i am happy to know you are keeping well. :)

can see that the song, it's lidis is not one of your boss' favourites. hahahaha....
it baffles me no end how come simple thing lidis also soooo susah to settle.

you are one cool dude!
  At 5:02 PM Blogger sengkor said:
sometimes if not lidis, it's lidat lor.. cannot exprain one..
pi bani,
hahahah......good idea....penyapu lidi sure good for sweeping 'dead leaves'. hahahah...
you have a nice day.

it's lidis....they bill me WRONG! and how to online when they eveli time tell ?

the thing is i don't fancy playing musical always make my head spinnnnnn.....
the was soooo 'me' lar, yesterday. :)

gua ini abit clumsy...dare not use online also...takut pressed the wrong button and then dunno where the money goes. i had not very pleasant experiences with the bank and it took them weeks to investigate.
anyway, i am an old-fashioned pen and paper person.

in the 'little red dot' as well?
well, like you's all over and everywhere. but it's kinda sad huh? in this IT age summore. lar, they said there will be no internet access for 24 hours because they need 'to switch from this to that and that to this and bla...bla...bla.. . whatever that means???
maybe you can explain better with your ABCDEFG 'chart'. hahahaha...
ooopsss...soli my reply to you missing sikit....
it's lidis, how to pay online when eveli time they say "NO INTERNET" ?
  At 6:33 PM Anonymous mott said:
..but nyonya..I had it differently.

I didn't pay bill, they understandably cut me off streamyx.Called them, and they re-installed the line for 4 hours (to allow me to pay online).

Once I paid, I found they didn't even stop the connection after 4 hours.'s kinda dubious this just looks like they're pulling your leg!
  At 8:32 PM Blogger famil said:
to think that they spend millions for rebranding..

lidis beh tahan ooo..
yeah lor, 4 months! Dunnoe is the people who come up with the system to blame or the people who use the system to blame? hmmm...
Ahh..I've also been having problems with my phone bill lately. Out of the past 4 months, 3 of it never came in the mail. I had to go to THAT company, get the bill at the reception, and then get a no. and queue to pay. $%^&*@# Why lidis??
  At 1:07 AM Blogger ah nel said:
next time don go alone coz smts i might help a bit...

*show them smth n thre no more its liddis their answer to u*
  At 9:46 AM Blogger said:
Haiyo. Nyonya.
Telekom again?
Sigh. They never learn.
  At 11:07 AM Blogger eve said:
Adoih...dem sien right?...I never like to deal with them one...but then I m the type who wont make a noise if this thing happen to me...and becos of this trait of mine..I cannot get anything done as fast as i want it to..
  At 11:16 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I think there is much to improve in first, the mentality
  At 3:40 PM Blogger _butt said:
lidis also can? tsk tsk..
ya...I do rememeber reading your post about this quite a while back.

pulling legs? hahah....they know that i know that they dunno what they tokking ler.

tell me about it!
i saw their full-page advertisements that tells the worls that it's soooooo easy and hassle-free to deal with them. just click her and click there. to click when they kerap-kerap no internet? what tokking man????
rebranding???? gua tak faham leh sooo big the word. does it man just tukar baju nia but otak still the same ar? hahahah....

king's wife,
you also one good customer lar....go and beg them to please let you pay your bills!

ah nel,
atcherly hor, that place, one fler go or 10 fellas go oso no difference wan lar....semua macam buat muka tembok nia lar.

haiyah....their job is to drive you up the wall lar.

very, very, very sienzzzzzz lar.
got lidat wan wanna pay them money, they make it sooooo susah for you pulak?

you got it right there! fully agree with you.

apa pun BOLEH!!!!!!
If not how? Wait for my line to be disconnected?
Everytime I ask them about my missing bill..."sudah hantar, sudah hantar.."
king's wife,
i oso very good customer. go and beg to pay and yet, they tried to make life susah...kenot check lar...take number lar....queue up lar...sistem down lar....bill wrong lar....
it's amazing...our patience! hahaha..
It's lidis...I've tagged you. :)
  At 7:09 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, I read every one of your friends comments and I feel sad. I can see or rather feel everyone's frustration and having to settle or resign oneself to whats happening in 2007.
To think what you mentioned is happening presently is just beyond me when there's Apple and Microsoft everywhere. Read everyone's comments and you'll see the attitude of 'what can we do? Its lidat'. I can walk on the word frustration. I too would feel that way.
From what you mentioned, I get the impression that what you encountered, or your friends experienced or your, their experiences is
to quote you, 'lidis'.
A big, glamourous, fancy restaurant where the head cook mixes with the diners outside, never enters the kitchen and in the kitchen maybe 5 old oven, 2 not working burners with 20 cooks who learned their cooking from their mothers, and no one knows what to cook, but improvises with the soup called "lidis", or dessert called "lidat".
Thus it makes one wonders what restaurant owners are doing, what GM doing, what chief cook doing?
And again, what is the Mayor or MP's doing?
Hasn't anyone done any calculation how much or the number of man hours lost, productivity loss, absence from work to line up for hours to settle a simple problem of billing error? Multiply that by whole country and you get the answer 'back into history'.
What you mentioned can be solved by a 14 year old with his laptop in 5 minutes flat given the fact if data has been updated.
Telephone bills, water or electricity all have account numbers. All the 14 year old does is type in your account number, out pops your name, address etc and past two years record, check out whatever the problem is, maybe check with 16 year old supervisor, then on the spot remedy it, giving you a smile and a "Miss, you have a nice day" only spend 8 minutes at most, going back to your office to resume work.
One computer, one person.
To have 5 persons to solve one simple billing problem...?? Something sure has gone wrong somewhere. And no one noticing it too?
I bet ulcer pills, high blood pressure pills selling like hot cakes, huh?
Sorry if I use up your space here Nyonya, but I feel so sad reading yours and your friends plight.
Pass the 'lidis' soup please. UL.
Ha ha write some really good stuff here! Sabar jer lah kak, our gomen memang work like that one. IT'S LIDIS!!
Hi Uncle Lee,
I think you may have taken the words right out of everybody's mouth here.

Ya lar, we frusss big time when it is soooooo susah to solve simple issues like this. To think that it should not be an issue at all to begin with. And this is not only in the gahmen the private sector also lidis. Try calling the customer service or customer support or whatever and the 'fun' begins. More often than not, you'll get passed from one person to another and you go round and round repeating yourself hoarse and probably they hope you'll wear yourself out and won't ever call them again. hahhaaa...

Not much better luck with letters and emails too. Somehow, the mails would 'mysteriously' get lost in transit and the paper trails starts all over again.

But of course, there are some very proactive organizations who truly go the extra mile to make sure all dealings are pleasant experiences for their customers. After all a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute your valuable comments. I appreciate it very much. No worries about taking space here. You are always welcome here, Uncle Lee.

Have a great weekend. :)
Hi Bibik N aka Halle Berry,
Welcome....welcome....jemput masuk.

Kamsiah for your kind words.
Please feel free to drop by anytime for a cup of kopi-or-kau and some kuih cokodok. The pleasure is mine.

You have a great weekend too. :)
  At 7:25 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, my last comment.
I guess all the above now boils down to attitude, mentality and why worry, I still get my salary, the boss don't care.
Actually I do not blame those at middle or lower steps of ladder, it is the bosses, the CEO's who should walk the plank.
From what I read, these are bosses who enjoys looking important, go for meetings everyday, enjoys the word 'meeting'..and doesn't even know 3 names in his own office (only the sexy one) and when something good happens he steals the drum roll, but when things turn sour, he lifts up both hands and points all his ten fingers at everyone, not one finger bent back at him.
To put it another way, these are captains who sit in the rear on a comfortable chair in an aircondition room but gives orders to his troops to charge the enemy while he enjoys his coffee.
Wearing a tie, wearing a suit looking important does not solve problems.
Rolling up your sleeves and doing a 'leadership by example' is.
A boss who wears a tie, sits in a closed room to me is a real mangga voonga guy! Doesn't impress me.
Real sad this is happening. UL.
Hi Uncle Lee,
I gotta say, you somehow hit the nail in the head. hahahah...

Looking and feeling and behaving and believing that one is important is an art to be taken very seriously. If not, how else to justify sitting in the ivory tower?
And you talking about walking the plank? I think here we do it a bit's walking the plank to cross over to the next ship and sail away to another bountiful port of call. How good we have it here ya?
And re: the analogy of 'captains who sit in the rear on a comfortable chair in an airconditioned room but gives orders to his troops to charge the enemy while he enjoys his coffee.'....i think this is an old game. There is a Chinese saying, roughly translated as 'the smart will use the mouth, while the non-so-smart will offer his hands'.
So if anything fails, the ones with the dirty hands will face the music.

As for the sharp business suits and all, well, if you got nothing to show up there between the ears, maybe a bespoke suit will save the day. STYLE mesti ada lar.hahahha...

Thanks once again. :)