Sunday, June 10, 2007

Do Clothes Maketh A Man?

Weekends at home and I am all dressed in my most comfy clothes….. nothing beats t-shirts and shorts in this hot, hot weather. And yesterday, I popped over to the neighbourhood hardware store to get some items and when I got into the car, my hand automatically reached for my pair of sunglasses. Eeeeksss….one of the plastic nose pads had fallen off! I quickly looked out from the car and spotted an optical outlet among the row of shops. Yayyy...Happiesss….I then crossed the road to the shop. Walking in, I saw a lady and another youngish looking guy attending to 2 customers.

Me : Hi, I need help with this.

He : Hi, good afternoon. Please take a seat. Will be with you in a while.

I sat there for a while looking at the many, many beautiful frames on display at the counter when that young gentleman walked over and sat in front of me. I handed him my pair of sunglasses and he gave it a thorough lookover…front, back and sides…..inside and out and then remarked, “Oh, a....(name of brand)! Where did you buy it from?” I got a feeling he thought it was something I got from some pasar malam or pasar pagi or some fake branded shades or whatever.


He : I see…I see…. Hmmmm…

He continued to turn the shades over and over again in the pretext of wiping some imaginary dirt, I think, before he finally took out his tools and then changed the 2 pieces of nose pads. He then took out another piece of cloth to gently clean the shades again and at the same time talking to me.

He : Would you like to have a look at our latest arrivals, Ma’am? Besides Gucci, we also carry Christian Dior, YSL, Versace, Armani, Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Rayban…bla…bla….

Me : Thanks. I am rushing for time actually. Another time, perhaps.

He : Okie, here you go.
(handing back my sunglasses to me)

Me : How much do I owe you?

He : No worries, Ma’am. It’s free.

I thanked him again and as I stood up to leave, he reached out and shook my hand.

He : The name is Bryan. Do come in again to try out the latest designs. Have a nice day, Ma’am.

Wah…he was so absolutely sweet and polite. But somehow, I suspected that there was a tinge of contempt when I first walked in …me in my simple shorts and t-shirt and flip-flops and hair held up carelessly by a clip, and he, checking again and again to see if I am using some ‘fakeys’.
Do clothes maketh a man, they say?

And of course, if only I could look half as good in shorts and tees as this hottie, Lindsay Lohan……
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Well, we seldom get people like this Bryan in the society nowadays. If you dress carelessly into a shop, people tend to not see you. :(

However, I'm sure nyonya has her own attractive style even when dressed in t-shirt and shorts. :)
  At 5:33 PM Blogger daniel said:
of cuz it does!

let's put it this way... how would you feel if your customer came to you looking like a ahpek? wearing horrible clothings and no sense of style at all! don't you feel disrespected? and perhaps curious as if he/she isn't serious about the deal?

so what if it's a sunday, so what if it's his job to be nice and all. you would be annoyed the whole damn day too if all your customer came looking horrid.

i know i would if my models came looking horrible... immediately i'll send them back to the agency. LOL.

it's all about the presentation, even if you are a customer. well unless you are sooo frequent... then that's a different issue. you are then entitled to wear sloppy clothes. but why would you now. ;o)
I must say I was impressed with Bryans' manners ans enthusiasm. I am sure it has something to do, that this particular shop is an established family business and not one of those chains operated by I suspect, some not very qualified personnel.
Yes, I would certainly go back to check those new designs one of these days and remember not to walk in wearing shorts and tees. :)
hi daniel,
I do agree with you, that's why I suspected that it was because I wore shorts and tees. But all said, Bryan was polite to the end.

I draw the line at utter sloppiness. Even in shorts and tees, I make sure the clothes are not crumpled and looked like it just came out of the tumble-dryer and of course, I don't walk around smelling like I haven't bathe in days.

BTW, I would appreciate a reply to a nosey question I left at my previous posting for you.

Have a great week ahead, Daniel. :)
  At 6:48 PM Blogger a^ben said:
of cos important larh!!! hahaha clothes super important one` :D

therefore, jom kita pigi shopping~ kakakakaka :P
  At 7:02 PM Blogger J.T. said:
I do believe that clothes makes a person. My parents always told me that. They also used to remind me not to step out of the house dressed sloppily. First impressions are important.
Having said that, I have been out in shorts (the decent kind) and t-shirt before sans the sloppiness. Just like day-dreamer, I also think you have your unique style and will look fine even in shorts and t-shirt.
Another thing I have to say is this ... nicely dressed but smelling like one who just sweated buckets is a total put-off. I came across one of two like that who came in for a job interview. I pity the consultant who had to sit through that. :)
I have seen enough in my short time here to realise that clothes can make an impression - but I also realise that impressions can be misleading !

Well dressed people need not be well do to, and vice versa.

Still, I think you should serve all your potential customers, regardless of their dressing up (or lack of).
  At 9:04 PM Blogger ah nel said:
indeed its true as few yrs ago i kam bek from sinkapork then i go UOB bank if i not mistaken n i wore shorts n tee go open account then the malai lady told me tis is not simply acc n need 2k to open an acc when i ask her i wana open acc...
*knn my mani can open more than 3 acc if i wan*
then she told me if i din maintain 2k in bank it wil deduct rm 20 eveli month...

khaimah not good look as linsay lohan but pehmes lyk fa lohan/flawer horn...

  At 9:22 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, this strictly my personal view, its not how you dress, its how you carry yourself that matters.
I have seen SYT's/ladies in designer shorts/t-shirts or designer jeans, dresses, but the way they talk and laugh or behave in public cost them.
On the other hand, someone in a pasar malam dress in every which way reeks of femininity (no bedak sejuk) i.e. the way they express themselves, sit, or carry a conversation, no matter what language, good English or poor....will show as well receive the appropriate attention. What I mean here is 'being a lady'.
Btw, next time go try out a pair of gold rimmed RayBan Aviator sunglasses...preferably those half tint ones (sexy!)...might give Ms Lohan a run there, ha ha.
Have a great day, Nyonya. UL.
Customer service is very the important hor?
But like you, I would also have the same suspicion. :)
  At 10:30 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Come on admit it, Kak.. you came out of the shop singing "Don't you wish your galfriend was hawt like me..? " ;)
  At 11:44 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear nyonya:
wow , I bet this bryan is funcy you ,well dear even you in t shit and shorts still very attractive don't think we over 40 watevennot attractive , some men like meture lady we still have a sexy look there, ahhahahha.

By the way thank for the lovely cup of cupi I REALLY ENJOY IT . EHEHHE
you have a lovely monday xxxxx
  At 2:16 AM Blogger daniel said:
... har? oh you mean how to get to my house... OMG! stop stalking me!

haha... erm...

the hills they call it high above the ground. find that complex and you'll hit the round.

turn around turn around to the direction where all grounds are no longer grounds.

following that stint and you'll see some extinct swamp that no longer stink.

where now you are heading once was boring. but now we have some very entertaining.

but only recently. but the most exhaling is just a simple plain mc Darling.

there you go my way my guide to my hide.

come find, hunt, stalk me now. LOL


was that you wanted? a guide to my rib?

you have a fantastic week ahead.

I think when a customer walks into a shop, in shorts or tee or in vera wong gown, it is still 'serve equally'..thats customer service.

You never know, that customer in shorts and tee might win the lottery the next day and become a millionaire..Ahh haaa..:P

I agree with Uncle Lee, its the way a person carry him/herself. 2 different personality with the same dressing, gives off totally different vibes :)
  At 7:45 AM Blogger may said:
sometimes when I walk into those "high-class" shops here in Sydney, I wonder what goes on in the minds of those sales assistants. like, "does she have money to spend in here or not?!" then I figured, doesn't matter if I don't dress up to match their high-class shop, as long as I know that I could afford their stuff lah. even though I mm seh tak mai... hahaha! t-shirt and shorts forevah!
  At 8:07 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Nyonya... you should see my fellow volunteers in my NGO... all come for meeting so casual one. These are lawyers, bank officers, insurance agents etc. Enough of dressing up during working hours, so NGO meeting they come dressed as comfortable as possible la... yes, even t-shirt and shorts. But nobody close to looking like Linda Lohan lah... more like Linda Low Han... :)
  At 9:13 AM Blogger said:
Nyonya, with your style and elegance, even if you are in your shorts and T-shirt, ppl will respect you ^-^
  At 10:33 AM Anonymous JL said:
i bet you look hot in your Gucci Shades :P Go Gucci Nyonya!

Lohan... hmmm... that is one troubled young lady...
  At 11:37 AM Blogger eve said:
Wah..nyonya in shorts and tee , dem hot
  At 11:44 AM Blogger famil said:
presentation would made the first impression, but when you open your mouth, its a different story altogether.

bryan did an excellent job in customer service. granted, he did 'thin-slicing' u when u walked in. But his upbringing and acute business sense took over immediately.

but yeah, sometimes, it pays to wear nice nice one. can get free upgrade in MAS also.

p/s thin slicing = the ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and people based on very narrow 'slices' of experience
  At 1:15 PM Blogger savante said:
Wah. Exactly what kinda glasses did you show him? So stylo until he also impress :P

But I have to agree but clothes do maketh the man. I mean first impressions do count unfortunately.
  At 1:36 PM Anonymous mott said:
hahah..i think ms.lohen makes a bad example as a hottie la.. face ppl like me, will treat any customer as if they were gold! even if they came in the most drabbiest, holey, chin-chai person on earth! ;-)
i agree...i agree...i like your t-shirts & all your sytlo-mailo shades....semua ada gaya mia.
jom....bila ah^ben datang KL, kita pigi shoppinggggg...

hi j.t.,
Fully agree with you. Personal grooming - neat and tidy clothings, clean body, hair, teeth and nails - all these, I am very particular about.
And yes, if garbed from head to toe in designer brands but the mouth smell like a longkang would be a total put-off too.
moz monster,
i would say that we should dress appropriately for the occasion - for work and for play. and of course, be neat, clean and tidy at all times.

ah nel, wanna open private banking account, then must not wear your fung keong slippers mar.
also i think, i prefer to be good looking need be flemes. :)
Hi Uncle Lee,
You are so right there. I have met many well-dressed ladies and gentlemen too, whose manners leave much to be desired. No need Swiss Finishing School or whatever, but basic courtesy like sitting properly and not peppering their conversation with all those flowery language...I have found some to be seriously lacking in these departments.

Okie, suggestion noted liao. I will definitely try out that gold-rim Rayban when I drop by the shop next and...ermm...give Ms Lohan a run for her money. **wink-wink & raise eye brow..**

Thank you so much for your views. Appreciate it very much.

Have a great week, Uncle Lee.
king's wife,
certainly! a happy customer makes for a loyal customer.

jemima,'re so cute and funny. and you have good imagination too. :D
I tried very hard to dress up. I love good quality clothes actually but they are so expensive here!

Then the climate doesn't agree. I don't want to walk around in sweatsoaked designer wear!

So go back to the T-shirts, shorts and flipflops attire. (actually whole day in opis oledi wear enuf longsleeved shirt and pants)
Hi Pearly,
Thank you for your compliments. hahahah......Mature ladies over 40 and attractive...**psstt....go consult Uncle Lee**...he would be a better authority to comment on this subject. hahahah..

You're most welcome to enjoy my kopi Malaysia. Do drop by anytime.

You have a great week too. :D
Hi Daniel,
Hey...come back here....I am NOT STALKING you lar.

I wanted to pop by your blog, but somehow, I am not able to. Me, already a blur sotong with the poorest sense of direction and you, giving me that 'round and round and touch the ground' instructions, I think I better stay put and you come and look for me here.
adoi,....pass the minyak cap kapak, please. :D
I believe in dressing appropriately. Say, if I am planning for a whole afternoon of shopping and more shopping, I'd go in a comfy tee and jeans and a good pair of shoes. Oh no. can't go shopping in those 3 inch heels lar. hahaha...

As for how a person carry himself/herself, this can never be stressed enough. Seen too many that made my eyes roll (behind my dark shades, of course.) hahaha...
seriously, many of the high-class outlets have very well-trained and polite sales assistants and if they ever thought poorly of a potential customer, they never show it at all. and often times, it's those middle-of the-road-to-nowhere kinda of shops that have badly trained and snooty assistants. you walk in and don't be surprise that they don't even greet you "Good Afternoon, Ma'am"
Sadly, this is true in our society. First look at the clothes, then the person. I have so many encounters of this because I like to dress casually. :P

Well, if the sale people chose to ignore me, then it's their loss. hehe....
Hi Pi Bani,
I dunno, but if I were to attend a meeting, whether NGO or otherwise, it's good to come appropriately dressed. Just imagine the speaker/chairperson is all long-sleeved, long-pants, tie and leather shoes, I wouldn't want to sit in there wearing my shorts and tees, eventhough I MAY look as good as Linda Low Han! hahahaha....
thank you so much for your kind compliments.
respect work both ways. dressing appropriately shows respect for the other party, so that the other party can reciprocate too. :)

jl are such a sweetie. come...come let's go minum leong ledi...must drink more leong cha, ya? hahhahah....

hey....don't whistle lidat. afturds gua terjatuh longkang ler. hahaha...

hi famil,
i know what you mean. ya...sure have met some who terus jatuh point the minute they open their mouth. can actually think of some beauty contestants.....

oh, i learned a new word from you 'thin-slicing'.
ya, i suspect bryan has mastered this skill to a 'T' and i am very impressed with him.
Hi Savante,
I guess Bryan was checking out if it's a 'fakey' because reputable outlets don't deal/service 'fakeys'.
Stylo? You tell me, when we meet, okie? hahahaha...

And you know why I was attracted to your avatar, huh? You couldn't have chose a better one. hahaha....
hi mott,
i dunno what lohan does or did but i think i'd be happy if i can look so nice in shorts and tees.

you are right there re: customers' dressing. i have come across macam-macam punya. adoi...some dressed like 'pak marn foo yoong' but then...**sighss..** their manners...that's another story liao.
hi las montanas,
sure, you'll have to pay for quality. pay a little bit more so that you won't end up having a t-shirt that grows in size after each wash.

same here with me...enuff of office wear for the week and weekends, i want comfy cottons.
someone once told me, "if your pocket kosong, then dress to impress"...aisehman...kinda convoluted, ya? hahaha...

all said, i think a lot, a lot of the sales people would do with proper training in studying people and of course, manners too.
  At 5:24 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
It's bad taste to look down on people based on their appearance but I think everyone does it to a certain extent.

No need to be overdressed but should be presentable if we go to 'finer' shopping places.
  At 7:13 PM Blogger William said:
The drabbiest people have the largest wad of notes in their pockets.
  At 9:02 PM Blogger ah nel said:
i din wear fung keong as jatuh standard...i wear tat sing slipper onli...:P
ya, that's appropriately presentable and take care of personal hygiene too.

tell me about that!
and some other gaya and stylo-mailo fella will come with a stack of credit cards...aiyerrrr.... :P
  At 4:20 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
Oh no wonder nobody "hugh" (pay attn) me, I owes walking alound in shorts & t-shirt & Bata slipper. But good thing is no kosmetik lady kacau and ask me buy anithing oso. :P
  At 9:11 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
You can never judge anyone by looking at their clothes but of coz the first impression is always there
However, he should not have been in doubt, I guess he is really the type that we all hate
  At 11:32 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
hmm he's a nice fella. nowadays seldom got ppl liddat lia.

i go to bank take money, ppl see me drive mini car, the guard tell me no parking..but saw the car behind big merc, ada parking...cis
  At 1:19 PM Blogger Helen said:
Yes, clothes DO maketh a man... and woman.

I can understand you dressed for comfort that day, but, there are people who dresses too comfortable 24/7. :-)

Personally, I think there is a distinct difference in dressing casual and dressing neatly. I've seen people in casual wear look good if they are neat.

Neatness speaks alot about the personality of a person. Forgive me, I watch too much profiling series!! LOL
  At 4:30 PM Blogger just me said:
Sadly in this dog-eat-dog world, clothes seem to maketh a man.
This is why I like to read blogs, because I see the person behind his clothes ..haha..I mean his thoughts rather than be influenced in any way by outward appearance.
There was this blind man who said :"I am not influenced by colour or clothes. I only see the love radiating from the person. " Wow!
ah nel,
'tat sing'?...wah...this one very high-class wan ar? why you never ask them to have a good look? LOL
Hi Helen,
I know what you mean. Ya, I have seen many who are utterly untidy and sloppy and unkempt. It sure speaks volumes. into profiling now? Okie...okie...I make sure I will present myself neat and tidy when I meet you next. LOL
hi firehorse,
got lar....that day only you were blogging about some lady giving you god rubs. hahahah...

hi zeroimpact,
ya...fully agree with you. i guess, bryan was doing 'thin-slicing', just like famil said. :)
hi just me,
wah...that's interesting! another profiling style here? may i ask, what have you 'studied' about me?
you are so right here. we read blogs and we can know a bit about the the personality of the writer. but then again, i was told that some write as an alter ego. what say you?
  At 9:03 PM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Nyonya

So comical the way you said "mouth smells like longkang".

By the way, I have finaly done the Favourite Food tag. Thanks!
(better wash my mouth after eating all those onions with my satay sauce! haha)
  At 9:04 PM Blogger J.T. said:
Alamak... I meant 'finally'. Typo. sorry.
  At 10:54 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
I just love to wear my worn out t-shirt and shorts when I go shopping at those big name boutiques along Orhard Road! I feel good when no one come and bug me when I browse! :P
hi j.t.,
Thank you so much. You are a real sweetie.

ooopsss....**hand covering my mouth**...i just had raw onions with steamed chinese sausage with rice for dinner. :P
hi angeleyes, idea jugak hor. after browsing liao, flash out your platinum card to pay for your purchases. :)
Dear Nyonya...been reading your blog right from the first entry...keep writting...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hi Auntie Yan,
Jemput masuk. Come, let me serve you some hot coffee and kuih bingka. :)

Thank you so much for your kind words. Do drop by anytime and leave your comments.

Have a nice day!
  At 4:53 PM Blogger Sasha said:
nyonya. even with torn clothes and pants, you will look like see tau por. hahaha
  At 6:58 PM Blogger Chen said:
Society tends to judge a book by it's cover.. Well, if the sales person ignore me, then it is their loss. LOL
I guess no matter what people say, we instinctively judge a book by its cover.
you cakap betul or not? wait i go check out myself in the mirror first. hahhaha....

dr chen,
'judge the book by the cover ar?' lidat, i better go for re-packaging liao. hahahahh....

hi giddy tiger,
okie, you 'sokong' what dr chen said. so now, can offer me help with re-packaging, pulezzz??
you have a nice day. :)
  At 9:46 AM Blogger Sam said:
There's a slight tinge of snideness and contempt in his tone, asking you bout your clothes. And to answer your question: hardly makes a man. You can be dressed well and be a swindler. :P
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