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Pre-Loved Vehicles

“So, you are buying a second-hand car. And it’s coming cheap. You had better beware. It could be a kereta potong”….this follows the headlines “Cut and Cheat” in the Sunday Star today.

Wah…like this also got ar? I can just imagine myself unwittingly buying one of these ‘cut and weld’ cars and driving around and one fine day while driving over one too many potholes, I’d suddenly feel ‘drafty’ and then realized that the back portion of the car has broken off. Bad joke! Could be worse, huh?

So far, I have had 3 pre-loved cars, 2 sourced out from the classifieds in the local newspapers and one from a friend. Had been lucky thus far….no ‘cut-and-weld’ machines and certainly not ‘black-marked’ too. My first car was 14-year old jalopy pre-loved by, if I remember right, 5 different owners. I bought it direct from the last owner who put up a ‘For Sale’ ad in the local daily. This young Malay gentleman became a good friend after that.

The second car, I bought from a friend whom I know to be someone who loves his cars dearly and care for them well. And yes, I got a good and reliable set of wheels which served me faithfully for 2 years before I sold it and got another pre-loved car.

This third car, I sourced from the local dailies too, and before I signed the papers and paid the money, I ran a check at the Traffic Police Headquarters. Thank God, I took the trouble. The car had accumulated a total of RM4300 worth of unpaid summonses for various offences, from illegal parking to speeding. I made a quick phone call to the young car owner to tell him to settle everything, if not, it will be ‘No Deal’. He settled and cleared everything the following day.

I have been lucky with my purchases but this could not be said of my friend LP. She not be knowing much lar (not that I know any better), got her dear husband to look for a second-hand car for her. And hubby found a very good deal….nice 2.0L car, a model that LP actually wanted very much, very well-maintained and cheap too. Okie, deal closed and LP got her dream car. A couple of months later and one fine day while LP was driving to town, she somehow sensed that another car was tailing her. From the rear-view mirror, all she could make out was 2 men in dark glasses behind the wheels of a car with tinted glass. She continued driving round and round and decided to drive into the open-air carpark at the market. Not seeing the car from her rear-view mirror anymore, she shrugged off any uncomfortable thoughts. After a good 15 minutes or so, she got back onto the road to continue her journey to her hair salon in town. She must have driven for another 10 minutes or so when from God knows where, that familiar looking car re-appeared and was coming up very fast behind her and before she could do anything, the driver of that car sort of ‘forced’ LP to drive onto the grass verge and stopped there. Two young men came up to her and knocked on her window. LP now pale and shaking, wound the window a bit and heard one of the men yelling at her, **&^%$#@, you bitch..#@@&&* hooker....^%$#@...You stay away from Aileen’s husband..**&&%$ This is just a warning......You hear that??...STAY AWAY FROM ALEX!!...@&%#@**...."

And just as quickly, the 2 men walked back to their car and sped off, leaving LP cold and sweating on her seat. She can’t remember how long she sat stiff in the car before gaining her composure and drove home. She later discovered that the previous owner of the car was someone’s mistress and the unhappy wife must have sent the two menacing fellas to do the job. It was a case of mistaken identity. The 2 fellas must have been told to look out for a woman driving that car with that particular number plate. So takuttttt.....LP managed to sell off the car after 2 months.

We just have to be extra vigilant when buying pre-loved vehicles. Make sure that it is not a ‘kereta potong’ and pray too, that it does not come from dubious backgrounds.
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  At 7:47 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, "kereta potong"? We have that here too. Its always buyers beware, if its cheap, watch it!
Would be funny when taking off at the lights, I leave my mother in law behind with half the car body. UL.
  At 9:42 PM Blogger Chen said:
Poor LP..
luckily nothing happened to her, or else really jialat liao..
kena buta-buta for no reason :(
  At 10:10 PM Blogger Bernard said:
*Sniff* I'm going to miss my pre-LOVED car!!
What happened to LP was so scary!!

Must really be careful when buying second-hand cars...

But a lot of people say that second-hand cars are not so cheap to buy anymore, due to the drop in new cars' prices.
  At 11:40 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
That's y must check the car owner history before buy it. Now days better buy new car since the price so cheap.
  At 1:52 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Wa.. scary la if buy pre-loved car with dubious background.
Luckily we did not have any problems with my first car in the States. Husband traded it in after six months. Air con was giving trouble summer.

With the price of new cars today, we are better off paying a little more and getting one with no history except its birth in the factory.
  At 5:08 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, Re your 'LP' story as well "unpaid speeding and parking tickets",...your authorities there should adopt this simple procedure:
1/ We do not have 'road tax' here, instead pay an annual $70 lisence plate tax, a small postage size stamp sticker then is pasted (diy) on your rear number plate, this based on your birth month, eg. Jan/07. Any cops following behind will always glance at the date and telltale colours. (Heavy fine if outdated!)
If you have any parking offence or speeding offence tickets, this is noted on the lisencing office computer and you cannot renew your lisence plate tax till paid up.
2/ Your lisence plate number, incidentally can be either alphabets/numbers allocated by lisencing office or your choice ($200) of your own numbers or mixed with alphabets (max 8 numbers or mixed)eg, NYONYA.PG
This lisence plate number is yours permenantly until you decide to change or give up driving.
If you buy a used car or new car, you get a new set or keep that old number.
New owner of the Mercedes you sold thus gets a new plate.
Thus if one churi someone's wife or husband, no problemos like innocent "LP". Ha ha. UL.
  At 8:54 AM Blogger said:
My wife always insist: ONLY new car
  At 9:02 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
Wow, that's scary. Lucky she only got a warning.
  At 11:40 AM Anonymous JL said:
kesian LP... luckily she escaped unharm...

I like the idea of NYONYA PNG car number plate :P
  At 3:56 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
ALamak! We are eyeing one car which PB wanna get for me and the previous owner is a lady! I must tell PB this before we sign on the dotted line! But I really like that car wor.... :(
  At 4:45 PM Blogger alison said:
wow! i guess all pre-loved cars come with drama! i trade in my first car, i sayang my fisrt car very much, whoever bought my car very lucky, clean record and tip top shape. i still miss my car sometimes.
  At 5:05 PM Blogger savante said:
Easy enough for them to say but how do we tell? Do we go around summarily kicking the rear end of the cars to see if it falls off?
  At 5:56 PM Blogger Winn said:
i stil prefer brand new car...
im not a carperson la. i scaared the 2nd hand car will merajuk suddenly when it decides that it didnt like me...

when i sold off my old car to 2nd car dealer..i dam pity the future owner la:P hehee..coz it can MATI quite often la
  At 10:36 PM Blogger zewt said:
4300 worth of unpaid summons.... wonder how that fella got the road tax renewed!!!

your friend LP... i guess she got a raw deal. put it this way... good things no things no good. period.
  At 11:25 PM Anonymous marsha said:
WALAMAK!! Talking about poor friend LP! I would've totally burst into tears, I tell you. I cannot tahan this kind of thing.
Uncle Lee, have kereta potong in Kanatai jugak? Wah...there the kereta semua besar-besar...lidat potong into quarters? so passed a bumpy road and ooopsss...left a not-too-SYT by the roadside. :P

dr chen,
ya lar, at that moment, she was also too frightened to think straight.

Congrats!...when your new love coming?
Can take me for a spin?

ya lar, it sure was scary. i think if it was me, i would have fainted out of fear.
i am not sure of new car prices now but am told that buying new car comes with better financing terms too.

new car cheaper financing rate and summore got warranty. a better deal lor, lidat.

have to take the trouble to do some background checks when thinking of buying any pre-loved items. we just never know.
Uncle Lee,
Your annual licence plate fees of C$70 only? Irrespective of the size/make/model of the car?
Here we pay road tax and those who drives luxury and big-capacity cars pay a lot, a lot more.
As for the unpaid summonses issued by the Traffic Police Dept, the Road Transport Dept now has the data base of those up or no renewal of road tax. However, I am told that summonses issued by local councils for parking offences, are yet to be linked to the Road Transport Dept.
As for the car number plates, if I remember well, there were proposals some time back to allow personalised number plates, like what you said, with choice of alphabets or numbers or a combination of booth. Ya, I'll keep in mind your suggestion of a special plate for my car:
But then bor, like this cannot be incognito liao.
Have a nice day, Uncle Lee.

it's always love at first sight for me with a new car. tapi when account cannot balance, then have to learn to fall in love with a pre-loved car.

it sure was scary. my fren now no longer give a look at a pre-loved car. she said if no money, she'd rather take a bus. :)

maybe a 'ROCKTOK' plate for you too? :D

alamak! I scared you pulak.
no worries, just do some thorough checking and all should be fine.
enjoy you car. :)

ahhhh...first love...who can ever forget. :)
i do miss my first love too - my 14-year old jalopy which served me well for 1 year until it suffered a major heart attack and needed a heart transplant (changed the whole engine lar).

they said take to PUSPAKOM and pay some money to run some tests.
just like sending the propsective employee for some health checks.

dun fatt mang charng with the car lar, then it won't merajuk lor.
mesti kasi tender loving care and dun let Liucas go and pee on the tyres.
re: your car sold to the 2ndhand car dealer, i guess they would do it up a bit and then it's up to the prospective buyer to check it out.

The RM4300 was accumulated within a year.
ya, agree with you re: good things no cheap and cheap things no good.
everybody knows that, but then what we know and what we do are 2 different things. :))

hi marsha,
you'll burst into tears?
me...i terus fainted lar. :)
  At 6:46 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, yes, we pay $70 any size car a year. Itu la dia, whether a Lincoln, Cadilac or Honda Civic.
Re personalised plates, lots of jokers around, seen "SINGLE, EZYLIFE (on a Caddy)STILLOWE, PENANG, COOLDAD, WONG8888,4MYLUV LEONG118, BROKE, NOTMINE" etc. UL.
  At 10:37 AM Blogger eve said:
That's why i prefer new car..but hubby will never approve of it..
  At 3:27 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
oh dear - kereta with a past hah! and very scary laa.
  At 4:08 PM Blogger Bernard said:
COME LIAO!! I'm so excited!
Uncle Lee,
I think C$70 is very affordable.

hmmm....personalised number plates.Can't wait to see what our maraysian ones will look like.

no approval for a new car?
you must sell your idea to hubby. :)

kak teh,
and not a very comfortable past, i must say. :)

WAH!!! Kereta Baru sumdah sampai liao!!!! Congrats! omce again. Apa nombor...can buy 4D or not?
Buy cheap car must be careful.
Who knows maybe that car might have got into an accident and the owner died???
  At 8:02 PM Blogger may said:
that sounds scary ler. thank goodness my pre-loved kancil came from an honest seller. I wonder if they'd dare to do kereta-potong sales over here? sure kena tangkap and fine kaw-kaw wan!
cocka doodle,
i actually know of someone whose grandpa died in his car, and I tell you, there were many offers to buy that car becos those interested believe that because the deceased is of ripe old age, then it's very 'orrrng'.

it sure was scary. but i suppose my fren was not so lucky....of so many pre-loved cars in the market, she kena one belonging to a 'yee lai'.

really, luck plays a part. one of my pre-loved cars...i used for 5 years also no problem. i sold it thru the classifieds. a few days after that, the buyer called and complained that the car mati engine wor. aisehman, i drove for so long also not lidat...mana tau, changed hands liao the car got heart disease. i referred him to the car doctor lar. ^-^

Wa sini lari dari JT punya blog.
Hmmm...I have yet to have my own car (Gua sekarang VIP lar: Very Important Penganggur ;))but will surely remember this when I get to think about buying cars...

hi daphne
selamat datang! i learned a new defination of enjoy your status of being ferried around. it's no fun driving in the chaotic city traffic.
and oh yes, it's good to be a tad more careful if buying a pre-loved car.
have a nice day and thanks for visiting. do pop by again anytime. :)
  At 9:44 AM Blogger cc said:
Oh the tales we hear nowadays. I guess no matter how careful we are, there's still risk of falling into one of these scams.
To be careful (maybe paranoid), I now live by the rule, "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

p/s: Hello! First time commenting here. :)
I guess the tip here is Never wound down the windows or opeen the car doors when a strange party approaches you.
hi cc,
a very warm welcome to you too!

ya, i am one paranoid nyonya too. :D heard one too many freaky tales...everybody seemed to have some story to share.
i suppose all these 'scams' thrive on gullibility and greed.

thanks for dropping by. do hope to see you here again. have a nice day!
las montanas,
ya, should not have wound down the window. but often times, we do things without thinking, especially when fraught with fear.

there was one incident a couple of years ago where i was flagged down by some traffic police. 2 fellas came knocking on my window which i refused to wind down. you know what? they yelled at me!
  At 11:17 AM Blogger _butt said:
goodness like that also can? so 'yuen wong' ah your friend!
it sure was 'yuen wong' and i must add, 'tong suey'(plain bad luck) too.